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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mayoral (Wednesday) and CD-7 (Friday) Candidate Forums

With a week remaining before Municipal March Election Day 2017, constituents have one last chance to see the LANCC Mayoral (minus "Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee")  and Sylmar NC CD-7 City Council Candidates, in respective Forums.
LANCC Mayoral Forum tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.
Will "Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee attend his FIRST Mayoral Debate/Candidate Forum? 
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The Tuesday-before Election Day Bogus Slate Mailer Debrief

With a week remaining before Municipal Election Day 2017, the Democratic Establishment Candidates for Los Angeles City Council, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School Board and Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustees, will spare no expense in attempting to deceive certain voter blocks for support (with ONE Republican exception).  
Which of the Candidates noted above is a TRUE Republican? Answer below .........
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Monday, February 27, 2017

Another "Young Statistic" of Los Angeles "Embargoed (by Mayor Garcetti)" Rising Violent Crime Rate

As MIA/Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric "Gar-SOFT-ee" continues his EMBARGO on releasing the most recent Crime Stats, the Ramona Gardens Community mourns the senseless Murder of a Young Man (Jonathan Yanez), who's Death in a Saturday Mid-day (2:30 PM) Drive-by Shooting, is indicative of a continuing RISE in Violent Crimes within Los Angeles.  
Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee's continuing avoidance of Debates/Candidate Forums and the Disclosure of the MOST recent Crime Stats ....... is an Act of Political Cowardice.
** Blogger's Notes: The Barrio Grim Reaper reintroduce his evil self (taking the form of an alleged Drive-by Shooter), in a Mid-day Appearance on Saturday .........., and a family mourns a Young Man (Jonathan Yanez) taken too soon. 
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Friday, February 24, 2017

Faces of Politico (and Journalistic) Shame as AB-109 Kills another Communal Hero in the Line of Duty

As the City of Whittier and the Greater Thin Blue Line Family grieves the senseless (and preventable) Murder of beloved Officer Keith Boyle, the comments of Officer Boyer's Chief (and close friend) NEED TO prompt a revisiting of supposed Crime Sentencing (Prop 47 and 57)/Incarceration Reforms (AB-109), that are responsible for endangering (not protecting) Californians ....., and those who supported them.
R.I.P. Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer.
** Blogger's Notes: Mercifully, a tragic week for California's Law Enforcement nears a grieving end as the California Highway Patrol, Alameda County Sheriff and the Whittier Police Department respectively, mourn the tragic lost of an Officer in the Line of Duty. In the former "Golden State Era of California", a super majority of state residences (including Red and Blue Politicos and Media) would stand together in support of the Thin Blue Line Family ......, when death comes too soon. But in the current 21st Century incarnation of a "One Party-ruling, Digressing Rust State on the Pacific", the preventable DEATH of a COMMUNAL HERO, is met with legislated silence (that seeks to deafens a growing, righteous Backlash) .........., and a repugnant "Act of Editorial Admonishment (via the LA Times)" that WRONGFULLY targets a grieving Whittier Police Chief Jeff Piper (and CLOSE friend of deceased Officer Keith Boyle). Bluntly, with ABSOLUTELY no apologies to those pictured below, their support of AB-109, Prop 47 and Prop 57, have created new "Criminal Enterprise (and Danger) Zones," with adverse connotations for the General Populace, and especially those sworn to maintain Law and Order. There is nothing progressive when failed Public Safety Policies are becoming INCREASINGLY responsible for a rising Crime Rate in places such as the City of Los Angeles, that has prompted a certain "Second Term-seeking, MIA Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee" to EMBARGO the release of current (rising) Crime Stats to after the March 7 Elections ........, while giving thanks to those who have served "their Time"----Scott Johnson.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The "Broken Deal Cedillo Backlash Tour" Stop in Lincoln Heights

