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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Eat At Sam's

Councilman Eric Garcetti has created a new television program for the city's cable television station (Channel 35) entitled "Flavors of LA."

What the hell is this crap???

Apparently he joins other council members to have yet another free meal on the city in a noble effort to promote the restaurants in LA. Of course, these are only the politically correct restaurants, e.g. "ethnic" and "family owned." If more than three jackballs ever watch that station, it could be worth it but give me a break for Christ sakes! I'd love for one of you clowns from the ITA to post the budget for that program here.

Kudos to KABC's new morning man, Doug McIntyre, for highligthing this boondoggle on his radio show.

Somehow I doubt they'll ever visit "The Original Pantry," ehh Dick?


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