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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mid-Day Briefs for Lunch Time Contemplation

"You miss me ??"
** CD 2 Special Election Blog has a statement from former CD-2 Council Candidate Louis Pugliese, who withdrew from the race to replace now City Controller Wendy Greuel.
Dear Friends,
Thursday afternoon, after much consideration, I reluctantly withdrew my name from nomination in the upcoming City Council election after qualifying for the ballot.
Simply, in spite of strong encouragement and support in the district, with such a crowded field of both neighborhood activists and high-profile candidates in this race, I see no clear path to victory for myself.
Props to Home Depot nemesis "Joe B." for the insight to create this medium/ blog to disseminate information on this important election.
** According to the Daily News, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and City Controller Wendy Greuel have "broken bread" and come to a resolution over the Controller's wish to have audit oversite in the City Attorney's office.
"We welcome the audit," Trutanich spokesman John Franklin said. "We're glad she responded to our letter about it."
** ......and another dubious honor for the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa reign at City Hall, "bounced checks" to city vendors.
Instead, they blamed the problem on a processing error by Wachovia Bank. City officials are telling companies who received city checks that bounced that they should redeposit the checks, which are now cleared for payment.
City Controller Wendy Greuel said her office was informed of the problem on Monday by Wachovia and took steps to notify as many vendors as possible of the problem.
But in the words of Harry Truman "the buck stops here".
Your thoughts and great weekend to all.......

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Morning Briefs and Outtakes for a "Huevos with Huizzy" Friday in Boyle Heights

"Not that question!!"
As a public service to the "invited, connected pansies" in Boyle Heights, here are some tough questions to ask the "funding source", as you get a break from your government funded non-profits and make your way to feed on some taypayer funded huevos, with Councilman Jose Huizar.
1. Can we have a "moment of silence" for the birds who meet their demise at the Hollenbeck Park Fireworks Show ??
2. How many liquor licences have you supported since being elected councilman ??
3. What family member was associated with Oscar's Bar ??
4. How many residents will be displace in your haste to gentrify Boyle Heights ??
5. Does USC's David Galaviz get to take over Ramona Gardens ??
6. Will you support David Galaviz someday to replace you as councilman ??
7. Will you pledge to audit all government funded non-profits in CD-14 ??
8. What is the status of the CLART Fund ??
9. What is your favorite Boyle Heights non-profit and why ??
10. How long before you crack down on illegal street merchants ??
11. Have you ever disagree with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on any policy issue ??
12. Have you been to Florida lately to discuss Wyvernwood ??
13. How much money will you get from the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council in the 2009/2010 fiscal year ??
14. Are any CD-14 constituents under investigation by your offices for disagreeing with you ??
15. Who are the new staffers??
16. Will you audit the work of non-profits like "Homeboy Industries", "SEA", and "Legacy LA" who were awarded gang contracts ??
17. ...........and where do we donate to your re-election to maintain our non-profit funding ??
(reserved for Raul Estrada, Ozzie Lopez, and Lou Calanche).
CD-14 Disclaimer: The risk of asking these questions included the following; exclusion from future "Huevos with Huizzy", loss of non-profit funding, no toys for your non-profit Christmas programs, deletion from e-mail updates by the newest staffer,.......and the worst, expulsion from "Huevos with Huizzy" by LAPD or General Services Police.
Other News:
** "Senator Antonio Villaraigosa" ?? That is the premise of the Downtown Garment and Citizen Editor Jerry Sullivan as he touts the Mayor as a possible replacement for Dianne Feinstein in 2012. Maybe that is why the Mayor travels the world on the Special Interest dime, to fine tune his foreign policy portfolio (remember the "Latino Tony Blair" ??).
** Eastsider LA has the latest on the lovable bunch known as the Echo Park Neighborhood Council with David Galaviz friend, Jose Sigala presiding. Considering how Sigala ran the Rudy Bermudez for State Senate campaign, it is not surprising that the Echo Park NC has become the latest dysfunctional poster boy on what ails the Neighborhood Council Program.
** Wonder how Mayor Sam diversity trainer/ poster "Archie Bunker" would respond if his favorite ex City Controller/ Councilwoman. Laura Chick, were to run for governor ?? Former Fabian Nunez spokesperson Steve Maviglio has her on his list of democrats he thinks could run for the state's top political office.
** KFI's Eric Leonard is reporting that AEG is making overtures to the LAPD, seeking to donate some camera platform proceeds to a LAPD charity that is use to buy equipment for police use. Still, mum is the word on the investigation by City attorney Carmen Trutanich into possible criminal misconduct regarding the non-permitted Jackson Memorial. More on this story from OurLA.org, and TMZ.
** KTLA Channel 5 reporter Eric Spillman is becoming the visual media version of fellow Tribune employee David Zahniser. Spillman post on his blog that he has filed a California Public Records Act request with the Mayor's Office, seeking information on the cost of the Mayor's travels. Then he is treated to these crypted responses from his questions about the Mayor's current vacation by Mayor Spokesperson Matt Szabo.
** The government watchdog group Judical Watch is suing the LAPD seeking to overturn Special Order 40. "There are two federal laws and a California state law that we think are being violated as a result of the sanctuary policy that obviously helps illegal aliens avoid detection," Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton says".
** Former Councilman Nick Pacheco Campaign Manager and Montebello City Councilman Robert Urteaga is awaiting the decision from the Montebello City Clerk, if the Recall Petition against him and Councilwoman Kathy Salazar garnered the require signatures.
** The surly blogger from Mar Vista Hill and supposed Pulitzer Winner known as the "Westside White Guy" Kevin Roderick, takes issues to a story in Ron Kaye's fledging "OurLA.org Website". Could it be that "Pulitzer" sees Kaye's endeavor as a fact-laden counter to his West LA centric view of civic life east of the 405 ??
Your thoughts.............

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Louis Pugliese Withdraws from CD2 Race!

This is a stunner, as Louis was considered to be a formidable candidate. He is admired and respected throughout CD2.

