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Monday, April 19, 2021

We"re Back!!

After a much too long hiatus, the Mayor Sam Blog is back, to the consternation of those who have taken advantage of the near absence of discerning, truthful and objective political reporting in the City of Los Angeles ……., and beyond.
Memo to "MEAT": The Mayor Sam Bloggin Archives are forever, in noting Michael "MEAT" Trujillo's past/current association with CD-15 City Councilman (and 2022 Mayoral Candidate)  Joe Buscaino's Political Aspirations.

** Blogger's Notes: With a blessed nod to our late Blog Creator/Friend Michael Higby up above, its time to once again, multi-task mind, fingers (with the help of Spoll-Check) and reconnect with the cyber-masses, in the spirit of promoting an unconditionally ………, free dialog. In an Intolerant Era of Woke Fascism, where cancelling those who espouse inconvenient viewpoints of truth, has become common place, yesterday, today and every day beyond, is time to embrace once again,  something called ……….., Freedom of Speech. If Michael was with us today, he would be moved to action, in espousing, promoting and standing up for our constitutional right of free expression, especially for those he disagree with. Mayor Sam was at its expressive best when the likes of "Chief Parker", Zuma Dogg, Joe Barrett, Petra, Joseph Mailander, and others, were unconditionally allowed to post their commentary …….., with anonymous comments from our cyber-audience (those were the days)!!. Thus, with no apologies to the likes of "MEAT", Brian Van Riper, Broken Deal Cedillo, the LA China Watch Times Legacy Media Stenographers of Record (in El Segundo) and other assorted political miscreants, its time to cancel out Woke Supremacy ……….., with a renewed commitment to the blogging truth----Scott Johnson. 
Once upon a time (2011) in Council District 15, a beloved San Pedro Native Son, turned LAPD Officer, became City Councilman Average Joe Buscaino, thanks to an alleged informal and official duo of young upstart campaign operatives, Michael "MEAT" Trujillo and Brian Van Riper, respectively. 
Ten years later, the now CD-15 Average Politico, is seeking to become Mayor Buscaino in 2022 and who has allegedly once again, reunited in the forlorn hope of making this a reality? The same duo ……., with added political baggage. 
Trujillo, who's political resume includes work for the failed 2008 Hillary Clinton Campaign, being the Designated Driver for an Ex Failed Mayor (Tony Villar) and being responsible for the IBEW-financed Measure B Campaign Meltdown, has the potential to become a liability for Buscaino's Mayoral Campaign, considering his controversial role in the 2011 CD-14 Campaign of Indicted Ex. Councilman Jose Huizar. 
Sources tell Mayor Sam that Trujillo was the Media Frontperson for the Buscaino Campaign's intiatal rounds of Media Events.
The Brian Van Riper's "Method Servicing" of shielding the identities of those paid by the failed Christy Smith for Congress Campaign ………, contrary to Federal Elections Commission rules?
Van Riper's  Method Campaign Services, is taken to task in a RedState Exclusive by Jennifer Oliver O'Connell, for its role in potential Federal Elections Commission Reporting Violations, via its work for the failed Christy Smith for Congress Campaign.
In addition, Method Campaign Services was also played a major role in the controversial 2017 CD-1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" Re-election Campaign, that was outed for accepting Contributions from Ex. President Donald Trump Mega Donar Geoff Palmer, as noted below----S.J.
From Comrade Bernie: "I’m proud to support ’s campaign for reelection to the City Council. He knows that working people built Los Angeles, and he fights every day to make sure their voices are heard over the concerns of the wealthy and the powerful (NAUGHT!! As noted below)".

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Thursday, December 03, 2020

Notes on the Pasadena Post-2020 Elections Scorecard

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group presents "Notes on the Pasadena Post-2020 Elections Scorecard", as we preview our pending semi-monthly coverage of issues awaiting incoming Mayor Victor Gordo, who's Union-financed Victory over Incumbent Terry Tornek, will prompt questions regarding the fiscal, racial and ethical future of the City of Roses.

Will incoming Pasadena Mayor Victor Gordo, truly place the pressing-needs of Working Families paramount over the wishes of his "Brothers and Sisters in Labor", who financed his Victory over Incumbent Terry Tornek?
** Blogger's Notes: Pasadena District Five City Councilman Victor Gordo made history in the recent November Elections with his Victory over Incumbent Mayor Terry Tornek, to become the City of Rose's First Latino Mayoral Officeholder. Gordo, who was born in the Mexican State of Zacatecas (incidentally, the same native Mexican State of Indicted Ex LA City Councilman Jose Huizar), will take office this month, thanks to a big fiscal commitment by the day-time Labor Attorney's fellow "Brothers and Sisters of Labor" ………, with approval from LA County Labor Federation Leader Ron Herrera (and CLOSE confidant, State Senator Maria Elena Durazo). Bluntly, now out-going Mayor Terry Tornek did not have a fiscal chance against Gordo's Labor-financed Campaign, who will surely reap the benefits ...………, but at what cost to Pasadena's fiscal, racial and ethical well-being? In the weeks ahead, the Mayor Sam Sister Cities News Group will continue its missives which chronicles issues of note from our past coverage (noted below), combine with new topics that will surely arise from a pending …….., Mayor Victor Gordo Administration----Scott Johnson.   

