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Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcome Los Angeles Tourists to the Hollywood Sign!

Seems as if local NIMBY neighhbors to the world famous Hollywood Sign, which is older than anyone who lives up there, want to keep tourists to our great city from seeing this iconic landmark.

That's like New Yorkers blocking access to the Empire State Building or South Dakotans throwing up roadblocks to view Mount Rushmore.

In the interest of tourism, our local economy, good hospitality and pissing off these dumb CD4 NIMBYs, we offer up to tourists to Southern California these opportunities to see the totally awesome Hollywood Sign.

And with the good search engine optmization that the great Mayor Sam blog offers, we'll be certain this will wind up in so many Google searches tourists do, insturcing them how to reach the Hollywood Sign.

One way to see the Hollywood Sign
The folks at CurbedLA have put together three sure fire sets of directions on how tourists can visit the Hollywood Sign. 

Neighbors to the Hollywood Sign have apparently protested to Apple and other internet firms about maps and apps that show how to get to the Hollywood Sign.

You can read more about visiting the Hollywood Sign at sites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp.

You can also read the official Hollywood Sign website, though they have to do a dance between promoting the sign and not pissing off local politicians.

Council Member Tom LaBonge welcomes you to Hollywood,
home of the Hollywood Sign!
Did you know that an LAPD officer is posted at the Hollywood Sign 24 hours a day? With rising crime in Los Angeles, one would wonder if that is a good use of resources.

And certainly while we encourage that tourists to Southern California do visit and enjoy the Hollywood Sign, we certainly do advise you to adhere to the law, read posted signs and do not illegally tresspass.

But do enjoy our iconic Hollywood Sign!

Hat tip to the fun folks at CurbedLA!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mid-Day Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Blogger Notes: If LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus ever decided to walk away from his stellar career as a writer, we recommend that he pursuit teaching twelve-grade government. This in light of his latest missive which incorporate Venn diagrams to chronicle the convoluted saga of redistricting at the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. While we may cringe at the thought of County Supervisor Sheila "Zelda" Kuehl (but someone must represent the environmental demographics) or the bemoan the leftward shift if Hilda Solis were to become part of the "Gang of Five", we give Maddaus props for his efforts to stimulate political dialog through visuals---Scott Johnson.  
Your current Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

The Supervisor Gloria Molina Plan would say adios to Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's District with Alex Padilla and Hilda Solis possibly replacing termed out Molina and Yaroslavsky.  

 The Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas Plan would do away with Supervisor Don Knabe's District. 
........ and the Status Quo with Zelda replacing Zev.
More news after the jump.
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Of Hamburgers and Homophobes

Today, blogger, serial candidate and sometime Hollywood Tour Guide Phil Jennerjahn threw Kevin James under the lavender bus.

That's radio talk show host turned mayoral candidate Kevin James who likely has identical positions to Jennerjahn on issues such as business tax reform and event waivers and individuals such as Mayor Villaraigosa and Council Members Jan Perry, Paul Koretz and Paul Krekorian.

What's Phil's beef? James is a self confessed homosexual.

I don't know what the gay or straight positions are on trash pickup, low income housing or Tom LaBonge's shady dealings with the Hollywood Sign but Phil must.

But because it is likely that Phil would not support Alex Padilla, Wendy Greuel, Jan Perry, Eric Garcetti for Mayor, he might want to consider getting behind James, of course no pun intended.

We're suggesting the two get together at a local In-N-Out, have a Double Double Summit and work out their differences.

Of course, Kevin really has better things to do. Phil will continue to amuse.

By the way Phil not sure why you were surprised.  Kevin has been out for years and very active in Gay political circles.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Veterans Day Tom LaBonge Raises Red Tape Not Yellow Ribbon in CD-4

