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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Morning Briefs on 2017 Los Angeles Mayoral Ambitions for Thursday

As we near the end of the First Month of 2016, potential candidates to challenge Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's bid for a Second Term, are making their possible intentions known ......, and all have ties to the past Administration of Former Failure (and possible competitor for Governor in 2018) Mayor Antonio Villar .
When will Jose Huizar walk across the future Bridge of Political Ambition, 2017?
** Blogger's Note: We are less than fourteen months away from the 2017 Los Angeles Municipal Elections and despite having $Two Million dollars plus on hand, Mayor Eric Garcetti's bid for a Second Term (and quest for Higher Office) will not go unchallenged .........., especially from a certain, ahhh, rival Political Faction.  
Coincidence, or not, two associates linked to fail policy initiatives via the reign of former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar have made public their possible, respective intentions to challenge Mayor Eric Garcetti's bid for a Second Term.

Who is the Political Face of Matthew Schwartz?

First, former 2008 California Campaign Director for now President Barak "H" Obama and former President Bill Clinton's State Department Communications Director Matthew Schwartz announced his intention to pull papers and challenge the Rhodes Scholar in an admittedly, long shot bid.
According to the LA Times, Schwartz played a role with noted former Mayor Sam Blogger, now rarely successful Campaign Consultant/Manager Michael Trujillo, in the infamous defeat of the IBEW-fronted Measure B.
 In 2009, Schwartz was involved in the unsuccessful campaign for L.A.’s Measure B, a ballot initiative that would have expanded the development of solar-energy panels in the city. Measure B was also backed by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which represents most employees at the city’s Department of Water and Power. 

Schwartz's past connection to Measure B and IBEW/DWP Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo" should provide Mayor Garcetti's Campaign Consultant Bill Carrick with ample counter fodder to easily marginalize the upstart mayoral aspirant.

Former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar Educational Ally Steve Barr.

Second to broach Mayoral ambitions was noted Green Dot Schools Founder and  Charter Campuses Promoter Steve Barr who at this point has not move beyond musing, about a possible challenge of Mayor Garcetti as reported by the LA Weekly.

In an interview, Barr said he has been disappointed with Garcetti's lack of leadership on education. Barr worked closely with Garcetti's predecessor, Antonio Villaraigosa, during his effort to take control of the L.A. Unified School District in 2005."We had some positive movement that came out of that, but our current mayor isn't paying attention at all to it," Barr said, saying he has heard that Garcetti does not want to get drawn into a fight between reformers and the teachers union. "It's kind of icky to him."

An "Icky Issue", surely to be exploited by Team Garcetti, if Barr decides to challenge him, will be the LAUSD iPad Scandal, which gained further prominence in recent days via the Video Expose that discloses further evidence of fraudulent Contract Rigging by the likes of former LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy, who Barr enjoyed a "warm relationship" with.

The Jose Huizar Branding continues on Broadway.

Not to be forgotten as a possible Mayoral Candidate, is of course CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, who's Huizzynista supporters continue to talk up a 2017 Mayoral Challenge. While we don't place much credence in a 2017 Huizar for Mayor Campaign, we can't ignore the continuous "Branding Exercise", as evident via his upcoming "Bringin Back Broadway Event" on Saturday.

Yet, the political premise that should be given credence, considering the links of all three possible Mayoral Aspirants to former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar, is that any underdog campaign initiated by the likes of Schwartz, Barr ........, and Huizar, can been seen as mere campaign skirmishes to weaken the Garcetti Brand, especially if Team Villar is challenged by Mayor Garcetti, in seeking a Sacramento-based Political Tomorrow come 2018.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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