July 30, 2009

Arleen P. Taylor City Clerk - Election Division
Contact: (213) 978-0444 555 Ramirez St., Space 300
E-mail: clerk.election@lacity.org Los Angeles, CA 90012

Los Angeles City Clerk June Lagmay released a revised Certified List of Candidates late Thursday afternoon after a candidate walked in to withdraw his name from the ballot for the 2009 Council District 2 Special Election. All candidates had until 5:00 p.m. Thursday, July 30, 2009 to withdraw their name from the ballot (emphasis mine-Joe B). The revised certified list contains a total of 10 candidate names all of whom will appear on the September 22, 2009 ballot.
For further information or assistance, please call the City Clerk-Election Division at (213) 978-0444 or toll-free at (888) 873-1000. Candidate information is also available via the internet at: http://cityclerk.lacity.org/election/ under “Candidate Information.”

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It's been real...

Tamar and Tony Are So Cool!

Well, it's official: Tamar Galatzan has qualified to be on the ballot for the Council District 2 race.

Parents within her School Board district aren't really surprised about her decision to run. Los Angeles Times writer Steve Hymon had her number months ago...

from the Bottleneck Blog:

So what does any of this have to do with LAUSD school board member Tamar Galatzan?

Galatzan, who received more than $2 million in campaign help from a Villaraigosa-controlled committee, toppled school board incumbent Jon Lauritzen last year to win a seat on the school board. Shortly after she won election, I phoned her and asked if the rumors were true that she was going to run for Greuel's seat in 2009 if Greuel ran and won city controller?

No, said Galatzan.

I called her again Wednesday and asked the same question. But I got a different answer this time:

"I'm flattered that my name has come up and people have been talking to me about it and it's something I'm considering," said Galatzan, who is now 13 months into her four-year term as a school board member.

I reminded her of our conversation last year. "I don't remember what it was I told you," she said.

Next, I asked Galatzan about a YouTube video I had just watched. In the video -- shot during her campaign in the spring of 2007 -- Galatazan said: "I am really running for school board to make sure that my boys get the kind of world class public education that they are entitled to."

Later in the video she complained that an elementary school in Sherman Oaks didn't have enough money to purchase more paper for the copy machine. Then, in the video, she said, "You know me as someone who ruffles feathers and isn't afraid to ask tough questions. I keep my word and I stand up for what I believe in."

So, I asked, what does it say about her honesty that last year she said that she wouldn't run and now she's saying she might.

"That's definitely something I'm thinking a lot about. It really comes down to what can I do about [making] the community...the kind of place my kids and my family are safe and how are my skills best used," she said. "It's been an interesting year at L.A. Unified and the truth is I don't know how much I can do on the Board or any one person can do on the Board."

Why do reporters hate themselves in the morning?

Because I stupidly did not ask her about the tens of thousands of current and future LAUSD students she represents besides her own children -- many of whom don't have a mom who can run for office.

The few parents I've spoken with after her announcement to run have voiced disappointment and more than a little annoyance with Tamar. She was elected to do a job, they say, and now that parents need her more than ever, she's ditched us ... before she's even finished serving out her elected term.

Sounds like another recent quitter in the news. But what differentiates our local "quitter" from the Quitta from Wasilla, is that Tamar hasn't officially quit her school board seat, instead she's using her position on the school board as a stepping stone to a different job, a higher paying job to be sure, and one that will be helpful to the man who helped get her elected to the school board: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. She will attempt to do her school board job while campaigning hard the next few weeks for the CD 2 election on September 22. Good luck with that.

As for all the recent public outreach Tamar and her staff have been engaging in (Non Title I School Parent Summits, Student Video Contests, etc.), it all feels and rings hollow now. Those Non Title I School meetings and video contests seem more planned for future campaign resume fluffing and for campaign literature and commercial use than to truly help frustrated parents try to effect change for their children and for LAUSD in general. Apparently, I'm not the only one who's noticed the timing in all of this, and the scheduling and locations of where she's been stumping the hardest.

But now what? Now who do we Valley parents turn to for help navigating the maze that is LAUSD? We had hoped Tamar would help us, but it seems we parents have been left to fend for ourselves with nary a "by your leave..." from Ms. Galatzan.

A search of her Los Angeles school board website has no official announcement from Ms. Galatzan regarding her decision to run for the Council seat recently vacated by newly elected City Controller Wendy Greuel or what this means for the parents and students in her district. There are no assurances to parents that her work on our behalf would continue, or even reasons why she felt the need to leave her position for a new shinier one.

I attended one of Tamar's Parent Summits at Balboa Magnet Elementary. I wasn't alone; a large group of parents sat right along side me for roughly three (I was reminded it was longer) four hours on a Saturday morning as we listened to Tamar and her staff go on an on about Non Title I schools and how we would organize and work together to change The Way Things Are currently in the battle of the Haves (Title I schools) and the Have Nots (Non Title I schools). Now in hindsight, it feels like those three hours were my unwitting contribution to the "Elect Tamar for CD 2" campaign. Little did I know that I'd be playing the part as "extra" in what I'm sure will be photos and video footage of that summit at Balboa Magnet. She managed to suck in a lot of desperate and anxious administrators, parents and teachers for her three hour campaign photo shoot.

But hey, I can't really complain; I scored some warm and yummy LAUSD coffee-cake out of that hostage situation Parent Summit deal. So, yeah... thanks for that Tamar. It wasn't a total waste of a beautiful Saturday I could have spent in a hundred more productive ways and with my family.

Oh, and good luck to you in all your future endeavors. It's been real. Real disappointing.

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Zuma Dogg is in!

Title says it all - David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg has enough qualifying signatures and is in the CD 2 race officially.

Hey Chris, Tamar, Paul, Louie, and Mary - head's up, y'all! Zuma's on da campaign trail.

Fun fun fun!

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Nominations for the Ass Clown Award, May, June and July 2009

"Maybe the City Council can loan some money to this clown ??"
It is time again for nominations for the prestigious Mayor Sam "Ass Clown Award". In honor of "Mayor Frank's" creation. we continue the tradition of honoring and spotlighting the dubious endeavors of those in our local political community and their assorted cronies.
Nominations include;
1. AEG's Tim Leiweke.
2. Councilwoman Jan Perry.
3. Councilwoman Janice Hahn.
4. Mayor "spokeshole", Matt "civic begger" Szabo.
5. The vacationing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
6. The whole City Council for limiting Free Speech.
7. Autry National Center's John Gray.
8. Political Consultant Ace Smith.
9. Political Errant Boy and Driver Mike Trujillo.
10. Political Undercover Consultant Eric Hacopian.
11. Political Consultant and Makeover Artist Parke Skelton.
12. Political Carpetbaggers including Paul Krekorian and Chris Essel.
13. The political moochers known as the "Southwest Society".
14. "Little" Albert Robles.
15. "Don Quixote/ Don Besaculo/ Nutty Professor".
16. Jack Weiss, just because.
17. .........and the "Huevos with Huizzy" dialog tour.
Your thoughts and further nominations are appreciated.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here Come The Pollsters!

