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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mayor Sam Exclusive: The Jan Perry and Bernard Parks Endorsement of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Press Release

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we present the City Councilperson Jan Perry and Bernard Parks Endorsement of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Press Release.
 High fives for all on this major endorsement for the re election campaign of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. 

City Atty. Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich today proudly announced that his campaign for reelection has been endorsed by two pillars of the African-American community – Councilwoman Jan Perry and Councilman Bernard Parks.
“It is one of the proudest and most politically significant moments of my campaign to be endorsed by Councilmembers Perry and Parks,” said City Atty. Trutanich. “I’m confident that their support will play a very large role in taking this campaign to victory on May 21.”

Some interesting comments on the controversial 2012 Redistricting Committee actions.

“This is a notable accomplishment given the budget cuts his department suffered,” the former police chief said. “Like me, ‘Nuch’ is not afraid to fight the political machine in this city. He proved in his first race that an outsider can win, and he showed his mettle when he picked an independent thinker as his redistricting commissioner who saw the reapportionment process for what it was—a sham!”
“I am extremely pleased to endorse City Attorney Trutanich’s reelection,” added Perry. “His independence, his passion, his strength of character are qualities sorely needed in the corridors of power. Mr. Trutanich also showed he valued our community and its concerns when he respected the integrity of his appointee to the Redistricting Commission when she dared to stand up for what she believed was right.”

Below is the press release in whole.

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger Rumpole said:

Too little, too late. Perry's endorsement is odd, considering Trutanich once threatened to throw her in jail. But even though Perry and Parks' endorsements will give Trutanich a little feel good time before he crashes and burns, that is all it will do. Statistically Trutanich is finished and the latest LA Weekly article makes that very clear.

May 11, 2013 10:08 PM  

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