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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Support Homegrown Assembly Candidate Luis Lopez in the 51st AD

The "Bloggin Committee to BAN the Political Carpetbag(ger) in the 51st Assembly District" supports this message.
"Save a capetbagging Burrocrat, vote Lopez for Assembly".

Residents of Northeast Los Angeles and Beyond -

As the rhetoric of the November elections becomes louder and our mailboxes are filling with glossy flyers and brochures, I despair over the cynical belief of some political organizations in this State that they can decide for us who our elected officials will be.  Do you share that concern?  (Scroll down to the event information set forth below right now!)

Are you willing to organize our low-cost resources to work together to elect a grassroots candidate for State Assembly?   Do you reject the apathetic thinking that nothing can be done to counter the money of certain chambers of commerce, public employee unions, political parties and billionaires who will try to mislead our local friends and neighbors into "buying into" their candidate who, until recently, did not even live or vote in this District?

Then we need to raise some funding for our local candidate for State Assembly:


. . . and equally vital, we need to organize ourselves to use the Internet to counter those glossy flyers and brochures that will finance the other candidate pre-selected by the political machine to become our Assembly member.

I understand that the other candidate may have many positive items on his resume as well.  Maybe he is well-spoken most of the time. But really, should that justify overlooking his complete absence from our community for the years leading up to this election?  I think not.  Let us say "NO" to another "Carpetbag Assemblymember"!

That is why like-minded people in Northeast have banded together to host a fundraiser for Luis AND to have a conversation about how to use our email address books, our Facebook pages, our Twitter account to support a decent, hard-working, long-time leader who is invested in our community.  Your email address book is a very powerful tool in this election that makes the most powerful quake with fear.

The other side in this race is counting on you to continue to passively watch television and vote as you are told by the blizzard of glossy flyers and brochures that land in your mailbox.  Turn off the TV this Sunday afternoon -- no matter who is playing who on the football field!  Let's gather together as friends and neighbors in Northeast and talk about how we can combat this manipulation of the democratic process by interests OUTSIDE our community.


Fundraiser and Grassroots Organizing Event for Luis Lopez

4:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Home of Todd and Roberta Frankel
610 West Avenue 46, Los Angeles, CA 90065


Todd and Roberta Frankel, 
Clare Marter-Kenyon and Mark Kenyon, Daniel Wright, Andrew Montealegre, Michael and Felicia Kelley, and Ann Walnum

Recession hurt your pocketbook? Understood.  No donation, however large or small need deter you from attending this event.  Yes, Luis needs basic resources to get his message out to voters and he has raised funds from LOTS of individual donors. Give what you can.

However, your willingness to speak out using your Internet resources may be even more important in this election.  Come and talk with us about how online resources can support a Luis Lopez win.

Driving directions from the intersection of Figueroa and Marmion Way:
1. Drive north on Marmion Way toward the Southwest Museum.
2. At the first traffic light at Avenue 45 turn left.
3. Proceed uphill along Avenue 45 until it dead ends into Frontenac Avenue at the Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center.
4. Turn right and go one short block to Frontenac and Avenue 46.
5. Turn left and proceed uphill to 610 West Avenue 46.
6. Park on street around the corner or down hill after you turn around in cul de sac a bit further uphill.

This is a hillside home so comfortable walking shoes and carpooling are advised!

See you at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Daniel Wright

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in the 51st AD

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Luis is a great guy.

September 30, 2012 11:48 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Anybody but Jimmy

October 01, 2012 8:58 AM  

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