A local Sunland-Tujunga resident informed us tonight that she received a call from a company calling themselves
"California Opinion Research". They told her they were based out of Nevada (?) and here is a rough transcript of the conversation (she wrote this down):

"We are calling to get your opinion on the upcoming election for Council District 2, please answer the following questions by saying Favorable or Unfavorable."

" How do you feel about Wendy Greuel being elected to City Controller?
"How do you feel about the LAUSD? "
"Mayor Villaraigosa? "
"The LA City Council?"

"Now please let us know how you feel about the following candidates for CD2"

"Paul Krekorian? "
"Chris Essel?"
"Tamar Galatzan?"
"Joe Essavi?"
"Louis Pugliese?"
"Mary Benson?"
(these are the only candidates that were asked about ????)

"Would you vote for someone that has been on the Burbank School Board?

"How would you rate the job of the State Assembly?"

End of conversation.

Hmm, wonder who's paying for this survey?

For more updates on the CD2 race please visit http://cd2election.blogspot.com/


Southwest Museum Update: "Autry Stonewalling on Negotiations"

"Another Broken Treaty by the Autry ?? "
One month ago tomorrow, hundreds turned out at City Hall for the Board of Referred Powers hearing on the proposed Autry National Center Expansion at Griffith Park.
Whether you were Pro Autry, Pro Southwest Museum, or an advocate of preserving Open Space. Mostly all agree that a cooling off period with discussions involving the pertinent parties was in the best interest of the city.
That is unless you are the Autry National Center, who is balking at negotiating in good faith via this announcement from Councilman Jose Huizar which is posted at the "Friends of the Southwest Museum" Website.
“I have been acting in good faith to bring agreement and/or compromise to the issue at hand. However, I do not believe that the Autry has taken seriously the Board of Referred Power’s instructions to work out with me options for a legally binding document. The Autry Center has essentially threatened to abandon its expansion project at Griffith Park altogether if I continue to pursue with them any document which legally binds them to its commitments made to me and to the City of Los Angeles.”

Thus with the Autry's "drawing of their line of defiance in the dirt of free public land", the upcoming meeting of the Board of Referred Powers, regarding the Autry Expansion Plans, has been postpone.

Councilman Jose Huizar will draw some rare praise from this blogger for his sudden burst of leadership in this matter, but let not forget that 2011/ re election time, is fast approaching for Councilman Huizar.

But for Councilman Huizar, many in the know within CD-14 will not easily forget the multitude of favors made to the likes of the "Southwest Society" that right now is seen as an worthless entity.

Your thoughts..........................

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Anyone Want to Tell Former Assemblyman Keith Richman, MD that His Lakeside Medical Group Sucks?

I'm not back yet and I don't normally use the power of this great blog to settle personal scores but when it comes to my well being and given my five years of service to Los Angeles I'm going to indulge in a bit of privilege.

And the story has a tangential political angle anyway.

My primary care physician is Lakeside Medical, a very large medical corporation here in Southern California owned by former Republican California State Assemblyman Keith Richman, MD.  Richman, as you may remember would have been the elected Mayor of the San Fernando Valley had the secession movement been succesful at the ballot box.

I am currently in the process of needing two wisdom teeth removed and found a great dentist who is ready to do the procedure.  However, given that my primary care physician prescribed yesterday, knowing full well of my scheduled dental procedure, an antibiotic for another issue, my dentist wants to err on the side of caution and make sure he's okay with the procedure.  She sent over the standard authorization form that she sends to numerous medical offices with no issue.

However, the dunderheads in the offices at both the Van Nuys (where my PCP is currently located) and North Hollywood (where he is moving to) offices of Lakeside could not figure out how to deal with it, have all kinds of excuses about computers not working, they're moving, the doctor is out of town, I need to see another doctor (and hence incur another co-payment and charge to my health insurance company of course), as to why they can not process this form.  Most amazingly, they refused to contact my primary care physician - who is an excellent doctor from my dealings with him - to get his views on the matter.  Having seen me yesterday, being full well aware of my medical history he could easily give the proper instructions.  After several phone calls by my dentist - during one of which the the Lakeside office manager was incredibly rude - and a half hour phone call from me a short while ago, I THINK, they may actually try to reach my physician.  Otherwise I have to take more time off from work and go to yet another appointment so my dentist can what she needs to do.

I would think that Dr. Richman as an alleged Republican would get how silly this type of bureaucracy in the private sector is. If I can't get a simple tooth pulled (which by the way insurance is not covering and I've already paid cash for) because of a bunch of naybobs in North Hollywood, imagine what would happen if some level of government - whether Tony Villar, Obama or Palin (who cares?) - were to take over these decisions.

See I told you it was political.  Stay tuned.

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Welcome Debbie Lopez!

It is with extreme pleasure and great joy we announce the return of one of the blogosphere's brightest and certainly most interesting writers, Debbie "Valley Doll" Lopez.  You may remember that Debbie was a regular contributor to the Sister City and most recently co-wrote the informative Street Hassle blog with Joseph Mailander.  Debbie has returned to her fellow burros to kick some butt and make lots of shady politicians sweat.  And to keep you informed and amused at the same time.

To welcome Debbie back to the blog - with sincere thanks to Petra for crafting a beautiful welcome home golden ticket - we offer Debbie the following boquet. :)

Welcome home!


Why is LaBonge excused from Clowncil this week?

Why isn't Tom LaBonge in clowncil this week? Because he's been "excused" by teacher Eric Garcetti so he can hang out across the pond in good old Manchester, England. (related question: why doesn't Professor Garcetti punish all the kiddies who are chronically late? )

The real reason for LaBonge's trip isn't real City business, but personal business disguised as City business. LaBonge is in Manchester to finalize an unholy twinning with town officials. With the twinning, Manchester is the latest foreign interest to jump the porcine queue and feed at the City money trough by becoming another of LA's many "Sister Cities". Among the numerous financial benefits Manchester will receive from being a Los Angeles Sister City, Tom LaBonge will likely move to develop some pristine chunk of Griffith Park to honor the new sibling, similar to the Berlin Forest monument in Griffith Park and the rumored Busan garden for Sister City Busan, Korea.

