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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

LAPD Ambushed?

Boy have times changed! Or have they?

The Daily News runs with a story about Councilman Dennis Zine asking questions of Chief Bratton's department and it's handling of an incident last week in which detectives were ambushed.

Zine is quoted as saying "There's a big question mark, a big cloud, we need to resolve the cloud. We can't let this type of thing linger and fester."

Actually Councilman, have you read nothing about Rampart? The department has let everything linger and fester for the last 10 years. That's why the consent decree is hanging over this city. I applaud your effort in trying to get answers, but I fear we will have nothing but the same 'ol song and dance and excuses.

Let's see what your police connections can dig up. Odds are there is a lot more to this "incident" that we will never know.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

A simple solution to the problem of what went wrong, if anything:

Since it is well known that Internal Affairs tapes everything it does from interviews, etc. Get the tape of the 'incident' and/or time leading up to the incident, that MUST exist, unless Internal Affairs was in non compliance with their own operating procedures and find out what happened. If there are not tapes.....then properly discipline those Internal Affairs officers operating outside of the rules that they expect all other police officers to be in full compliance with !!!

How is that for simplicity and honesty ?

November 07, 2004 7:55 AM  

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