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Friday, September 23, 2011

TGIF Afternoon Political News Dump 9-23-11

What is it about porn stars and fire(fighter) hoses?
Welcome to another edition of TGIF Political News Dumps for 9-23-11 and can we agree that LAFD would love to dump this embarrassment forever. But as the firefighting blogger at patmcoskerforcitycouncil.com reminds us, this is not the first time that LAFD's "apparatus" has been used in the production of porn. 
** LA Weekly's resident expert on Los Angeles County Redistricting Gene Maddaus joins Editor Jill Stewart in bloggin dispensing of news items today, supporting regulars the "Bloggin Commandante" and the "Snarky One", Thus, we will give Maddaus a pass on him neglecting to remind readers that longtime Valley Activist David Hernandez is the Republican Candidate in the quest to keep City Councilman Tony Cardenas "away from D.C." in 2012.
** Jill Stewart joins the chorus of Mayor Sam and City Watch in commending CD 15 City Council Candidate Joe Buscaino for his inclusive stance on upcoming debates in the Special Election's proceedings. Thus, it should come then as no surprise that negative innuendos about Buscaino are starting to make the rounds in the cybersphere. This will surely make Assemblyman Mike Gatto cringe in indignation
** The race (Asian-Pacific) and special interest (Maria Elena Durazo) pandering continues as Gene Maddaus posts his last in the series of tutorials, that chronicles past racial voting behaviors, on the saga of Los Angeles County Redistricting. Great Work Gene!
** Lastly, to Governor Jerry "Moonbeam II" Brown, two-thirds of Californians say "KEEP YOU HANDS OFF PROP. 13!".
Your thoughts and great weekend.
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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