The Sister Cities program is run by a private non-profit and rumored to be backed by some of LA's busiest wheelers and dealers, some of which are rumored to be LaBonge's biggest private contributors. With LaBonge traveling on behalf of the organization on City time and City dime, this probably makes the Sister Cities non-profit the most privileged charity in town. Sister Cities of Los Angeles Inc. even has its own virtual web page on the official Los Angeles City web site. Oddly, in their 2007 IRS form 990, the Sister Cities of Los Angeles lists assets of less than $100,000 and lists its president as.... Tom LaBonge! Surprise! Interesting that such a busy non-profit holds so little in assets, isn't it? Makes you wonder how they pay the bills.

Here's an article from a Manchester paper describing their new incestuous relationship with Los Angeles. Apparently these northern Brits don't even know LaBonge is on the LA City Clowncil! So much for fame.

Twinning link with LA

(July 27, 2009) "MANCHESTER is to establish a formal 'friendship agreement' with Los Angeles - after being chosen by the American city ahead of London and Birmingham. The link came about after an approach from the 'City of Angels', which was looking for a suitable UK partner to develop links in business, art, culture, science and education.
The M.E.N. understands the agreement could lead to the setting up of direct flights between Manchester and Los Angeles - a long-term objective of the city council. Los Angeles, America's second biggest city, is home to movie capital Hollywood, `Silicon Valley' - and David Beckham's LA Galaxy football team.

Manchester has United and City, as well as one of Britain's top-rated universities and a thriving media sector. Neighbouring Salford will soon be home to five departments of the BBC as part of the corporation's `big move north'. Manchester council leader Sir Richard Leese and Tom Labonge, President of Sister Cities of Los Angeles, will sign a tasselled scroll to seal the twinning agreement at the town hall in Albert Square this evening.

The US party was expected to visit Sportcity and the new MediaCity site at Salford Quays before flying back to California tomorrow. It is expected that representatives from Manchester will visit Los Angeles over coming months. A council spokesman said: "We will look to visit alongside with a focus on trade and investment links, and with a view to having a presence in LA to promote Manchester, but the key opportunities are still to be discussed."

Council leader Sir Richard Leese said: "I am delighted to welcome our counterparts from Los Angeles council to Manchester in what will be the start of a mutually beneficial partnership. The synergies and strengths of both cities, particularly in terms of our sport, creative and media sectors present huge opportunities for promoting cultural and economic exchanges between LA and Manchester." ...

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Morning Briefs and Outtakes for "Hump Day"

"Can you see me now ??"
Not really if you are going on vacation again.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as of noon yesterday, is off again to the far reaches of the world for some R & R, courtesy of some Special Interest. Villaraigosa has vacated the Third Floor to spend some "Nordic time" in Iceland, can you say fun and games with Keith Brackpool ??
No word whether Lu Parker was allowed to join the Mayor in his annual binge, errr, get together with the "Water Miner of Cadiz Valley", maybe spinmaster Matt can enlighten us with the details.
And if you are so inclined to ask the Mayor about his vacation upon his return, we have this for you.
From: "Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa"
Date: July 28, 2009 3:17:35 PM PDT
To: "dominovm@pacbell.net"
Subject: Have any questions?
Hello Angelenos, (especially campaign contributors)
I wanted to share with you the first installment of my new video feature, ("Tummy Love with Lu") "Ask the Mayor." Each week I will be delivering a webcam message directly responding to constituents' (Special Interest paid for requests) messages. You can watch my first video response here.
I'm beginning my second term with a renewed commitment to transparency (staged of course) and responsiveness (from spokes holes like Matt Szabo and my ninety + staffers), and this feature is a key part of that commitment.(like the commitment to your wife ??)
This is our chance to have an online dialogue. There is no monopoly, (if only I could monopolize campaign contributions), on good ideas, (the ones I steal like Connie Rice's "Summer Night Lights") and it's going to take the vision of all Angelenos (better us than you) to tackle the tough challenges (more since you became Mayor) facing Los Angeles (a Sanctuary City).
Each week, I want you to send me your questions, your concerns (many), your ideas (more ideas to take credit for), and (ahhh) yes, your criticisms (dump truck is ready).

So make your voice heard, (especially when you pay) use the form at www.mayor.lacity.org/MeettheMayor/AsktheMayor/index.htm , and stay tuned for my regular video messages.
Thank you, Antonio Villaraigosa
AKA. Tony "born to raise hell" Villar
Other News:
** Surprise, surprise, Mayor Villaraigosa did this ??
Rick Newcombe of Creator's Syndicate, who detailed in a Wall Street Journal article how his firm was reclassified, said the shift would cost him several thousand dollars more in taxes and would force him to consider relocating to another city.
"Mayor Villaraigosa is a man of his word who respects the rule of law," Newcombe said after receiving a copy of the letter. "He is committed to keeping and attracting jobs to Los Angeles."
** City of Los Angeles is going to take a $200 million dollar hit from the State of California and how do the City Council respond ?? Link to read the quotes from the likes of "Councilman Potato Head", "Bitter Bernie" and the "Zorro Marxist".
** Ex Mayor Richard Riordan is endorsing Chris Essel for the CD-2 Council Seat. Did he also offer to pay for her carpetbag ??
** Take a deep breath for this one. The Los Angeles City Council is weighing a plan to issue a $30-million loan that would allow the owner of the Hollywood & Highland shopping mall to retrofit a theater so it can house a decade of performances by Cirque du Soleil.
CIM Group, which owns Hollywood & Highland but leases the Kodak Theatre within the mall, hopes to bring the acrobatic performances to the venue starting in 2011. In exchange for the loan, CIM and its partners would pledge to create at least 858 jobs, according to the proposal.
The audacity at City Hall!! BTW, who have they contributed to ?? Just a thought.......
** Beggars can't be choosers, but they sure can bitch when they don't get their way.
While crafting their budget earlier this year, Los Angeles city officials requested federal stimulus money to hire up to 450 new officers. But instead the city was awarded what City Council President Eric Garcetti called "a drop in the bucket" from the COPS Hiring Recovery Program -- a $16.3-million allotment that will allow L.A. to hire and retain just 50 officers for three years. He and other city officials questioned Tuesday whether the grant formula discriminated against big cities.
Eric, try stimulating a better business climate in the city before crying to the "Telepromptive President".
** Did you know that Mayor Villaraigosa can write Op-Ed pieces for your local fishwrap ?? This one appears in the "Old Gray Hag On Spring Street" regarding education. Don't expect to learn anything new.
** And our friend at Lincoln High 90031 has a great story on Mayor Villaraigosa's education vision in Watts. "Blacks need not apply and English need not to be spoken".
** Lastly, William H. Anton, former LAUSD Superintendent, past away at 85. He was the first Latino to hold the top spot.
Your thoughts..............................