The second and last 2017 CD 1 City Council Election Debate/Candidate Forum became another stop on the "Broken Deal Cedillo Backlash Tour" as constituents vented their collective frustrations on the inattentive, Second Term-seeking Career Politico. 
Sacred Heart Church Volunteer Robert Vega greets the audience at the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce/Neighborhood Council./Sacred Heart Church CD-1 Candidate Forum. 
** Blogger's Note: Disclaimer (again)!! In the Alternative Reality (maybe) mindset of CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", come Sunrise on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, ALL CD-1 Constituents will be represented for another Term (lasting the same length as the Lincoln Park Pool closure) by the former "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)". 
But in bloggin reality (again), the second and last 2017 CD 1 City Council Election Debate/Candidate Forum, became the second and (sadly) last stop on the "Broken Deal Cedillo Backlash Tour" with constituents confronting the current Officeholder with factually-based issues as the challengers (including approved Write-In Candidate Luca Barton) garnering positive audience support (minus the likes of Steve, Vera, Mario and others from the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce).
The capacity crowd gathering was not lacking in theatrics, sub-plot drama in the audience ......., and of course, pants-combusting embellishments (ie, LIES) via "Broken Deal Cedillo" regarding the FIVE city-approved Homeless/Affordable Housing Developments on Public Parking Lots in the community. 
During latter questions provided by audience members, the Councilman was "shown the back", via an elderly female tenant of a Lincoln Heights Apartment Complex, who are facing eviction after enduring alleged "Cash for Keys Intimidation" tactics ........, with no help from their Officeholder.
But more dramatic was the accusation directed at "Broken Deal Cedillo" by former "Voice Newspaper" Publisher/Editor (now Stan's Bike Shop Proprietor) Carlos Morales, that insinuated the former Assemblyman had "Blood on his Hands" for his support of AB-109 Prison Realignment, which is be blamed for putting the Killer of Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer (who was accorded a "Moment of Silence"via Moderator Hugo Pacheco ) back on the streets.   
We should note that while the fixation of the audience was focus on the candidates, it was hard NOT to notice the presence of CONVICTED Voter Fraud Felon Larry (I Am Patton State Hospital-referred Defendent NATIVO!!) Lopez, who on GOOD source, stated that all the documented allegations about him are "Googled Alternative Facts" ..... but when confronted with a "Googled Fact" about his FELONY CONVICTION for Voter Fraud, was led away by his fellow "Broken Deal Cedillo" associates-----Scott Johnson.

Some of the 200-300 Candidate Forum attendees.
Audience Members directing Questions to the Candidates.
Banner supporting Lincoln Heights Elderly Tenants facing "Cash for Keys Intimidation".
Former "Voice Newspaper" Publisher/Editor Carlos Morales converses with AB 109-supporting (Cop Killer-enabler) Councilman Cedillo. 

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An EXCLUSIVE 34th Congressional District Debate ..... with selected Candidates

An Establishment and Grass Roots Mix of local Democratic Clubs is engaging in Hillary-like EXCLUSIONARY tactics, by inviting only SELECTED Candidates to this evening's 34th Congressional District Forum/Debate at Lincoln Park's Plaza De La Raza .........., while Thursday's LA-32 NC's Forum is inclusive to ALL.
An EXCLUSIVE Forum for the selected few.
** Blogger's Notes: A bloggin question ........ how many local Democratic Clubs does it take to practice "Exclusion (instead of tolerant Inclusion)", in regards to inviting ALL declared 34th Congressional District "D" Candidates to a community forum? See below. But those excluded by their own "Demo Brothers and Sisters" can thank the LA-32 Neighborhood Council for given them an opportunity to be heard (in addition to the candidates for LAUSD School Board District Two)----Scott Johnson.
A coalition of Democratic clubs will host a forum to inform and educate the public about the candidates running for the 34th Congressional District seat. Candidates will be asked questions about their positions on a variety of issues including immigration, health care, education, the economy and more. Mekahlo Medina of NBC 4 will moderate the forum.

