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Monday, January 04, 2016

Mayor Garcetti (joins Mayor Sam) on "Storm Parade Watch, 2016"

We are glad to announce the addition of Mayor Eric Garcetti to our Mayor Sam's "Storm Parade Watch, 2016" bloggin coverage ........., as the City Clowncil Central Committee remains on its Winter Hibernation/Recess until January 12, 2016.
Mayor Garcetti speaking to assembled Media Sunday Night. 
** Blogger's Note: Great first Monday of 2016 to everyone as we endeavor to bring you the best in local political reporting (mixed with our patented humor-based, sardonic commentary) in the year ahead. We begin this first work week of the New Year, in pronouncing our "standing on common ground" with Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Garcetti, in regards to exploiting a potential "Natural Emergency" for greater exposure.  While our bloggin desire is merely rooted in reaching a large audience with factually-based information (that in the case of our "Storm Parade Watch" coverage, will hopefully preserve lives), the ramifications for the Rhodes Scholar/Naval Reservist can make the difference in reassuring Angelinos of his fitness for a Mayoral Second Term, marketing himself to a wider audience beyond the City of LA's boundaries ........., or reinforcing the whispers of discerning critics about the Mayor's noted "Gar-Soft-ee Persona", that abhors decisive, decision making. But in the bloggin short term, the tech-savvy Officeholder is doing his best to marriage visual presentations via the local media, with the various Social Media mediums. in offering regular updates on the looming first in a series of "Storm Parades". Yet, we should remind Mayor Garcetti that the power of TV and Social Media, is lacking within the growing Homeless Shantytowns ........., and especially in those within the potentially deadly waterways, the old method of "foot warning" those in harm's way, may be the best social medium in preserving lives-----Scott Johnson.
NWS Los Angeles Forecast Discussion ......, Radar
NWS San Diego Forecast Discussion ......, Radar
Weatherbell (Paid Site with some free links) 
A Mayoral Photo Op to reassure Angelinos.
Potential Five Days (Today-Saturday) Rainfall Totals with California getting soaked. 
Meanwhile ......., your City Clowncil Central Committee is on Recess.

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