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tamar Galatzan Has Qualified

Tamar Galatzan confirmed this morning that she has indeed qualified to be on the ballot for CD2.
This brings the total known qualified candidates up to 6 (so far). The others that have qualified are Sheftel, Krekorian, Essel, Essavi, and Pugliese. The LA City Clerk has not yet updated their website to reflect the addition of Galatzan.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

The First Rule of Carpetbagging.....

..is to
remember your new address!

Unintentional comedy is currently out there on display on the campaign trail for CD 2. Businessman and CD 2 Candidate Frank Sheftel relates ( in an exclusive to Mayor Sam) a humorous story about the competition.

At a recent event - The Shadow Hills Pancake Breakfast - Sheftel and former Paramount Pictures Executive Christine Essel decided, in a gesture of goodwill, to sign each others signature petitions in order to qualify for the ballot for the September election.

Essel, who has been widely derided as a carpetbagger, made a monumental mistake with this seemingly innocent gesture. You see, old habits die hard, and Essel started writing down her REAL address, which is near the Sunset/Doheny area, and not in Council District 2. She quickly realized her mistake and scratched out the old address and put in the new, fake, politically-motivated address. In her defense, she can always claim that she "just moved" or "I forgot" ... but will those excuses hold water with informed and suspicious CD 2 voters?

Paul Krekorian and his staff learned through word of mouth about the embarrassing mistake and contacted Sheftels campaign asking for a copy of the signature petition in question. Campaign Manager David Hernandez told them that they would not be given a copy of the petition. Hernandez added that "as of 8 A.M., the petitions were safely in the hands of the L.A. City Clerks Office", being reviewed for qualification for the September ballot.

It is easy to see why Krekorians campaign wanted a copy of the mistake. Essel might be the only candidate who can spend over a million dollars on her campaign. A photocopy of that signature error, where basically, Essel inadvertently admits that she lives in a different part of the city....could be a real damaging blow to her credibility.

Sheftel saw the mistake as a humorous error by the obvious carpetbagger Essel, but he remains more concerned about the false altruism on display by some of these other candidates. "All of these candidates are saying they care so much about the community, but they are leaving government positions that they just got into to run for the higher paying job at City Council," he said, in what appeared to be a direct shot at Krekorian, Essel and perhaps Galatzan. "They are already in positions to effect change", Sheftel continued, "but they are bailing on their commitments to their communities that put them in office." Speaking more specifically about Krekorian and Galatzan, he added "Both Paul and Tamar are using the City Council seat as a lifeboat from their failing offices.I hope voters send them a strong and loud message.... we recycle trash, not politicians!"

This Mayor Sam contributor is unclear about the specific limits or extent of the public records laws concerning elections, but reporters from the L.A. Times and Daily News might want to trot on down to 555 Ramirez Street and take a peek at the petitions themselves. That is, if they were actually interested in reporting real news.. (which most of the time they are not).

In other news from this Council District 2 campaign trail, candidates Michael McCue and Pete Sanchez were seen out and about in CD 2 this weekend trying to fill up their signature petitions in time to beat the deadline of 5 p.m. today, July 27th, at the City Clerks office.

Candidate and Media Personality David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg reports on his blog about the enthusiastic response to his petition signature gathering campaign. He reports that he has obtained over 800 signatures and expects to be on the ballot in September.

Morning Briefs and Outtakes for Monday

"The Albert Robleses of Southeast Los Angeles"
The last time I saw these two "Albert Robleses" was in Downtown LA's United States District Court.
Albert T. Robles (top photo) had been found guilty of multiple counts of corruption in the City of South Gate and was awaiting sentencing, meanwhile his defense attorney was Albert Robles (lower photo), former candidate for District Attorney, was attempting to get his client off with some dubious, verbal legal nonsense that drew a quick retort from the presiding judge.
One would of thought that with the conviction of Albert T. Robles, that the "Robles Machine" would fade away, but to the contrary, the machine has been entrusted to the likes of "Little Albert" and others (Angel Gonzalez, Chacons, Pedroza, and others) in Southeast LA who were taught by the likes of Lou Moret and Richard Alatorre.
The machine shows its face in the form of political mailers that make outlandish charges from fictional campaign committes, with paid street walkers from "Victory Outreach" handing out campaign material and the use of absentee ballots to get out the vote.
Somebody might want to ask Montebello City Councilman Robert Urteaga how he feels about the Chacons and their tactics, at this time ??
Other News:
** Nick Patsaouras and Doug Epplehart are highlighted today in Daily News Rick Orlov "Tipoff Column. Patsaouras wants to create an office of "ratepayer advocate" to oversee the DWP. Epplehart wants to cut in half the salaries of the Mayor, City Attorney, City Controller and City Council.
Thumbs up on both, but let Corina get her half from Tony first.
** Those low rent paying merchants at El Pueblo have responded to the audit from the City Controller Office and lets guess who is patting himself on the back for his leadership on this issue ?? Hint, huevos for you, if invited.
** Rumors are circulating on the streets about fraud in the Mayor's Gang Prevention and Intervention Program, what do you expect when you are paying $6,000 to "Summer Night Lights Advocates" and awarding contracts to those who contribute to re-election campaigns ??
Your thoughts......

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Notable Quotes From The Candidates For CD2

Stephen Box, representing the Sierra Club, devoted most of the day Sunday to interviewing CD2 candidates who are seeking the Sierra Club endorsement. He has kept the community updated during the course of these interviews, with quotes from the candidates through his Facebook page.