Tom LaBonge (CD-4) and the Los Angeles City Council have launched their latest obstructionist stunt.
This time around, they’re targeting Los Angeles’ veteran community on Veterans Day. The LA Times gives its take here.
David Weiss is a former Marine and represents a coalition of prominent LA veterans group. Weiss submitted a routine community plan on the veterans’ behalf to commemorate Veterans Day by draping the Hollywood Sign in Labonge’s district with a yellow “Support Our Troops” ribbon.
Over the years, draping the sign has become a longstanding tradition that draws attention to a variety of causes.
Weiss says his proposal has received support across the board because it is a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate nonpartisan support for our troops at a time of war with zero cost to the City.
The Hollywood Sign Trust and the Chamber of Commerce both enthusiastically approved Weiss’s proposal and his group’s agreement to self-fund the project, but Tom LaBonge and the rest of the Council are determined to prove that getting things done in LA isn’t about process or what’s fair and appropriate or even how many reputable organizations have lined up behind you.
In this Council it’s about who you know, and LaBonge doesn’t seem to know our veterans.
LaBonge was Weiss’s last stop in a months-long approval process, and Weiss says when he met with Councilman LaBonge, he received approval quickly.
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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

About 400 operators of medical marijuana clinics will receive a letter from the City Attorney's office this week informing them they must cease operations by June 7th or be shut down by the City itself. KPCC reports however that some of the shops will remain open in an effort to fight an ordinance passed by the City Council and signed by the Mayor.

Paul Hatfield draws an excellent comparison to the economic troubles in Greece to those in Los Angeles and California; as the result of massive government employee pensions. The situation in Greece has grown so bad that riots have broken out.

CalWatchdog says there won't be any significant boycotts by California cities against Arizona in protest of Arizona's controversial and ill timed immigration reform law. Why? Because they can't afford it. Yesterday we noted that Paul Hatfield found that such boycotts might even be illegal. In the meantime some African American activists are criticizing the Mayor over the boycott idea saying that illegal immigration has harmed the Black community in Los Angeles.

While the City is downsizing and planning to lay off employees, guess who is growing? The DWP. The LA Weekly notes that the utility has added 6% more employees in the last year. Additionally, the average salary at DWP is $91,000 per year.

If you're tired of rate hikes and strip club visits at the DWP you can actually secede from the power grid! Atwater Village Newbie charts the tale of a homeowner who has gone all solar and can actually run his meter backward selling power back to the grid.

If you care about the welfare of Griffith Park and environs you must make Griffith Park Wayist a part of your daily blog reading. The blog is the go to source for news about the Park and the efforts by a certain Councilman to turn it into Disneyland. The latest edition details how funds raised to "save the Hollywood Sign" will actually be used for tourist type amenities near the sign such as improved roads and a Tiffany and Company (one of the major donors to the effort) overlook pavilion for the purpose of encouraging couples to get engaged above the Hollywood Sign. If you donated to the effort to halt development around the sign, is this what you signed up for?

And finally if you didn't get the chance to listen to JoeB and I co-hosting Live LA Saturday Night with David Hernandez (guest hosting for the vacationing Frank Sheftel) you can listen on your computer or download it to your iPod/iPhone/iPad by clicking here.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Miss me yet?

Republican State Senator Abel Maldonado was confirmed today by the State Senate to serve as California's Lieutenant Governor replacing John Garamendi who was elected to Congress in a recent special election.  Maldonado who was already running for Lieutenant Governor will resign his Senate seat Tuesday and be sworn in to the new post.

Phil Jennerjahn may be getting some support for his goofy recall campaign from a source he may not want it from - The Texas Minutemen.  In the meantime yet another blog accurately makes the point that the energy being focused on lame duck Mayor Villaraigosa could be directed towards other efforts such as electing good candidates to the City Council in 2011.

Phil Jennerjahn has declared Studio City grand dame Lisa Sarkin as yet another "dangerous enemy of freedom" for her role in the railroading of controversial Studio City Neighborhood Council board member Michael McCue off the volunteer panel. In the meantime McCue gives Mayor Sam Senior Editor JoeB an exclusive statement about his removal.

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner has ponied up the final funds needed for Tom LeBong to save the Hollywood Sign.  I'm a libertarian guy who is all for folks looking at other folks nude but does the City of LA really need porn money to save the sign? Just curious what some of you feminists have to say.

Budget woes may lead to the cancellation of the annual Fourth of July fireworks show at Marina Del Rey.

Who knew? Ridership on New York's public transit system is dropping while Los Angeles' is rising

Ginny Marie Case gives a good primer on running for a local neighborhood council, in this case the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council but the lessons apply to other NCs I'm sure.