Avance Democratic Club
Stonewall Democratic Club
East Area Progressive Democrats
Miracle Mile Democratic Club
Northeast Democratic Club of Los Angeles
Los Angeles County Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders Democratic Club 
Los Angeles County Young Democrats

The following candidates will participate in the forum:
Maria Cabildo
● Arturo Carmona
● Wendy Carrillo
● Yolie Flores
● Jimmy Gomez
● Sara Hernandez
LA-32 NC 34th Congressional District and LAUSD School Board District Two Candidate Forum.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Breaking (FAKE?) Polling News: Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez enjoys BIG Lead in 34th Congressional District Special Election Campaign (LOL!!)

In Breaking (FAKE) Polling News regarding the upcoming 34th Congressional District Special Election, Assemblyman Jimmy "from Riverside" Gomez enjoys a "Wide Margin of Support" over the rest of the twenty-something Candidates .........., via his Campaign Consultant S(kelton) G & A-commissioned (ie. paid for) Survey of Voters. 
WOW!! I find (errr  paid for) a Poll that gives ME a "Wide Margin of Support".
** Blogger's Notes: LOL!! The following is bloggin priceless, consider its politically-germane to the the California Assembly Member (via Riverside) who wants High School Students indoctrinated on whats constitutes "Fake News".  In REALITY, Establishment Democrat Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez,, who has been anointed the "Designated Candidate" to replace NOW, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in Congress, should become the "Subject Politico" regarding future legislation pertaining to regulating FAKE POLLING NEWS, that is blatantly crafted to mislead (and solicit donations from) voters. Its obvious from the Gomez Campaign Consultant S G & A-commissioned Survey (posted below), that the Riverside-native is seeking to counter the INDEPENDENT Latino Decisions Poll that had Gomez trailing by double-digits to Progressive Candidate Arturo Carmona.  Further, discerning observers will note that publicizing commissioned Surveys, is a tired S G & A Campaign Tactic which highlights the Client Candidate's strengths ......, while not disclosing any negative findings (note the absence of additional pages of Survey Data). We also find it LAUGHABLE, that the Survey found lone Republican Candidate William Morrison  with MORE SUPPORT than Bernienista Progressive Arturo Carmona, while not even gauging support for the other thirteen official candidates. That stated, the most-telling statistic is the supposed fact is Candidate Gomez's 33% Approval Margin .........., which means that two-thirds of the voters may choose someone else in April, allegedly-----Scott Johnson.

The One Page Summery of Gomez Campaign-commissioned Fake Poll News (allegedly). 
Another S G & A (Mike Shimpock above) Cut and Sliced Survey Deconstructed.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

CD-1 Councilman Gil Broken Deal Cedillo at Candidate Forum: "I WILL be your Councilman, again (constituents be damned)"

 In the first CD-1 Candidate Forum (with some debating), a self-assured Incumbent "Broken Deal Cedillo" takes to Phone ........, while a next Generation of Communal Leaders (Joe Bray-Ali and Giovanni Hernandez) CONNECTED with a capacity audience ........., clearly disenchanted with the current Officeholder. 
The Glassell Park Improvement Association (and partners) are to be commended for a well-attended and structured Candidate Forum (with some debating).
** Blogger's Notes: Disclaimer!! In the convoluted mindset of CD-1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", its a forgone, "ALTERNATIVE FACT", that come July 1, 2017, the former "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)" will again be granted another Term (Five-plus years) of Public Employment. 
But in bloggin reality, judging from the capacity crowd at last evening's Glassell Park Improvement Association's CD 1 Candidate Forum, the current Officeholder is clearly suffering from a narcissus-induce, nearly four year (and counting) episode of Political Myopia, that has blinded him from the REAL state of discontent among constituents.
For two hours, "Broken Deal Cedillo" was openly BOTHERED in having to defend his supposed record of accomplishments to a dismissive (and at multiple times, heckling) audience, as challengers Giovanni Hernandez, Jesse Rosas and Joe Bray-Ali, garnered sustained applause. 
At one point, "Broken Deal Cedillo" rudely disregard protocols by engaging in a phone conversation that prompted speculation that he was perturbed at the LACK of crowd support and was seeking the arrival of friendly seat-fillers (in a venue at capacity).  
On the subject of forum questions, most of the audience-submitted questions focus on Quality of Life Issues (Development, Affordable Housing, Homeless, Education) along with district-germane topics dealing with Bike Lanes, Open Space ......., and the lack of TRUST in the Officeholder.  
That stated, what many in the audience will remember was the Incumbent's dismissive disdain of his constituents, in espousing the coming formality of being anointed another Term in office ........, which may become a challenged, ALTERNATIVE FACT on Election Day----Scott Johnson. 
Did "Broken Deal Cedillo" phone Convicted Voter Fraud Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez to provide more "Register Voters" during CD 1 Candidate Forum?
CD-1 Challenger Joe Bray-Ali greets supportive audience after GREAT Candidate Forum performance.
 Filling all seats with discerning Candidate Forum observers.
A CD-1 Candidate Forum Overview (from the bloggin back row).

