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Friday, October 22, 2004

The SOBs Will Not Win

They might have shut down the Fourth Floor Blog (for now) but free speech will not be squelched! There is more dirt in 200 N. Spring Street than all of Browning-Ferris' operations - and we will vacuum it out!

If you have dirt to share, you can post it anonymously in a comment to any article or you may also email to mayorsamyorty@aol.com.

Always on top of the city pulse - Rick Orlov at the Daily News captures the demise of the Fourth Floor Blog in today's edition. Who the hell reads the LA Times anymore - unless of course you're looking for the best gay bar or indo-proto-eurasian gourmet cuisine (what the hell is that?)

Way to go Rick! Were it not for the paper stoked by the late, great dear old Ferdinand Mendenhall, the tinhorns at City Hall would have already destroyed this city!



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