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Saturday, June 11, 2016

A LA-32 Neighborhood Council Scandalous Tease for Saturday

What motivated new LA-32 NC Board Member (and CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Intern) Kathy Leal to introduce a Motion to outright Dismiss a Grievance against the NC by the Publisher/Editor of The Community Beacon Newspaper Luis Sanchez ........, without Hearing? ** Hint, possible CD 14 Staffer Position?
"I ........, Kathy Leal (left in photo above), pledge to pursue ALL loopholes to obstruct Open and Transparent oversight of the LA-32 NC via Stakeholders ........, in return for ????"
** Blogger's Note: On this gray, misty Saturday, we bring you this bloggin, scandalous tease from, yet again, the new incarnation of the CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar uber-controlled (for now) LA-32 Neighborhood Council.. During the June 1 Meeting of the supposed community entity, new Board Member Kathy Leal garnered some unwanted attention (for her) when she called for the Motion to Dismiss without Hearing, a Grievance filed by the Editor/Publisher of The Community Beacan Newspaper Luis Sanchez. 
Leal, who just graduated from Cal State University Los Angeles ............, AND, was an intern in CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's El Sereno Field Office, was observed by many in the audience, engage in texting during the meeting (with Councilman Huizar's El Sereno Office Staffer Suzy Lopez in attendance at the same time), leading some to speculate that Leal's Motion to Dismiss the Grievance, was choreographed. Its also has come to our attention that Leal may have, or will be interview for a CD-14 Staff Position which if true, should cause many to ponder the adverse ethical connotations of her actions.
The Grievance itself, was a byproduct of the previous Board-approved Motion to faciltate a fiscal arraignment with The Community Beacon Newspaper, to provide outreach for the May Elections of the NC ..........., and what became of the approved and documented Motion to allocate funding for The Community Beacon Newspaper to facilitate outreach?? To be continued----Scott Johnson (For the record, a former LA-32 NC Board Member). 
** Sunday Evening Update: From Kathy Leal's Election Bio posted at Empower LAI have lived in the El Sereno community my whole life. I am currently a senior at Cal State LA. I also work for LA's Best at Cesar Chavez Elementary School located here in El Sereno (** The same school that also employs LA-32 NC Treasurer and Councilman Jose Huizar Supporter Michelle Corzantez). I enjoy helping and giving back to our community because it has been an honor for me to grow up in El Sereno. I hope I can continue helping our community achieve its full potential, as your board member for LA 32. Vote for me. Thank you (Note no mention of CD-14 Internship).
12.Grievance regarding Election Spending submitted by Stakeholder Luis Sanchez . The Board must determine (no more than 60 calendar days from 5/12/16), take one of the following actions: A). Address the issue by either curing or rejecting the Grievance in whole or; B). Waive consideration and request the Department forward the Grievance directly to the Regional Grievance Panel for consideration. If no action has been taken by the LA32 Neighborhood Council within the time allotted, the Department will forward the Grievance to the Regional Grievance Panel directly.
........, for another nefarious moment in uber-controlling a supposed neighborhood entity. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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