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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Betty Pleasant in 60 Seconds

Columnist Betty Pleasant
(as portrayed by
actress LaWanda Page)
Our old friend, Betty Pleasant, has taken to having an early cow over Kevin James' support of Eric Garcetti for Mayor.

Of course, this was motivated by hackery by her favorite politician, Mark Ridley-Thomas, who is an active supporter of Wendy Greuel (one of the few local electeds that is, by the way).

Mark is one of those folks who thinks that if you criticize President Obama you are racist. Kevin James, once a Republican talkradio host, has, as have many others, criticized the President's policies.

It's much ado about nothing because many in the local African American community are far more upset at Wendy Greuel's vicious personal attacks on former Mayoral candidate Jan Perry than a radio host's critiques of the Administration in Washington. Or one can recall Betty's many vulgar attacks on Councilman Bernard Parks.

And you if aren't sure if Kevin James is a racist, I suppose you could ask his new BFF, Perry, with whom he hosted a radio show this morning. Or if Classy Betty wants to call Jan a sell-out, go to someone with total street cred on this kind of issue, civil rights activist Najee Ali, who isn't too concerned about James either. In fact, Ali notes that Greuel backed Hillary Clinton for President (Garcetti was an early Obama supporter) in 2008 and refers to the Pixie as "a true Obama hater."

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