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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Morning Brief on the CD 14 Election Scene for Hump Day

As CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar reaps the windfall of being Lamar Advertising's Point Man via 100 Free Re-election Billboards, "Team Tonto Huevon's" efforts to deflect criticism by hiding behind its Green Endorsements, are a cause to revisit how he obtain them originally.    
When not accepting congratulations (and free advertising) for being the Billboard Blight Poster Child, Clowncilman Huizar runs behind his ........., 
......., his League of Conservation Voters and Sierra Club Endorsements.
** Blogger's Note: This blogger has a past ........., tale of attempted political manipulation and coercion on behalf of a certain, embattled City Clowncil Central Committee Member. On a winter evening in December of 2006, a group of Sierra Club Central Group Political Committee Members met with the trio highlighted below to discuss an endorsement of a then rising political figure in Los Angeles Politics. Then Sierra Club Angeles Group Political Committee Chairperson Susana Reyes, her friend Coalition for Clean Air Board Member Martin Schlateger and then CD-14 Chief of Staff Joe Avila, arraigned the meeting at the defunct El Sereno Antigua Coffee Shop with the Central Group Political Committee Members, to express strongly the virtues (more like, you have to) of endorsing Jose Huizar for his First Term as City Clowncilman. The intimate aura of this session of attempted strong-arm political manipulation was interrupted when another candidate Alvin Parra "chanced upon" the gathering and caused an end to the proceedings. Long story, short, the Central Group Committee conducted a fair process that gave Huizar the endorsement he would of received anyway. The blunt reality is that Huizar being a Democrat was more important than his Green Record. Seven years later, the true Green Record of Huizar is one that merits further examining (considering the Times coverage of Huizar's Billboards), but those who help him achieved his current "Green-status" have definitely move on to "greener todays" (at taxpayers cost) ** Morning Update: a source stated that the Sierra Club would not open its Endorsement to reconsideration---Scott Johnson in CD 14.   
Sierra Club National Board of Director ......., and current DWP Human Resources Director Susana Reyes (at microphone). 
 Former Coalition for Clean Air Member ........., and now Clowncilman Huizar's Planning Director Martin Schlageter.
Former Clowncilman Huizar Chief of Staff ......, and now Staff Assistant to the DWP General Manager Joe Avila.

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