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Monday, June 01, 2015

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Pardon the bloggin pun, but the current leader of the Los Angeles County Labor Federation, is a bit "Rusty" in closing the deal, that would cease "Free Enterprise" as we know it, in the looming "Detroit on the Pacific".
Current Los Angeles County Labor Federation Leader Rusty Hicks.
Rusty Hicks is not a Closer.

After achieving what should of been a formality in bringing an end to the Ciudad de Los Angeles "War on Poverty (in reality, Free Enterprise)", with his "Brothers and Sisters-supported" Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee tenatively voting to support a $15 per hour Minimum Wage, the new leader of the LA County Labor Federation, forgot to insert some "small details" into the final ordinance.

Call it a "rookie mistake" but in his short time as the current leader of the Los Angeles County Labor Federation, Rusty Hicks has almost achieve what predecessors Miguel Contreras, Martin Ludlow and Maria Elena Durazo could not, turning Los Angeles into a "Close Shop Municipality"........, but.
Lets say "duel buts".

First, Hick's City Clowncil Central Committee Ally, General Secretary/Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson, attempted behind close doors, to insert language that would require affected business to pay for twelve employees "Sick Days", but was withdrawn (for now).

Second, and more egregious, was Hicks attempt to add language that businesses with current labor ties (via a MOU), could offer less than the Minimum Wage (after all, the accumulation of dues is paramount to employee's take home pay).

Those "duel buts" snatched away a collective brother and sister union clap of victory, and replaced it with a slap back of hypocrisy ........., but don't expect the "slap back sting" to last long with this current City Clowncil Central Committee desire to embrace Socialism ........, and its share of future dues.

** We Bring You This Tearful Political Papi/Big Baby O'Huey Reunion.
Former Mayor (Poopy) James Hahn and Numero Uno Booster Londie "Big O" Cuevas.
** CD 12 City Councilman (and Lone RINO Republican) Mitch Englander is on the LA County Board of Supervisors Campaign Trail as the photos below illustrate.  
Councilman Mitch, along with former Manhattan Beach Mayor and current LA County Board of Supervisor Candidate Steve Napolitano, were guests on this past Saturday's KRLA 870 AM "Randy Economy Show to discuss their campaigns to replace Supervisors Michael Antonovich and Dan Knabe respectively.
Councilman Mitch/Supervisor Candidate Englander, then made his way to thee LA Power Broker Party of the Weekend, as he and many others help City Hall Power Broker John Ek, celebrate his 50th Birthday at The Perch.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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