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Councilman Cedillo's Bridewell Armory Emergency Shelter Scam

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the SCAM that was CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" (and Council-approved) Bridewell Armory Winter Emergency Shelter Motion, as a potentially, strong series of Storms targets Southern California ........, with adverse impacts on Northeast LA's Homeless (and General) Population. 
Another Broken Deal Cedillo Episode, with potentially adverse Public Safety connotations..
The still-shuddered CD-14 Bridewell Armory.
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the SCAM that was the supposed, CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" approved Motion that would have directed the City of Los Angeles Recreation & Parks Department (along with other pertinent city agencies) to make the CD-14-located Bridewell Armory available as an Emergency Winter Shelter. As the photos below document, the longtime shuddered (with supposed plans to become a Non-Profit Arts Center), does not look ready (as directed) for any type (including Emergency) usage ........., with a POTENT Winter Storm taking aim at Southern California on Friday. The incoming storm is bound to impact all segments of the populations, especially the Homeless who live near the Northeast LA Arroyo Seco Waterway, which will swell full of runoff from the saturated San Gabriel Mountains. Its inexcusable (and politically contemptible if a certain CD-14 Officeholder is obstructing, again) that a City Council-approved Motion/Directive (with serious Public Safety ramifications) has not been implemented .........., and for what reasons? That is the responsibility of the Motion's "Author (aka. Broken Deal Cedillo) to explain to discerning/pending voters----Scott Johnson. 

"Broken Deal Cedillo's" SCAM Bridewell Armory Emergency Winter Shelter Motion.
Storm runoff at the Arroyo Seco's Devil's Gate Dam.
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CD-7 City Council Candidate Monica Rodriguez's CONTINUING Lack of Ethical Campaigning

Its apparent that repeat CD-7 City Council Candidate Monica Rodriguez has learn little about Ethical Campaigning, as alleged, multiple violations of Ethics Commission Rules regarding the use of City of Los Angeles Equipment and Official Seals, are made public via her Campaign Mailers.  
Use of City of Los Angeles Property and Official Seals is a Ethical Violation.
** Blogger's Notes: Please join in this bloggin flashback to a April 14, 2009 Ethics Commission Press Release pertaining in part, to a $9,045 Fine levied against a THEN, an alleged Republican/Business Democrat Female's unsuccessful Campaign against the infamous former CD7/2 City Councilman Richard AlarCON.

In a seventh case, the Commission levied a $9,045 fine against 2007 City Council candidate Monica Rodriguez and her committee, “Monica Rodriguez for City Council,” for 32 counts of soliciting or accepting contributions prior to filing a Declaration of Intent to Solicit and Receive Contributions in violation of Charter Section 470(c)(1), and for five counts of filing (did they mean "failing"?) to file copies of scripts or recordings related to recorded telephone calls made by her campaign in violation of LAMC Section 49.7.26(E)

In 2017, the now "Fresh Face" of the infamous (and litigious) Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine (with endorsed approval of Mayor Eric Garcetti), is AGAIN the focus of allegations that her NOW, Establishment-anointed Campaign, is showcasing contempt for Ethics Rules that prohibit the use of city-owned property and official seals, in voter-outreach material.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mayor Sam Presents ......., the First Annual, "Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival"

