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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Its Official!! The Rams are Los Angeles (via Inglewood) Again!!

Its Official!!, The NFL Owners vote 30-2 to Approve the Return the Rams to Los Angeles (via Inglewood) ........, and somewhere up the 110 Freeway, a certain LA City Clowncil Central Committee and the Tim LIEweke-less AEG LA LIVE City State, can only ponder ...., WHAT IF.
The Greater Los Angeles Ramily is whole again.

** Blogger's Note: With no apologies to the likes of the AEG LA LIVE CITY STATE, Tim LIEweke, Maria Elena Durazo, former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar, Martin Ludlow and the LA City Clowncil Central Committee ..........., the Rams are returning to Los Angeles (via Inglewood). As twenty years of emptiness, gladly, comes to an end with today's announcement by the NFL, and the City of Los Angeles Political Machine can only ponder ........, WHAT IF. But its the subjective opinion of this PROUD RAMS FAN/BLOGGER, that a reborn Los Angeles Rams franchise (and its revenue), is in a better place away from the ethically-challenged follies originating from 200 Spring Street. Maybe the Rams will throw the City of Los Angeles some crumbs via a temp home field agreement with the Los Angeles Dodgers. But for now ..........., THE RAMS ARE BACK (and for Raiders Fans, there is a certain $10 Million Dollar Gravel Pit in Irwindale)-----Scott Johnson.   
A Los Angeles Rams Legend Jack Youngblood.

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