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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Morning Brief on the undemocratic Boyle Heights Political Machine for Tuesday

Morning Briefs from CD 14's Boyle Heights where "One Huizzy Rule" is wearing thin on its constituents.
The Heights of Grievances against "One Huizzy Rule" are growing as constituents push back against undemocratic decrees.
Hola from the East Bank of the Los Angeles River where once again, we find the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council in the grips of turmoil as "One Huizzy Rule" wear thin on constituent.
According to sources, the Pro-Huizar Faction on the BHNC, has leveled multiple charges of misconduct against the Carlos Montes-led Executive Body, which has prompted an extraordinary Special Meeting for tomorrow at the Boyle Heights City Hall (agenda posted below).
Controversy is no stranger to the BHNC, especially when someone who does not conform to the dictates of "One Huizzy Rule", is elected to a position of power on the body, witness the "Disempowerment LA" removal (with Huizar cronies support) of elected BHNC President Jose Aguilar in recent years.
The one constant in any controversy afflicting the BHNC is the role of Councilman Huizar's "Uber-Shillita Mago Amador". Its no secret that Amador was not happy when she was recently voted out as Secretary. The former Cuatro Flats Associate, has in the past, targeted non Huizar-supporting NC Members. Thus, with many Huizar-supported projects coming on line in the comings years, its imperative under "One Huizzy Rule" that the natural "Huizar Order of Governance", be return to the BHNC.
** But the "Powers to Be" should be aware that unsubstantiated actions against a true, community-representing body, will only engender an united pushback against "One Huizzy Rule".
BHNC 6-10-15 Special Meeting Agenda, Page 1.
BHNC 6-10-15 Special Meeting Agenda, Page 2.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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