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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bloggin Happy Hour Musings on the LA Political Machine for Thursday

Great Bloggin Happy Hour Musings on the local political machine for the eve of another TGIF. Join us as we tip the glass and enlighten you on these political musings that may find their way into someone's decaff morning coffee in the A.M. ; ) --- Scott Johnson..
** Bummer and major drivin burden or those this evening in a radius around the Studio City Enclave of George Clooney as President Barack "H" Obama comes trolling into the San Fernando Valley in search of millions in Limousine Liberal's disposable income. In honor of the President's first visit to the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains, the top earning scribe at the "Old Gray AARP Hag on Spring Street" Steve Lopez, has one word for Clooney and friends, who are willing to dispense $40,000+ in cash to mingle with a "forlorn hope" (blogger commentary), HYPOCRITES!

Yeah, pardon me for being such a party pooper, but isn't it a little offensive that 150 of L.A.'s high rollers would shell out $40,000 to kiss Clooney's ring and get maybe 10 seconds of face time with Obama?

Thus, a brief stray, contrary commentary from the "LA Obama Times".

**  It may be Thursday according to the Blackberry, but our normal "Another Soulvine Thursday" with commentary from the "William Randolph Hearst of South L.A. Journalism" Betty Pleasant, has gone two weeks without a Councilman Bernard Parks rant, but this will do for now.

YOU GO, GREUEL! — In a sign of growing momentum, City Controller Wendy Greuel announced last week the formation of her “Women for Wendy” Committee in her campaign to become the next mayor of Los Angeles. Comprised of female community leaders, grassroots activists, professionals, students and small business owners, the committee will also serve as an advisory group to the campaign for women’s issues. “With their help, we’ll get one step closer to breaking that glass ceiling and electing our city’s first woman mayor,” Greuel said.

Betty, what about "Sister Jan"?

** A Downtown LA happening, especially those that involves a former City Terrace youth-turned-Mayor Antonio Villar (formerly raigosa officially in 2013) musing and photo op, is kitty box liner without commentary (mixed with theater analogies) from Downtown News Editor and Scribe of Wit Jon Regardie. Regardie's latest is on the evolving Farmers Field site plans and its supposed "tight timeline". But pause with me for a moment when I ask, "why is the City of Los Angeles going to front hundreds of millions dollars in bonds to replace the Convention Center, when the plans call for Farmer Field and a new Convention Center to be one in the same, as in same building?

“The key to the success of the project is that it’s one building,” said Ron Turner, the director of Sports/Entertainment for Gensler, the architect of the proposed Farmers Field.

 When is the next viewing of "Chinatown"?

** Lastly, nothing like ending the first edition of Bloggin Happy Hour Musings with this salient story from CD 14 via the Eastern Group Publications.

Responding to public outcry about public safety and quality of life issues related to alcohol sales, 40 alcoholic beverage control and Los Angeles police officers conducted inspections at nearly 200 alcohol beverage selling outlets in Boyle Heights and surrounding communities last week 

Some stats from the story.

 March, the Boyle Heights Coalition released preliminary findings of their then just completed alcohol-availability study. The data showed there were two felony DUIs with injuries, 349 alcohol related traffic violations, and a host of other crimes in Boyle Heights where alcohol played a factor during a six-month period in 2011. During the meeting organizers and residents discussed a moratorium on new alcohol sale licenses for off-site consumption.

But what connected non-profit and GRYD sub-contractor supported more corporate (7-eleven) beer and wine licenses in sensitive communities within the Hollenbeck Division?

Legacy LA supporter and Ramona Gardens Resident Advisory Council Member Liliana Martinez testifies (at 26:45 mark on video) on the behalf of 7-Eleven as noted in previous Mayor Sam post.
 What did Legacy LA get in return for their support of 7-Eleven at this hearing?
...... hopefully not a renewal of their GRYD contract.

Your thoughts and drink responsible ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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