Here we present a sampling:

"The City suffers from a lack of leadership. Politicians lead by sticking their finger in the air rather than doing the right thing." Tamar Galatzan

"Imagine if the paths and trails actually connected and went where we need to go. Imagine a plan for access and connectivity." Tamar Galatzan

"The City of LA creates its own rules, doesn't play well with others and doesn't work with its partners" Mary Benson

"I've read the Cyclists' Bill of Rights. I absolutely endorse it. I'll work with the cycling community to implement the CBR"
Paul Krekorian

"From the little issues to the big picture, LA's officials aren't listening. We're public servants, I will serve and I will listen." Tamar Galatzan

"I believe in multidisciplinary problem solving that involves the community. I'll form a 'TeamworkCD2' team to make CD2 work." Tamar Galatzan

"Good decisions involve information gathering, public input and buy-in. It doesn't need to be a straw poll but it needs to inclusive." Paul Krekorian

"Of all of my accomplishments, I'm most proud of the staff that I have assembled." Paul Krekorian

"Riding a bike in LA will work when cyclists are given the same respect in design, continuity and access as other modes." Mary Benson

"I not only want to get people out of cars, I want to get those cars off the street. We must mandate off-street parking!" Mary Benson

"I'm the right candidate for the time, I'm strong in finance, planning, coalition building and community advocacy. I'm the leader." Chris Essel

We don't know how many of the candidates Stephen interviewed, but if he posts more quotes, we will post them here. Also, check out my side project that is devoted to the CD2 race at http://cd2election.blogspot.com/


SEIU endorsing Paul Krekorian for CD 2 (Already?)

In a strange yet revealing moment out there on the campaign trail, Community Activist and Media Personality Zuma Dogg (a.k.a. David Saltsburg) obtained some valuable information from people whom he was asking to sign his petition so that he can run for City Council here in Los Angeles.

He was informed by a member of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) that members of SEIU already have their marching orders. They are marching to the polls in September to vote for Paul Krekorian.

But how can this be? The candidates are still filling up the ballot. The SEIU doesn't even know who all the candidates are going to be, yet.

The truth of the matter? -- They don't care.

The SEIU is a semi-Communist organization that doesn't care about your political ideologies if you are running for office. They want to know exactly what you will do for them. The candidate who promises them the most generous and undeserved benefits package is deemed to be the candidate they support. (The SEIU is almost like the Mafia, in that way.)

This reminds me of when I sent out an email back in January, admonishing the AFL-CIO for their endorsement of Antonio Villaraigosa. The AFL-CIO didn't even bother to find out who the other candidates were or what their positions on the issues were! They didn't care. With Villaraigosa, they knew who buttered their bread and made sure they could pocket the most money. They heartily endorsed him with out even asking a single question of any of the other candidates.

Pseudo-professional organizations that run themselves like this can easily be compared to organized crime groups. They do a great disservice to their members, and harm the reputation of all labor groups.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Open Thread Weekend

Boyz will be boyz.

Enjoy this pic as we wait for Mayor Sam to get back from his, er - temporary .. um... 'vacation' at the Mayo Clinic for Tweetjunkies.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

State Assembly Reverses Gas Tax $ Heist from LA Co

Breaking News from mayoral spokeshole Matt Szabo:

"CA legislature just voted to REJECT the proposal to take more than $60m in gas tax from LA residents, consistent w myr's rec"

Villaraigosa to hold press conference today to take credit for the LA County Supervisors' lawsuit that scared State legislators enough to reverse themselves. CITY HALL. 4:15 PM.

LA City CD 2 candidate Paul Krekorian claims: "We killed the gas tax takeaway in the Assembly after the Senate had passed it, in large measure due to my leadership."

Overall, this is good news for Los Angeles City and County streets, and probably bad news for anyone who gets still paid to provide State social services, State education, and State parks.

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Morning Briefs and Outtakes for "Huevos with Huizzy" in El Sereno

"Riding off the Huevos calories ??"
Beautiful morning to all as the exclusive, connected few in El Sereno make their way to "Huevos with Huizzy", a community engagement tour by CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar (general public not allowed).
And for those who's allegiance to Councilman Jose Huizar earned the honor of getting a free breakfast on the taxpayers, we provide you with some sample questions to ask the councilman if you dare to risk excommunication (with help from LAPD and General Services Police) from future "Huizar Chat Fests".
1. Councilman Huizar, did your $75,000 reward help in finding the murderer of someone close to a family member ??
2. What is to become of Elephant Hill and $8 million of taxpayers money that you lost in the lawsuit by the property owner ??
3. Why is Ascot Hills Park not completed ??
4. Who are the new staffers ??
5. What day do we celebrate "Fourth of July" on in 2010 ??
6. Why is the gereral public not allowed to attend "Huevos with Huizzy" without invitation when the taxpayers are footing the bill ??
7. Is "The Voice" your favorite community newspaper ??
8. Is Barrio Action your favorite "connected non-profit" in El Sereno ??
9. Do you support LA 32's Neighborhood Council President Hugo Garcia using Wilson High School students to fill seats at PLUM meetings ??
10. Where is Don Jones living and did he help with the invitation list ??
And we have this e-mail that highlights Councilman Huizar's latest action as a member of the PLUM Committee of the City Council.
"Please send this motion [regarding street parking] out to everyone on your list. If this passes we are all in big trouble. Its not bad enough that we have no street parking in this city and it is very bad in Council District 5, now they want to let developers build without parking and let them give the money to the City in lieu of spaces.

If this passes we are deep trouble. We need to advise all the City Council people to vote against this."
Huizar Motion_09-1784_mot_7-17-09.pdf (77KB)
Other News:
** "Pensiongate 09" is back in the news as the Fire and Police Pension Board approved a policy that calls for quarterly reporting on all campaign contributions made by businesses using pension funds.
** "AnsaldoBreda" Italian maker of railcars is put on hold by MTA.
** From the "Downtown Garment and Citizen", meet "Local Hero" former Mayor Villaraigosa Legal Counsel Thomas Saenz ??
** Which politician has fallen below 50% in his approval rating ?? Hint, he mourns the lost of "TOTUS".
** Pay to drive solo in the car pool lane ?? And you thought that your gas taxes paid for this.
** Former Councilman Nick Pacheco campaign guru Robert Urteaga is facing a recall in the City of Montebello where he currently holds the same title of his ex boss. Rumor on the street is that he did not pay his "debts" to the "Chacon Machine".
** And from the "Law Offices of Nick Pacheco", we present "Gangster Makeover".
Your thoughts..............................