The Mayor Sam Blog PROUDLY presents the First Annual, "Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival", chronicling the numerous breaches of promises, lack of outreach, and the general disdain exhibited by the Career Politico formerly known as "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)" towards his neglected CD 1 Constituents.  
Join CD 1 Clowncilman "Broken Deal Cedillo" and Convicted Voter Fraud Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez as they share their Political Dinner Menu of "Cooking the Ballots (allegedly)". 
** Blogger's Notes: With Absentee Ballots arriving at the homes of Register Voters (alive, dead, or fraudulently created) within CD 1, now is the appropriate time to PROUDLY present the Mayor Sam Blog First Annual, "Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival". The inspiration for the below cyber presentation is simple, the once "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)" has become a self-serving (the needs of his Developer Donors) Politico, who words/promises mean nothing (unless reciprocated with material gain, allegedly), We (or I) should be bloggin upfront in noting our past support of the Barstow Native, fours years previously ......, (please pardon the crow taste-inducing gagging reflex), but since then, the current Officeholder has become a mere tool/shill for the Establishment-sustaining Special Interests. That said, we hope you enjoy our cyber presentation, but MOST PARAMOUNT, vote to ensure that this Blog, need not have to post a Second Annual Edition of a "Re-elected, Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival" in 2018 (necessitating another crow taste-inducing gagging reflex episode)-----Scott Johnson. 
GPIA CD-1 Candidate Forum 2-16-17
LHNC, Sacred Heart Church, LHCC CD-1 Candidate Forum 2-20-17.
Cyclist's "Chale Con Cedillo" Protest.
A CD-1 Promotion supporting the Autry Art Looters of the Southwest Museum.
A CD-1 Choreographed Misleading of the Lincoln Heights Community over Pasadena Ave. "Road Diet" Project.
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Special Bloggin Deconstruction of Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee's Statement on ICE Raids

The MIA, Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee has released a Statement on the alleged, community-disrupting, SURGE of ICE Raids ............, which is the subject of a Special Bloggin Deconstruction of its contents, that the Upward-aspiring Politico will not defend in any Candidate Forums/Debates.  

"Today I spoke to the Deputy Director of ICE’s Los Angeles Field Office and made it very clear that I want greater transparency about ongoing operations and the status of all Los Angeles residents who may have been arrested or detained.
Among those arrested, according to ICE:
• A Salvadoran national who was allegedly part of the MS-13 gang. He was arrested in Huntington Park and was wanted in his native country for aggravated extortion, ICE said.
• A Brazilian national arrested in L.A. and wanted in Brazil for alleged cocaine trafficking.
• An Australian national from West Hollywood. He was wanted on suspicion of lewd acts with a child.
Did Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee spaek out so FORCEFULLY (or after be force by Najee Ali and Earl Ofari Hutchison) in the aftermath of the African-American-targeted Firebombings in Ramona Gardens?

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A REAL News Update!! Jimmy "Via Riverside" Gomez for Congress Kickoff in Eagle Rock

Ciudad de Los Angeles First Couple/(Political) Life Partners Eric and Amy Wakeland-Gar-SOFT-ee, proudly invite you to the Congressional Campaign Kickoff of Jimmy "via Riverside" Gomez, in Exclusive North (of Colorado) Eagle Rock ......, with Campaign Choreographing again provided by (Parque) S G & A Consultant Mike Shimpock, 
Mr. and Mrs. (Political) Life Partners Eric and Amy Wakeland-Gar-SOFT-ee.
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First of Four CD-5 Candidate Forums/Debates on Sunday

The "Reigning Nanny Establishment Spud" of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee and the challengers seeking to replace him, will meet in the first of four Candidate Forum/Debates on Sunday, February 12 2017 at the Leo Baeck Temple in Sepulveda Pass. 
The Reigning Nanny Establishment Spud of CD-5.

