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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Mayor Sam's Election Picks

Once again we go to the polls and once again some god damn morons will get elected. Since you asked, here are my picks


A choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledummer. Many are voting on the issue of security and the conventional wisdom is that goes to Bush. But I am not so sure a Kerry victory means we're a sitting duck for Al Queada. To be sure, Kerry will keep much of the Bush program on terrorism - and with a sitting Republican Congress, he won't have a lot of wiggle room. As well, a Democratic President in his first term can ill afford a major attack he was not able to prevent.

That being said there is no way I can vote for John Kerry given his liberal voting record and the impact he would have on the economy. At the same time however, George Bush is a third rate President who though he toppled Saddam, has really not laid out a plan to get out of Iraq nor to vanquish terrorists on a global scale.

So what to do? Two choices. Leave the Presidential spot on your ballot blank (effectively a no vote on all candidates) OR write in the national unity ticket of John McCain and Joe Liberman.


Bill Jones. Though he has no chance of winning, there is no way I can vote for the Marin County Liberal Barbara Boxer. The Republicans had the opportunity to take this seat by nominating a thoughtful, articulate, moderate pro-choice Latina Republican in the person of Rosario Marin but in typical California Republican fashion, they blew it by nominating yet another old, pro-life, Central Valley white guy.


Proposition 1A - YES.
This measure should keep the state's grubby hands off local revenues, something as a former Mayor I am keenly aware of.

Proposition 59 - YES.
Passage of this measure should lead to a little more sunshine on government activities and with the reincarnation of Frank Shaw back in office in the person of Mayor Poopy, it couldn't hurt.

Proposition 60 - NO.
This could be called the political party full employment act of 2004. This is a reponse to Prop 62 (more below) in a desperate and cynical ploy by incumbents to hold on to their seats.

Proposition 60A - YES.
This measure provides for the state to sell off surplus properties and use it to pay off the deficit which is a good thing. It was recently reported the state owns unnecessary property such as land in Tahiti and various shopping centers it has no business owning.

Proposition 61 - NO.
Everyone wants to help sick kids, but for Christ sakes do we need yet another bond to do that? Bond financing is killing this state and there are otheralternatives to meet this goal.

Proposition 62 - YES.
The State Legislature has redrawn Assembly and Senate districts to be safe for either Democrats or Republicans, guaranteeing the same boobs for years to come. Under the current system, the majority party has a lock on the seat. This would allow for a moderate Republican or Democrat to gather enough votes to get on the ballot and win, without running to the extreme left or extreme right. It would also apply to statewide offices so that a Rosario Marin or Dick Riordan could actually get on the general ballot and win. And for Pete sakes - this is how we elect people at the local level, its good enough for the state.

Proposition 63 - NO.
This is yet more bond funding, but this time for the mentals. See Prop 61.

Proposition 64 - YES.
This is an excellent measure which closes the loophole that allows crooked attorneys to shake down businesses, taking advantage of laws that are meant to help those truly aggrieved. Many of the businesses that have been the victims of frivolous lawsuits are small, immigrant owned businesses so you would think the liberals would go for this one.

Proposition 65 - NO.
No one is even in favor of this damn thing - it was a half ass attempt to do what Prop 1A will do. Waste.

Proposition 66 - NO.
This one would roll back the three strikes law and was written specifically for some snot rich kid who got a third strike. Everyone from Jerry Brown to Pete Wilson is against this. Three strikes has helped keep a lot of violent folks in prison, lets leave it that way.

Proposition 67 - NO.
Yet another ripoff tax grab. Though this measure proposes a telephone tax for 911, only a miniscule portion of that will go for improving 911 services. The bulk of it goes to hospitals to pay for care of illegal aliens. All law enforcement is against this one - that ought to tell you people something!

Propostion 68 - NO.
Frank Shaw is in favor of this one, and I have no problem with legalized gambling, but do we need a shell game between the Governor, Indians and horse tracks? Lets come back with something that legalizes casinos whereever cities want it, and they pay the same taxes as everyone else.

Proposition 69 - YES.
This creates a statewide DNA databank which could really help to solve some crimes. As well, it could help vindicate some wrongly accused folks. If modern science can help, then why the hell not?

Propostion 70 - NO.
This is the Indians trying to pull a fast one. See Prop 68.

Proposition 71 - YES.
Now I am not normally in favor of bonds, but this one is special. Stem cell research promises many things for victims of many illnesses and given the lack of leadership of the Federal government in this area, its appropriate for the state to take charge.

Proposition 72 - HELL NO.
Look - any employer worth their salt who wants qualified employees in today's job market WILL offer attractive health benefits. But who says a guy flipping bugers at McDonalds DESERVES health insurance??? Of course, McDonalds can swallow this if it has to, but the many more small (mostly immigrant owned) can not. This is a job killer and business killer and yet another step closer to socialism. Many non-profits are also against this as it will KILL them and their ability to provide services.

LA County Measure

Proposition A - NO.
Pete Pitchess and Sher Block were having a good laugh over this one the other day. We don't need more taxes to pay for law enforcement. County and city government has to make it a priority over the nonsense they fund these days. Why just the other day the County found $350 million it didn't know it had.

LA City Measure

Measure O - NO. At this time, the City can't afford more bonds. The performance on all the bonds they city has passed in recent years shows us how wasteful they are. They can find money for storm drains elsewhere for Christ's sake!


Anonymous Anonymous said:


Mr. Yorty,

I respect your choices 100% - i agree with some and disagree with others, but i have to says whoever you are in real life, you have very good reasons and background for your choices. If the folks/propositions you wanted to win were to pass CA will still be a great place, who knows maybe even better.

Good luck.

October 31, 2004 4:07 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If you don't want to vote for Bush, Kerry or someone else...WRITE IN MAYOR SAM!!!!!!!!!!!


October 31, 2004 4:12 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It's too bad you went ahead and made your website tooo political. Can't you just report and let everyone doing their thing? Secondly, what an idiot that you don't support Measure A. How many times have you been to city council asking them to make public safety a priority? I'm sure none and yet you expect LAPD to be there when you need help. Thanks to people like you if this doesn't pass, you'll be lucky if you have 2 patrol cars in your area.

November 01, 2004 10:45 AM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

For CHRIST's SAKE - too political??? What the hell are we here to talk about? Laura Chick's recipe for baked god damn Alaska???? This is a political site. I am a politician you moron.

Now lets talk about Measure A - you don't need this to increase police protection. If the County and City took a little better look at what its spending on, you could find the money easily. Remember the mystery bonus $350 million? Cut the flow of illegals, send illegal alien criminals back home instead of housing them at County Jaul and yuo might have even more savings.

Besides - even if you get this sales tax increase, who is to say the politicans will spend it correctly? They'll use it to supplant other spending elsewhere. Remeber the lottery money? Remember the cigarette tax?

At a time when poor people can't afford enough of things like rising gas prices, etc., this tax will strangle them more than anyone.

Go back to your drawing board, Baca.

November 01, 2004 12:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


I haveto defend the cigarratte tax - as i think its one of the best things thats happened here in CA in a long time.

The fifty cent cigarrette tax has given us Universal preschool starting next yr in LA County along with an expansion in children's health insurance for kids 0-18 in LA County.

Plus the added benefit is that less people smoke, chich is not a bad thing.

go cigarrette tax!

November 01, 2004 12:06 PM  

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