Thursday, July 23, 2009

...And then there were 3!!

City Clerks Office website shows that State Assemblyman Paul Krekorian will be joined on the ballot for the Council District 2 election in September by former Paramount Pictures executive Christine Essel, and Los Angeles County Commissioner Jozef "Joe" Essavi. Congrats to Jozef, because of those three, I could only support him. However, other candidates are still out there on the trail.

Local businessman Frank Sheftel just missed hitting the mark with his signature petitions. Campaign Manager David Hernandez assures me that Frank will be on the ballot. "We only missed by 67 signatures, and we are out getting those right now," he said.

Struggles in the public war over Trutanich's integrity

Yesterday, Laura Chick launched a very public salvo at Los Angeles's new City Attorney's personal integrity via Doug McIntyre's radio program.

During his campaign, Carmen Trutanich agreed to let the City Controller's office audit the City Attorney's office if he were elected. With Trutanich being in office for just over three weeks, Chick is already going all-out on the attack:

"The City Attorney lied, and is not a man of his word... he is a demagogue who will say anything to get elected, and then go back on his word... he stood next to me and lied to get my support."

Ron Kaye has transcripts and audio of the shots fired on his web site.

A lot of people find both this and Controller Wendy Greuel's claims that Trutanich is reneging on his promise somewhat perplexing. The City Attorney already has a statement out there insisting he will allow the audit. It's unclear exactly what game is afoot: the simple besmirching of Trutanich's reputation or has Trutanich's office already rebuffed attempts at an audit behind the scenes?

The jury remains out right now and will remain out until that particular skirmish ends. However, there is another struggle over Carmen Trutanich's integrity playing out every day on the streets of Los Angeles, in City Council chambers, and through blogs. A slightly less public struggle that is disturbing, primal, and oddly mesmerizing at the same time. Its basis lies simultaneously within the realm of societal and political failings. A lot of us here are witness to the drama, most not by choice. Ultimately, it just might be personified in a singular comment posted to Mayor Sam yesterday.

I was at the very first community meeting in which Carmen Trutanich was introduced as running for City Attorney. Coincidentally, this was at one of Ron's SLAP meetings and the guy taking Nuch around and showing him where the grassroots supporters gather was ... David Saltzberg, aka Zuma Dogg.

Nuch relied on David to show him the community, and later Nuch's campaign people made a lot of promises on Nuch's behalf to David regarding hiring him if Nuch won the election. David is a believer. He didn't need those promises to push for Nuch in interviews and on talk radio. He pushed Nuch because he believed. In that way, our friend David is very much an idealist. I recognize that trait, because I'm one too, and being an idealist means you are in for a lot of letdowns in this world.

Nuch won, and I voted for him. I had made up my mind to do so the very first day David introduced Nuch to us at SLAP. I very much liked the man I met before he had any real idea that he might win. I thought he had true integrity.

As David, Nuch's truest believer, falls deeper and deeper into serious personal crisis due to being homeless and unemployed, I am beginning to have equally serious doubts about Carmen Trutanich's integrity.

What's it gonna be, Carmen?

Is Laura Chick right about you?

Are you going to keep those campaign promises, especially the personal ones you made, or not?

It appears that the next move in both struggles belongs to Carmen Trutanich.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Open Thread for Wednesday

You guessed it - still too much work and no Mayor Sam.

Some suggested topics for today's open thread :

Nuch's tantalizing hint at a criminal case involving the City's expenses for MJ's memorial.

Signature gathering for CD2 race.

Someone wants to give Walter Moore a radio talk show.

Great idea! French workers "bossnap", threaten to set off bombs in their own workplace

Los Angeles City parks need an exemption to water restrictions or taxpayers will be stuck paying to rebuild lost play fields, golf greens, etc.

City Clowncil today debates restricting public comment and new penalties for what they feel is abuse of the privilage.

new City of Oakland to tax marijuana shops. LA next?

Blog away, dum dums.

(From RonKayeLA.com via YouTube)

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Laurette Healey Out, More To Follow

Let's see, this takes us down to 13 candidates vying for CD2, with the deadline for signature petitions a mere week away. Expect to see a few more dropping out by the end of next week as the reality of this campaign begins to settle in.

I'd also like to draw your attention to a new blog devoted to the race for CD2, and yes, I am involved with the project: http://cd2election.blogspot.com/

And now, Laurette Healey's press release announcing her withdrawal from the campaign for CD2 Councilperson:


Despite raising close to $100,000 from local supporters and collecting endorsements from over 2000 voters in her district, former Deputy State Controller Laurette Healey has decided to withdraw her candidacy for the open Council District 2 seat to succeed Wendy Greuel. Just last week, Healey succeeded in renaming a part of Van Nuys to Sherman Oaks in a City Council vote of 10-2. "We are in the process of returning alot of checks, and thanking members of my community for their offer of support. I remain passionate about public service."

Rather than seeking public office at this time, Healey will focus her efforts on jobs creation and economic development for the region using her combined private sector business background and Government experience as the State’s former Deputy “fiscal watchdog.”

“While I do not rule out the prospect of seeking public office in the future, I am fortunate to have other options available to me which will allow me to use my entrepreneurial expertise to create jobs and stimulate our economy. I see this as the most immediate need and there is no time to waste.”


·The newly named portion of Sherman Oaks represents 1,800 homes between the boundaries of Burbank Boulevard north to Califa/Tiara Sts; the 405 hwy on the west; and on the east to Hazeltine Blvd.

·Laurette Healey served as Deputy State Controller in the administration of former State Controller Steve Westly.

·Laurette Healey is a former joint venture partner of Home Shopping Network, Inc. and was the highest ranking female executive during her tenure.

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MJ Takes Over Clowncil Today

It's MJ day in City Clowncil with not just one but five - count 'em five - items related to the King of Pop's memorial on the agenda.

With AEG poised to make at least $50 mil on the sale of MJ footage to Sony, today could be some of the best Clowncil action this year so tune in if you can.