LA City Council District 5 Candidates Forum | Moderated by Warren Olney: with Jesse Creed, Mark Herd, and Paul Koretz (more…)

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Friday, February 10, 2017

WANTED!! A Politico Identified (falsely?) as "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First"

As a bloggin Public Service, we seek your cyber cooperation in exposing/repudiating the continuing race-based hypocrisy of supposed (pending ID verification) "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First", who condones ID Fraud by Illegal Immigrants (and family members).  
A condoning Lawbreaker needs removal as a Public Lawmaker.
** Blogger's Notes: A bloggin pondering pause ........., who is REALLY "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First"? As a discerning citizen (and blogger) who has been accorded the supposed privilege of having the former San Diego's Logan Beach Native, "carpetbagged (by former Speaker Fabian Nunez and the late Miguel Contreras)" as our Assembly and State Senate District Officeholder in that order, it was a given that I had develop a factually-based understanding on the political, ethical (and personal) standing of "Fabian's Boy". BUT, that all changed when the self-inaugurated (and proclaimed) "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore of the Cubafornia Republic" testified before a State Senate Hearing ........., and stated in the course of supporting his Sanctuary State Bill, the "illegality status of half his familia". In brief, the "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore's" Legislation would prohibit state, county and local law enforcement agencies from cooperating with Federal Immigration Officials. In addition, the Cubafornianistas/Democrats (via Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra) have crafted a Bill that would lower the penalties for using false documentation in establishing legal status/citizenship. Following his "Familia Testimonial" the "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore" had this exchange during an interview with KPCC's Larry Mantle regarding his "outrage" over the tough penalties for Social Security Fraud.
Host Larry Mantle asked him: “… First of all, I just — I want to make sure I understand correctly: You don’t think purchasing a phony Social Security card and number should be a deportable offense?”
De Léon replied“I don’t think so … the vast majority of immigrants — hard working immigrants — have done that.  I can tell you I have family members specifically who came here as undocumented immigrants, and they did the same thing. That’s what you need to do to survive in this economy (or game the system for public benefits, Kevin?).
....... makes you wonder how the "Wife of Bill Clinton Campaign" won the Cubafornia Vote and who is the REALLY the "El State Senate Presidente (aka. Fabian's Boy)"?

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Thursday, February 09, 2017

MIA Mayoral Candidate Gar-SOFT-ee touts Ex. President Obama Endorsement (while withholding Crime Stats?)

The stealth Re-election Campaign of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee, choreographs onwards as the Rhodes Scholar, turned Upward-seeking Politico touts the "Endorsement" of former President Barack "H" Obama, while continuing to DODGE direct interaction with mayoral challengers ..........., and scrutiny of his TRUE record of accomplishments (or lack of).
Notice NO mention of Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee's accomplishments in reducing Crime, Pension Obligations, Lawsuit Payouts or DWP Reform, by the ex. President. 
** Blogger's Notes: We bring you the latest in the stealth, choreographed Re-election Campaign of the stage-managed Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee as the Rhodes Scholar, turned Upward-seeking Politico, continues to replicate the 2009 Mayoral Re-election Charade of the now, California Gubernatorial (and former Failure Mayor) Antonio Villargovea. Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee, like the former Failure Mayor, is engaging in hypocritical, civic misconduct in DODGING candidate forums/debates opportunities city-wide, as he seeks to SOFT-pedal his supposed accomplishments to a growing cynical electorate. As evident in the latest, choreographed pronouncement, the Gar-SOFT-ee Campaign is timing the high-profile ex. President Barack "H" Obama Endorsement, to coincide with the arrival of Absentee Ballots, which will be the foundation for the support margin to guarantee a Second Term. BUT, we are also hearing rumors that TIMING is the POLITICAL MOTIVATION for delaying the publication of the latest Crime Stats that may reflect adversely on the Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee-styled (and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck) leadership in dealing with the rising Crime Rate ......., that is another reason (among a growing list of neglected issues) for the Upward-seeking Politico, continuing "lack of political fortitude" to stand and defend his Record-----Scott Johnson.    
MISSING!! A Second Term-seeking Mayor who will not DEBATE the challengers.
** Will Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee attend the following Candidate Forum? We will be in attendance to report----S.J.
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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

