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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Outtakes from CD 14: Councilman Huizar misses 13 of 25 City Council meetings in June and July

Hola from the "Cut and Paste Republic of CD 14" where perfect attendance in the course of serving your constituents is a foreign concept. With that thought in mind, we like to start off our latest edition of  "Outtakes from CD 14" by boasting the most recent dubious exploits of the Boyle Heights native. Ron Kaye reports that Councilman Huizar was absence with pay 13 out of 25 council meetings in the month of June and July.
As we enter the sixth month of life in CD 14 after Councilman Huizar's landslide victory against Rudy Martinez in the March 8 Elections, lets briefly recap what has transpired in the "Cut and Paste Republic" after the jump.
Big Huizzy (say Hi Arturo!) staff and LAPD is watching you!
** Historic Wyvernwood Apartments: Councilman Huizar held a press conference to announced his opposition to the Fifteen Group's plan to redevelop their historic apartment complex in Southern Boyle Heights. As the LA Times reported, Councilman Huizar's former staffers Rogelio Navar and Paul Viscaino have found gainful employment as lobbyists for the Fifteen Group and were vocal (especially Paul) in their support of the job creation potential of its client's project at Huizar's press conference. Viscaino also knows that his vocal support of his client's plans will also gain merit in the eyes of his former boss with the proper monetary tribute as highlighted below.

03/17/11Urban Strategy Group/Vizcaino, Paul Huizar, Jose  

Nice of Paul to remember that money takes the sting out of your verbal pronoucments when upstaging your former boss at his choreographs press conference. 

** LAFD Cutbacks: As of July 1, 2011, the price of a medical emergency in Eagle Rock and El Sereno adds up to longer waiting times for LAFD resources with the lost of RA 842 & 816 respectively. Yet Councilman Huizar continues his public safety tour of friendly community groups who will give him the benefit of the doubt on his commitment to restoring LAFD resources.
** Southwest Museum: There was once upon a time a local city councilman who claimed a great victory in helping to restore and reopen the City of Los Angeles oldest museum. Now in August of 2011, that same councilman was "surprise" to learn that a lawsuit had been filed against the City of Los Angeles to protect the future of the Southwest Museum.
09/23/10 7-Eleven Inc. Dallas, TX 75201 Jose Huizar Council Member - District 14 1325226 - HUIZAR FOR COUNCIL 2011 A - Monetary Contribution Received (OTH - Other) [Period: 07/01/10-09/30/10] $500.00 [Election: 03/08/11] 
Makes you wonder why community-based organizations and Mayor Villaraigosa's GRYD sub-contractor Legacy LA were supporting 7-eleven's efforts to increase their franchises in CD 14 and CD 1? Maybe the photo below can help answer that question?
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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