ITEM NO. (24) 09-1717 MOTION (ZINE - HUIZAR) relative to the selection process for vendors to the City, in connection with approximately 3,500 boxed lunches for emergency personnel assigned to the Michael Jackson memorial.

ITEM NO. (25) 09-1716 MOTION (HAHN - LABONGE) relative to the total local revenue attributable to the Michael Jackson Memorial Event from July 4-7, 2009.

ITEM NO. (26) 09-1715 MOTION (ZINE - PERRY) relative to the City resources used and expenditures made in response to the public reaction to the passing of Michael Jackson.

ITEM NO. (27) 09-1678 CONTINUED CONSIDERATION OF MOTION (PERRY - PARKS) relative to the memorial service to honor the memory and accomplishments of the late entertainer, Michael Jackson, at the Staples Center on July 7, 2009

ITEM NO. (28) 09-1789 MOTION (LABONGE - GARCETTI) relative to establishing a process to justify and validate the use of City funds and resources to provide for public safety and assemblage management at significant events.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Question of Judgement

The email shown here is piece of spam that made its way around a couple of years ago. It was being forwarded to employees by a high ranking official of a public agency using their work email address. (click on the image for a larger version.)

Earlier this year, Los Alamitos mayor Dean Grose was caught forwarding a similar kind of email showing a picture of the White House with a field of watermelons in the front yard. The public criticism of this behavior quickly cost Mayor Grose his job.

What if it were a Los Angeles official that sent this using their City email? It clearly isn't appropriate and it shows a serious lack of judgement and sensitivity to some of the biggest problems facing Los Angeles today - gang activity, street violence, race issues, LAUSD and the quality of public education in Los Angeles, and so on.

The fact of the matter is that this email was sent by the Office of Public Safety's top officer - Chief of Police Gary Newton - using his City email to others in the department. Newton is the same chief who was found guilty along with the City of racial discrimination and illegal hiring practices a few months ago in a lawsuit that will cost LA taxpayers $1.4 million. One of the people Newton illegally hired over other qualified individuals to manage OPS's patrol officers was previously convicted of beating a minority in handcuffs and fired by the City of Huntington Beach's police department.

LAPD only just had a major federal Consent Decree lifted for the kinds of activities Newton and his hand-picked leadership team have been found guilty of engaging in. In a city where politics and policing is practically defined by the many hot-button issues related to Newton's activities, it leaves one to seriously question why Chief Newton is still in the job and who is keeping him there.

Requests to the City Attorney's office for comment on this issue have gone unanswered.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Voters are volunteering to help ZUMA DOGG!

David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg is a local media personality who has become a part-time resident at Los Angeles City Hall. Enraged by a City ruling that he could not sell his self-promoting rap music CD's and other merchandise at Venice Beach, Zuma Dogg took his fight right to City Hall several years ago and never left.

Zuma Dogg has been a tireless champion of citizens rights and has always tried to shine the light of exposure on some of the shady dealings that happen at City Hall. When Zuma Dogg was running for Mayor as an opponent of mine, I didn't give him much of a chance because he openly admitted to being homeless and unemployed.
(It didn't stop him from earning fourth place in the mayoral election.)

However, David eventually earned my respect by his hard work and dedication to his fellow Angelenos.
Nobody...and I repeat, NOBODY has worked as hard at protecting the City as Zuma Dogg has for the last three years. He has been to more City Council meetings than the elected City Council members - who are paid to attend. Zuma Dogg is the "secret whisperer" to whom unhappy City employees go to warn of impending trouble.

I will stop short of officially endorsing Zuma Dogg because I also have a lot of respect and admiration for Joe Essavi, who is a fellow Republican. But I can't deny that Zuma's presence on the ballot would cause a media circus in that election, and I kind of like the idea of that. The other top candidates for CD 2 are despised by most of the voters there, for various reasons. Krekorian, because he lives in Burbank and just got elected to State Legislature in November. Essel, because she is just a wealthy movie exec who actually lives around Sunset/Doheny and is filled with false altruism. Galatzan because she is seen as a Villaraigosa puppet (also her husband backed the proposed new Home Depot in Sunland-Tujunga, an idea which residents there hated ) .

Right now, residents of Venice are driving over to Council District 2 to help Zuma Dogg get his signatures on his petitions so that he can run for Los Angeles City Council.

If you would like to help, follow Zuma Doggs blog here.

L.A. City Council = Pathetic!!

This week there was a great deal of controversy over the fact that an African-American man named Mike Hunt has been arriving to City Council meetings dressed up in a full Ku Klux Klan outfit. The Council and several other public speakers have wasted a lot of time discussing the subject and there was a lot of back and forth haggling over whether Mike Hunt would be allowed to wear his hood while he gave his public comment. City Council President Eric Garcetti repeatedly talked about having him removed, but did actually allow Mike Hunt his public comment moment.

I thought the whole thing was rather pathetic and showed exactly how our city lacks true leadership.

Our Council members need to grow some balls and some backbone.
They are not tough enough to be in politics.

Alarcon and Rosendahl appeared incredibly weak in this dispute. Alarcon saying he felt "threatened" even though Hunt was the only one in costume, and Hunt had to pass through a metal detector to get into the building. Not to mention the fact that there are always several armed officers in City Council chambers. Rosendahl offered up some type of nonsensical gibberish about Hunt being a "terrorist threat".

I'm not defending Mike Hunt...he's an idiot who just wants attention and has an axe to grind over some personal issues (he has sued the City of Los Angeles in the past). But if you go to the point of banning him just because you don't like what he's doing, then you are only a step and half away from Totalitarianism. Angry public comment speaker Matt Dowd assailed the attempts to stop or silence Hunt as "Un-American."

Any halfway competent political leader would have seen through Hunt and his bullshit and just ignored his behavior and allowed him his two minutes to speak like every one else. Treating him special actually encourages more idiots like him to pull stunts like this. He actually got some of the council members so wound up that they walked out of the meeting on Wednesday and left important City business unattended. Jan Perry, Herb Wesson, Bernard Parks, and Greig Smith decided that someone else's distasteful clothing was more important than them doing the jobs they are being paid to do.

Wonderful. Now any clown with an axe to grind knows exactly how to break up an important City Council meeting. Just wear some clothing that they find offensive.
Unwittingly, Mike Hunt may have invented a new way for an average citizen to prevent the City Council members from doing their usual job of bankrupting the City.