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Friday, January 29, 2016

A Bloggin Deconstruction of Betty Pleasant's Latest "Wanton Missive of Distortion (WMD)" regarding her "Boycotting the Return" of the LA Rams

With no apologies to longtime South LA Soulvine Columnist Betty Pleasant, we must take subjective, bloggin umbrage to her latest "Wanton Missive of Distortion (WMD)", that calls for Boycotting the return of the Los Angeles Rams ..........., to the African-American-governed City of Inglewood.  
Betty Pleasant muses BOYCOTTING the Greater Los Angeles Ramily, (allegedly).
** Blogger's Note: Disclaimer, the following bloggin missive/deconstructing of yet, another factually-devoid, "Wanton Missive of Distortion (WMD)", via the keyboard of longtime South LA Soulvine Columnist Betty Pleasant, will promote a DECISIVE, subjective premise (mixed with sardonic satire), that the extremist pronouncements of the former LA Wave Commentator, is rooted in a want for the return of the LA Raiders. 
Its apparent that Betty craves a return to a formerly South-Central LA Era where "The Silver and Black" were the dominant Sport Colors of choice for most, including those who were the inspiration for later Citizen Initiatives such as Prop 186 (Three Strikes), which laid the foundation for future Raider Booster Clubs, based out of Five Star-rated (Correctional) Locations, such as Central, Twin Towers, Wayside, Sybil Brand, Eastlake Juvenal Hall ......, and of course San Quentin.
 It can also be extrapolated, if we choose to channel the return of the Rams through Betty's "racial prism", that the past Rams Fan Base, was a lighter skin shade (and less prone to commit criminal mischief) than the Raiders ......., but lets not waste anymore time in lending credence to the absurd ........,, and focus instead, on deconstructing another Betty "WMD"----Scott Johnson.       
HONEY, I’M HOME! (Thanks to the leadership of the African-American-governed City of Inglewood)— You know what else needs to be boycotted? The returning Los Angeles Rams (What about protesting the return of the Raiders Fan Base via AB 109 and Prop 47?). For some unknown reason, the Rams left us 20 years ago and settled into a new life in St. Louis (Via a Gold-digging Widow, married for the Eight Time) . I’m wholeheartedly in support of having a football team in Los Angeles, but I want it to be any team except the Rams (The rant of a Raider Lover?). The Rams is like a wayward husband who leaves his wife and moves in with another woman and then decides 20 years later to return to his wife (Wrong analogy Betty, it was a Gold-digging ex, who's husband went for a swim ......., and she becomes a LA-hating NFL Owner)! So how do the jilted residents of Los Angeles react to this? Like, crazy people! (Have you been to the Black Hole lately, Betty?) They’re happy and are welcoming the Rams “home” with open arms. That’s unnatural (what has become "natural" is losing records for the Raiders ......, and shorter incarceration times for its fans). Think about it. Is there any woman alive whose husband up and left her, moved in with another woman, and decided 20 years later to leave his woman and return to his wife, who eagerly welcomes him back! (Betty, how many Olympic-caliber swimmers such as Carroll Rosenbloom, drown in shallow waters ......., and then have their wife inherit a NFL Team?)    No such sane woman exists (But Inglewood was inviting). I hate the Rams and I hope they lose every game they play (and may you enjoy the return of a fan base ......, without a team).
Betty Pleasant in her favorite Black (minus the Silver) Wear.

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