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Friday, May 10, 2013

Latest Survey USA Mayoral Poll has Garcetti and Greuel tied at 46%. Nuch is charging on Feuer. Zine leads big

The latest Survey USA, ABC 7 Poll bids well for the Election Day momentum of Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and City Attorney Candidate Dennis Zine,
 On the eve of the ABC 7 televised debate this evening at Cal State University LA, ABC's polling partner of choice Survey USA, has both Eric Garcetti and Wendy "The SEIU, PPL, UFLAC, Mayor Villar, DWP and Boss D'Arcy's Greuel", tied at 46%. For Garcetti, this is a three point pickup from the last poll two weeks ago. Some excerpts from the latest poll ............ 

46% Garcetti, 46% Greuel, SurveyUSA finds in its latest KABC-TV pre-election tracking poll on the race for Mayor of Los Angeles. The sea-saw contest had Garcetti leading by 9 points 1 month ago, and Greuel leading by 3 points 2 weeks ago. But today, 05/10/13, the candidates are exactly even, with 8% of likely voters still undecided.Greuel and Garcetti are within 2 points of each other in every age group. Men tip slightly to Garcetti. Women tip slightly to Greuel. Whites and Latinos slightly favor Garcetti. African Americans by 2:1, and Asian Americans ever-so-slightly, favor Greuel. Garcetti leads among Republicans. Greuel leads among Democrats and Independents. Wealthier and well-educated voters favor Garcetti. Less affluent and less educated voters favor Greuel.

Thought to ponder is despite $3 Million plus in spending since March 7, Greuel can do better than even in recent polls.
 The big story in the latest Survey USA Poll, is the continuing upward charge by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich as his quest for political redemption gains high-octane momentum. From as high as 18% behind, the latest poll has Nuch trailing 46-40%. This excerpt clearly shows Nuch's growing momentum.

In the contest for City Attorney, incumbent Carmen Trutanich appears to have made inroads against challenger Mike Feuer. Feuer had led by 18 points in March, then led by 12, then led by 10, and today leads by just 6 points. Trutanich is making up ground among conservatives and among younger voters (..... and don't count out Latino support for Nuch). 

From motor cop union leader, to termed out CD 3 City Councilman, Dennis Zine may soon add City Controller to his political resume. The latest Survey USA Poll has Dennis ahead by 12% over Ron Galperin with no movement from the last poll.

In the contest for City Controller, Dennis Zine maintains a 12-point lead over Ron Galperin. There has been little movement in the contest compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll 2 weeks ago.
Bonus Coverage on latest Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure Poll Numbers.
 Medical Pot Measures all leading in latest Survey USA Poll.

On the 3 ballot questions about medical marijuana:Proposition D leads by nearly 2:1, largely unchanged from 2 weeks ago.Ordinance E trails by 13 points, identical to 2 weeks ago.Measure F leads by 34 points, largely unchanged from 2 weeks ago.

** Editor Jill Stewart of the "LA Weedleaf of Record", has posted this Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure Voting Guide. Inhale and enjoy for your good health (allegedly).

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Blogger Joseph Mailander said:

In my own "Weedleaf of Record" copy this week I am counting six whole pages of med420 ads. Of 92pp total. Can't say Jill doesn't know how to "light it up" and "burn" right through that old "firewall" between editorial and advertising!

May 10, 2013 5:13 PM  

Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:

Superb observation.

May 10, 2013 5:37 PM  

Blogger Rumpole said:

Greuel vs Garcetti is going to be a nail biter, with the balance held by 'undecideds.' If the SurveyUSA poll from the primary is anything to go by, many of the undecideds remain so, and just don't vote. So that means a late night for Mayor watchers.

Trutanich has closed the gap to Feuer, but he's beyond the margin of error, and with undecideds likely staying home, he's toast. Two bits of bad news for Trutanich won't help his chances. A judge today dismissed his lawsuit to block Feuer from receiving matching funds. Worse, fundraising figures show Trutanich raised half as much as Feuer and that means he won't be able to communicate with the undecideds.

The only fun on election night will be to see who can accurately predict the time that Trutanich is forced to concede. My money's on 10:30PM, with Feuer finishing 8 points ahead.

Zine has the controller race in the bag.

May 10, 2013 10:16 PM  

Blogger Joseph Mailander said:

Nah. Garcetti wins by 5 points. But even the Garcetti people seem presently unaware of this.

May 10, 2013 11:33 PM  

Blogger Paul Hatfield said:

Garcetti is in the best position to win undecideds. He's got the cash to run the ads of his choice while Greuel has to rely on her union hacks. You might say he is "master of his domain."

May 12, 2013 4:45 PM  

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