LA County Employees with Adaptive Access Issues in Eagle Rock

Memo to LA County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis, please take a moment away from your politically-motivated, Trump Hate Hysteria, to kindly remind the County Staff assigned to the vehicle pictured below, that the privilege of Public Employment, DOES NOT include parking in a Handicap Spot on a Mickey Dee's Meal Break. 
LA County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis.;
** Blogger's Note: We take a momentary pause from musing on current political events ........, to request that LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis remind County Staff about parking public vehicles in spaces reserved for the Disabled, as pictured below. The LA County (and taxpayer's owned) Prius was photographed at a Eagle Rock McDonald's last week, with staff enjoying a meal break, We would bloggin understand if County Staff were partaking in an Act of Solidarity with underpaid Fast Food Employees, by dispensing with a few dollars. But we would advise the employees in question, that it would be good for their respective health (and ethical standing), to park in a location, a little further away .........., and not in a Designated, Disable Parking Spot-----Scott Johnson.     
LA County Prius parked in Handicap Spot at Eagle Rock.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Who were The Purveyors of the alleged RIGGED/CHOREOGRAPHED Endorsement for Anointed Congressional Candidate Jimmy Gomez?

The UNDER-publicized California Democrat Party (CADEM) Endorsement Meeting that resulted in the alleged RIGGED Selection of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez to replace ex. 34th Congressional District Officeholder Xavier Becerra, is the subject of conflicting accounts on the Establishment-choreographed proceedings. 
The Establishment California Democratic Party kicking aside ALL challengers to the ANOINTED/ENDORSED 34th Congressional District Candidate Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez. 
** Blogger's Notes: A BLOGGIN DISCLAIMER!! In the convoluted political-exploiting mindset of aspiring 34th Congressional District Candidate (via Riverside) Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, the following missive on the TRUE background pertaining to his alleged RIGGED/CHOREOGRAPHED Endorsement by the California Democrat (CADEM) Party, at a SPARSELY, attended gathering at El Sereno's Barrio Action Youth and Family Center, will become a future exercise on Fake News in a California Public Education (via Indoctrination) Classroom
Its not often that we find common ground on a proposed Policy Issue with the affable Riverside-transplanted, former Educator (as "Credentialed" by Parke Skelton) but we cannot pass on sharing a future Teachable Moment on keyboarding the bloggin truth in media, via utilizing various sourcing as noted below----Scott Johnson.
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Morning Brief on the CD 1 Political Scene for Tuesday

The Upstart CD-1 City Council Campaign of Josef Bray-Ali continues its impressive run of Endorsements, with the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board the latest in granting its support of the Highland Park Small Business Owner's bid to unseat Incumbent Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
Safe Streets, Strong Neighborhoods ........., and a Leader who keeps his word. 
Indifference and Misplace Priorities equates to ..........., the moniker "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
** Blogger's Notes:  Four years (and more hair follicles) ago, a certain State Career Politico domicile himself within Ciudad de Los Angeles Council District (CD) 1, seeking a Pay Raise ........, and 12 years of Democratic Establishment-guarantee employment.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Ethical (and Safety) Issues regarding the Hermon-located Los Angeles International Charter High School

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we broach serious questions regarding the Ethical Standards pertaining to the Board of Director Governance of the Hermon-located Los Angeles International Charter High School (LAICHS) ......., and the protocols (or lack of) that allowed the placement of an alleged Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Storage Container (with undisclosed contents) on its campus. 
 The Self-proclaiming "Emperor of Hermon" Joe Riser. 
 "The First Empress of Hermon (and HAT Inc. President)" Wendi Riser with appreciative CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.  
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we keyboard serious questions pertaining to the Ethical Standing and Safety Protocols at the Hermon-located Los Angeles International Charter High School. 

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