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Monday, May 13, 2013

Rotten MEAT

Fresh off his lackluster appearance on Mark Isler's radio show Saturday night, former MayorSam anonyblogger (aka Chief Parker), Antonio Villaraigosa driver and consigliere, Michael "MEAT" Trujillo has apparently already signaled that his current candidate, Mayoral candidate Wendy "Gruella" Greuel is backing down from her desire for a "no negative" campaign in the final run-up to LA's Mayoral election a week from tomorrow.

We know that MEAT often can't resist getting himself into trouble when getting behind a keyboard, so here he was this morning on Facebook, trying to goad Eric Garcetti supporters:

MEAT is hoping to catch Eric Garcetti in some sort of lie; but we know that won't be tough when it comes to Wendy. As the old line goes "How do you know Wendy is lying? Her lips are moving."

See you on the television tonight folks, Mayoral Debate, the last one tonight at 7pm on KCAL 9.

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Blogger BHNATIVE said:

Just with the likes of Wendy Gruel's heavy arm supporters,
Angelenos can definitely make a clear decision to vote for Eric Garcetti. If you stop to analyse Wendy Greuel, besides her gang like supporter, what positive issues can you truly say about Greuel? She is a mom, her family has a small business, she lives in the Valley, she found $$$? money for Los Angeles, but not the $42 million, missed that all together, she found fraud in the used of gazoline for city workers, yet who was convicted or fired? she would not audit DWP or LAUSD,she claims she is an expert on economic and jobs because her family owns a small business? who is convince on that? She conpares her son's charter school to the rest of LAUSD Partnership and Charter School to that one issue in her son's school, it seems like Wendy Greuel experience is too limited for even a controller of one of the largest City in the USA.
She does not speak of homeless or health care, afforable housing, and no mention on how to improve the economics development for Los Angeles, having a family with small business is not an answer.

May 14, 2013 8:41 AM  

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