And finally all the gossip blogs are abuzz about a major celebrity who is planning a "coming of the closet tour" of the talk shows next week.  Any ideas who it is?

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Burro Droppings

Ron Kaye got a very nice Passover card from the Backstabbing Bachelor Nanny Lloyd Levine. Kaye said that Levine must have presumed he was Jewish. Of course the card was really a campaign piece for Lloyd's soon to be over run for State Senate. Kaye was offended by the card finding it pandering and useless as to telling voters what Levine's clear plans are if elected.

Joseph Mailander, Zuma Dogg and the Sister City all brought up something we've been talking about for a while - Mayor Villaraigosa's plan for a citywide personal income tax. It's been in the third floor crock pot for some time but it could be on this November's ballot. According to Captain Jack, the plan calls for "a 2.5% tax on income over $35,000 per year which would put at least $875 per income earning person into City coffers per year. " However, when you get your sample ballot, don't go looking for "Proposition Whatever - A Measure to Impose A Citywide Personal Income Tax." It will most likely be called the "2008 Act to Bring Hearts, Flowers and the Smurfs to Los Angeles." We've learned about that trick at least once and really twice.

The Hollywood Sign was actually built by real estate developers promoting a big housing project and now developers who own land adjacent to the sign want to develop it. You can imagine that has everyone in a tizzy.

A blogger refers to Ed Roski's plan to build a football stadium in the City of Industry as a "pipe dream" and opposes any public funding for the project. The blogger says one of the benefits for Roski however to build the stadium outside the City of LA is that "he will not have to deal with Mayor Television and the Bickering City Council."

Two bits of housekeeping. You may have thought that our use of various photos as a lead in to the hotsheet (as opposed to the usual picture of the old, dead Republican Mayor) is a rip-off of Joseph Mailander's hotsheets here on the blog and now at his new site, Street-Hassle. Guilty as charged. It was such a great feature I felt someone needed to keep it going at Mayor Sam. So now with both blogs you have two sets of photos to enjoy. The other item is you might have noticed a change in my byline. The old Mayor isn't going anywhere but in my continuing use of various Google products, I've decided to consolidate all my accounts under one name. As well, two other blogs I maintain, Downtown NoHo and Absolute Random Nonsense will be brought under the Mayor Sam Networks umbrella in an effort to provide you more content.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome to H-E-I-D-I-W-O-O-D

According to US Weekly via MSNBC, this season’s celeb wannabe snore Heidi Montag recently requested changing the iconic Hollywood Sign to "Heidiwood" in honor of Montag's impending Los Angeles fashion show. (...snore indeed...)

What was more interesting by far was Tom LaBonge’s response. LaBonge has been the chair of the Council's Arts Parks Health and Aging committee for what seems like an eternity to a lot of Angelenos. When Montag’s people made the request, LaBonge reportedly responded “We rarely accept alterations of an historic monument."

For a man rumored to have a photographic memory, LaBonge's apparently failed him on this. It was just a little over eight years ago when the Mayor and the Clowncil decided to have Hollywood Sign lit up for New Year’s Eve, 2000 as part of the City's widely-panned $6 million Millenium celebration.

In 2001, Eric Garcetti requested that the Hollywood Sign be turned Red, White, and Blue in honor of Veteran’s Day.

In 1987, the Hollywood Improvement Association filed an appeal to stop the Rec and Parks Commission from allowing the Fox Network to alter & illuminate the Hollywood Sign for a period in April as a commercial promotion. City Council didn’t bother to hear the motion until well after FOX’s promotion occurred.

In 1992 the same group filed suit to stop Rec and Parks Commissioners once again from selling out the sign, this time to advertise the film “Cool World”. The lawsuit contended that LAMC 63.44 -- which is the LAMC that outlines most dos and donts in City parks -- prohibits this kind of use. The City Council had the LAMC changed to make it clear that the City can indeed do this, and then proceeded to do it. A giant cartoon character from the film was then unceremoniously stuck on the sign, cheesing up the icon for months.

There are many more documented changes to the sign, both official and unofficial. So...hmmm. Maybe Montag's people didn't offer enough in campaign contributions?

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