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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Crony Capitalism (or Welfare) at the Connected Non-Profit Legacy LA?

The former Mayor Antonio Villar created "Connected Non-Profit" Legacy LA wants your tax credits/ dollars, while turning its back on a neglected, historic Hazard Park, by collaborating with the "University of Scandalous Conduct". 
Mayor Eric Garcetti may want to steer clear of this dubious "501-C3 (supposedly non-political) Connected Non-Profit" Legacy LA.
** Blogger's note: The follow email was forward to us regarding the continuing dubious behavior of the former Mayor Antonio Villar created "Connected Non-Profit" Legacy LA. Its seems that Legacy LA's Executive Director Lou Calanche is collaborating (and always have) with the "University of Scandalous Conduct" (USC) while they sought to desecrate historic green space with a proposed street extension through Hazard Park (** since rescinded due to united community opposition, minus Calanche). Many community members and Hazard Park supporters wonder why Calanche was silent on the Hazard Park Controversy, sadly it should come as no surprise that the politically-connected Calanche put her self (and Legacy)-interest before the historic and environmental heritage of the park space it shares. Then there is the question of the questionable funding request for capital improvements to its Hazard Park Armory location. Again, Calanche (and her political supporters) places their self-interest before the needs of a neglected park, more thoughts below---Scott Johnson. 
From: Lou Calanche
To: santa@msjdominicans.org; Yamil Verde ; Mario.Ramirez@lacity.org; Ruben.lopez@lacity.org; Ramonagardensrac@att.net; "Gutierrez, Margarita" ; Daniel Zamora ; mario.ramsey@hacla.org; KENNETH EDWARDS <35476 lapd.lacity.org="">; MISHELL HARVEY-DIXON <37486 lapd.lacity.org="">; 315460@lapd.lacity.org; 31895@lapd.lacity.org; 36348@lapd.lacity.org; 36067@lapd.lacity.org; alma ; Jtorres@lausd.net; OSCAR CASINI <26110 lapd.lacity.org="">; Cindy Paz ; Jennifer Martinez ; Leticia Gonzalez ; William Alamo ; erika.cuevas@lausd.net; Rick.Ornelas ; George Sarabia (** sure its not Jorge Villapudua?) ; Victoria Ortega ; "Sarkis, Sevanne" ; Lakeya Johnson ; Tony Zepeda ; Rosemary Alamo USC ; Martin.baeza@lapd.lacity.org; "Vargas, Brenda" ; Jessica@boyleheightsbeat.com; Patricia Alexander ; "Breck Nichols (brn@usc.edu)" ; Leticia.urbina@health.usc.edu; Sevanne.sarkis@med.usc.edu; "Medrano, Frine" ; "yarias@lafla.org" ; 32100@lapd.lacity.org; Jeanne Nishimoto ; Egonzalez82203@yahoo.com; 36717@lapd.lacity.org; Sanford Riggs ; Joel Lopez ; Lou Calanche ; R O ; Youchen Wang ; Alan Sanchez
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 5:38 PM
Subject: Your participation in the Ramona Gardens Collaborative & Survey (** we should note that Lou Calanche has been told not to use the Ramona Gardens name by HACLA officials due to the established Ramona Gardens Resident Advisory Council Organization)
Hello All,
I hope you had a wonderful summer. The last few months the health subcommittee of the Ramona Gardens Collaborative has been meeting and one of the action items is to try to start documenting the services and programs that are available in our community. Please, please, please take 5 minutes to take the survey so that we can present the information at the next collaborative meeting schedule for the end of the month. Sevanne Sarkis from the USC Keck Hospital has sent you an email with the link to the very short survey. If you need a new email please do not hesitate to contact me or her so that you can get the link. (** wonder if Lu notice the proposed lost of park space? Not likely). 
Thanks again for all your support and work to benefit the Ramona Gardens Community (** correction, to benefit Legacy's grant request, allegedly).
Lou Calanche, Executive Director
Legacy LA
(323) 222-0544 office
(323) 222-0564 fax
(323) 819-4441 mobile
By supporting State Senator Kevin De Leon efforts to save the City of Vernon (and violate tax laws governing 501-C3 non profits), Legacy LA was the recipient of dirty Vernon money. Now its cites questionable figures in its latest scheme to secure new market tax credits/ dollars for "business development"? More later ............... (** Link here for more background on the New Market Tax Credit Program). 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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