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Saturday, January 02, 2016

How will Mayor Garcetti Preside over the upcoming "Parade of Storms"?

While Mayor Eric Garcetti was raising his Public Profile via yesterday's ride on the City of Los Angeles Rose Parade Float, an upcoming (and potentially dangerous) "Parade of Storms" will test the Rhodes Scholar/Navy Reservist's Political Mettle. 
Is that the Storm Parade in the near future?
 ** Blogger's Note: LIVE!! From the virtual, cyber newsroom of Mayor Sam ........., we're on "Bloggin Storm Parade Watch, 2016". As the first in a potentially, long parade of El Nino-influenced storms set their sites on Southern California, we will endeavor to provide instantaneous coverage (through our normal politically-centric prism of commentary), especially in regards to how Mayor Eric Garcetti presides in ensuring the safety of all Angelinos. We are eleven years removed from the last major damaging Wet Season (2004-2005) ......, and again, the leadership of a Second Term-seeking Officeholder (James Hahn in 2004) in presiding over weather-related issues, could have profound, future political implications for a likewise, bland (and Soft?) political persona, in current Mayor Eric Garcetti. But unlike then Mayor Hahn, Mayor Garcetti has to account for an exploding city-wide Homeless Crisis, that has propagated the establishment of numerous shanty encampments within water courses. In recent weeks, both Mayor Garcetti and the City Council have been taken to task, regarding their "vacillating resolve" in dealing with the Homeless Crisis. But in the short term, Mayor Garcetti, in concert with Public Safety officials, should take (and declare via a State of Emergency) decisive action, that ensures that LA's water courses, don't become liquid rampages of death ........., and immediately make available shelters for those in need------Scott Johnson.     
From the National Weather Service, San Diego Office.
Homeless Encampment along the Arroyo Seco.
A potential drowning encampment. 

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