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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Help celebrate CD 9 City Council Candidate Ana Cubas Birthday

 Notice the similarities of eyelashes between the shady WalMart dot  and Ana Cubas? For campaign money, Ana Cubas will claim that they are related.
 Ana Cubas is a "high-maintenance candidate", especially on her birthday. 
Join us in CD 14 as we wish our former City Council Chief of Staff Ana Cubas a Flashback Happy Birthday. It seems like yesterday that Cubas was not returning phone calls, ignoring California Public Records Requests, calling alleged bloggers on Saturday mornings and retaliating against a staffer who's son ran for City Council. From the legions of constituents who know the "true Ana Cubas", this Flashback Birthday Greeting is for you.
 Former disgraced Councilman Huizar Campaign Manager and LA Brewery Company Co-owner Michael Trujillo.
Ana, we always knew that you were a giver (giver of falsehoods on behalf of your former boss) and not a taker (at least on disclosure forms). In that spirit, your challengers are going to thank you for this campaign present. You picked to celebrate (and raise money) at an establishment co-own by the infamous Michael Trujillo. What is infamous about Michael Trujillo besides being a former blogger (aka "MEAT" on Mayor Sam), a campaign consultant who's last local victory, was against a terminally-ill candidate and being the "Drivin Miss Daisy" for Mayor Villar? Do you remember the infamous email below?
 Note all of Ana's former staffers listed on the email?.How many of them have donated to her campaign?
Maybe Trujillo will autograph and frame a copy as a birthday gift to Ana?
Ana, maybe your political minders should have consulted with you before you picked Trujillo's establishment, as your birthday celebration/ fundraising location, considering the repugnant nature of the email and its trivialization of gun violence. As you may know Ana, crime, gangs and gun violence are big issues in CD 9. By associating with someone who's email exhibited a complete lack of sensitivity to the issue of gun violence, voters in CD 9, should question whether your the right candidate, when it comes standing firm against crime. 
But don't let those inconvenient facts get in the way of a great birthday celebration tomorrow Ana. A few drinks is all that is needed to liberate you from the realities of your political life....... until the next morning.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous trojan2002 said:

Could the city of LA politics get any darker?
Why are council staff always running for office? Because the system is so corrupt it's easy for them to make connections and raise money.
The fact that MEAT is still working on campaigns after that email is telling of how full of shit the city's elected officials are.
Another fact of how full of shit they are, AEG is owned by a conservative billionaire who donates millions to promote conservative causes.
Yet, Mayor Tony and the other liberals in the city sure don't seem to have a problem taking his money and doing his bidding. Bull shit? Yes.
Back to staff and MEAT, I don't doubt MEAT has hard work ethic but does he have anything else? Does he have real world experience? Does he have a college degree, or even a HS degree? Has ever shown anything to say he is a mature person?
NOPE. Yet this is the guy our elected officials and their staff running for office choose to employ.

What does it say about them?

September 26, 2012 3:29 PM  

Anonymous LACCD 9 Voter said:

Wow not a smart move again for Ana Cubas who is losing ground. Invitation to Ana Cubas Birthday/Fundaiser was sent to 1500+ people and less than 25 show up at the LA Brewery.

Ana Cubas is a nut case. Not much substance in her brain or anywhere for that matter.

September 28, 2012 12:54 AM  

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