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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The "Spinning of the MEAT Hour" on the KRLA's Mark Isler Radio Show

The reigning Payaso Crony of Mayor Antonio Villar's failed Political Machine, Michael "MEAT" Trujillo, will be in studio tonight on KRLA 870 AM ("Un" with MEAT on air) Intelligent Talk Radio Mark Isler's Radio Show starting at 10 P.M. 
In MEAT's own narcissus banter from Facebook. 

Well if Kevin James and Jan Perry can be on radio then so can I. 
Listen this Saturday night on KRLA 870am as I make sure Mark Isler a gentleman I've known for 13 years regrets having me on his show, forever.
He might get a ratings spike but not for the reason he thinks. 
All will be exposed! — feeling amused.

As a compassionate blogger who is all too willing to help expose the MEAT to a larger, dismissive audience, we post the call in number (866) 870-5752, if you have questions that require no subtenant response, (only spin), from the former "Chief Parker" of Mayor Sam.

** A bloggin bit of advise, please refrain from asking the MEAT about the following;.

1. His last campaign victory as a consultant or manager ( he can't remember that far back to a certain LAUSD campaign against a terminally-ill candidate).

2. Definitely, do not mention the debacle of his mismanaged IBEW/ DWP Measure B Campaign. (** Bonus video below)
This was not a way to manage a campaign MEAT

3. Secrets and rants from behind the wheel as the "Drivin Ms. Daisy of Los Angeles Politics".

4. Refrain from mixing the use of firearms and emails in the same question (and political campaigns)..

5. Tony Villar's future needs for MEAT beyond July 1, 2013 as we begin the "Mayor Eric Garcetti Era" ( Maybe IBEW's Boss D"Arcy can find gainful employment for MEAT on the DWP payroll as a overpaid driver?)

Lastly, if you are a low information bloggin supporter of MEAT and his mayoral candidate of choice Wendy "The PPL, Slick Willie, SEIU, UFLAC, Mayor Villar, IBEW, DWP and Boss D'Arcy's Greuel" then we present you with the latest fundraising tool of the Greuel Campaign.
 Cardboard and markers are all that is left at the end of a John Shallman consulted campaign.   

Tune in tonight at 10:00 P.M. for the best in unintelligent spin from MEAT!

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger LA Activist said:

Trujillo got Joe Buscaino elected to the City Council. That's impressive to me.

May 12, 2013 12:15 PM  

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