With the Mayoral Election of Victor Gordo, will Pasadena's First Latino Mayor commit to Open and Transparent Governess, especially in exercising oversight of the actions of City Manager Steve Mermill, who has taken questionable actions against activists of color, protesting his Cannabis Decisions and the removal of African-American Fire Chief Berthal Washington?

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Saturday, November 07, 2020

History Repeating Itself in 2020?


Saturday, October 31, 2020

A Special Halloween Makeover Edition of "Outtakes from the Reign of CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0"

The Mayor Sam Blog proudly presents a Special Hallowen Makeover Edition of "Outtakes from the Reign of CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0", featuring the Politico born as Kevin Alexander Leon (in CD-9), the late Night Stalker Richard Ramirez .........., and channeling the Legal Makeover Expertise of former Councilman (and Attorney) Nick Pacheco.

Even when your Law Practice ceases operation, you can still garner Halloween Employment by crafting Extreme Makeovers, for those seeking an absolutely scary (and possible), LA County DA George Gascon "Criminal-friendly Future".  
** Blogger's Notes: With "Big Sister Health Director Skeletor (Dr. Barbara Ferrer)" providing draconian over watch (as pictured below), the Mayor Sam Blog would like to wish everyone a virtual 2020 Happy Halloween. With the Ruling Calizuela Junta in Scaramento and locally, decreeing that the mere act of gathering in costume or door-knocking for treats, may result in multiple Super-spreader Events (at least until after Election Day), we endeavor to share a cyber-treat via a bloggin parody ……., featuring the extreme makeover expertise of former CD-14 City Councilman (and Attorney) Nick Pacheco (as pictured above). Forgoing 21st Century tools of cyber-communications, we exercise the proven form of channeling (with the help of some adult beverages), to engage the noted Extreme Makeover Barrister, on crafting an image makeover for the late Night Stalker Richard Ramirez and as we note below, the resemblence to a certain local Politico (with 2022 Mayoral Aspirations) ………., are telling. Enjoy!!----Scott Johnson in CD-14 (formerly known as Council Distric A).    

With a Nick Pacheco Halloween Makeover, you can transform yourself from being Booked for Murder, into a Politico (born in CD-9) who was a former subject of an FBI Investigation, now seeking to become Mayor in 2022.

A Nick Pacheco Halloween Makeover can also transform a henious, evil Criminal, into a pandering Politico (with Charro proclivities during Election Time) ..........., who wants to be Mayor in 2022.
As a blogging Public Service, please remember that "Big Sister Health Director Skeletor" is watching YOU (at least until after Tuesday's Elections).

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Friday, October 30, 2020

A Mayor Victor Gordo Would Divide And Parcel Pasadena ........., Under The Union Label

With the LA County Labor Federation's Approval, a Mayor Victor Gordo Administration would Divide and Parcel Pasadena Interests under the Union Label, with dire ramifications for the Fiscal, Ethical (and Racial?) Health of the Rose City. 
No inconvenient Racial Issues will stop Pasadena Mayoral Candidate Victor Gordo from shilling for the desires of his Labor Supporters.

** Blogger's Notes: For Pasadena Residents who have not made their choice in the 2020 Mayoral Election, the choice between retaining a proven Incumbent (in current Mayor Terry Tornek), or voting for Challenger City Councilman Victor Gordo, is easily discernable ………., considering who is seeking to buy the Rose City's Top Office. As reported by Colorado Boulevard.net, Councilman Gordo's (who daylights as a Labor Attorney) Mayoral Campaign, is HEAVILY-financed (as we document below) by Organized Labor, with approval from the LA County Labor Federation ………, and the LA County Democratic Party
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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Introducing Outtakes from the Reign of ......, "CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0"

The Mayor Sam Blog introduces "Outtakes from the Reign of CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0)" as the Uber 2022 Mayoral Aspirant completes his first full week on the City Council, by making paramount continuing loyalty to political allies, over those seeking Environmental Justice in the City of Vernon …………, and support for Armenia.
Temporary "CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0" never ceasing to place paramount his 2022 Mayoral (or higher) Ambition.

** Blogger's Notes: Hola from Jose Luis Huizar (and Relatives)-cleansed Council District Fourteen as we introduce our newest bloggin feature, bestowed affectionally as "Outtakes from the Reign of CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0".
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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mayor Sam Exclusive: The Unsportsmanlike/Divisive Political Tweets of the Rose Bowl Institute's Charlie (Firestone)

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we expose the unsportsmanlike/divisive tweets of new Rose Bowl Institute President (formerly of the Aspen Institute) Charlie Firestone, who's use of the iconic Rose Bowl Image on his Twitter Account, should prompt questions for both Mayoral Candidates (Terry Tornek and Victor Gordo), regarding the oversight of Pasadena's Historic Venue.

Will Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn (top photo) and City of Pasadena Officials request that new Pasadena Institute President Charlie Firestone (in photo with the Rose Bowl Façade), cease using the Rose Bowl Image on his personal Twitter Account?
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the Unsportsmanlike/Divisive Political Tweets of new Rose Bowl Institute President Charlie Firestone. Firestone who was a former Executive Director at the Aspen Institute, has engaged in a daily series of mostly anti-President Donald Trump Tweets, while using the image of the Rose Bowl on his personal Twitter Account. As we note below, the divisive political tweets of Firestone, run contrary to the Mission Statement of the Rose Bowl Institute, that promotes Sportsmanship as a tool for building Communal Unity and bridging Racial Division ....., as exampled by the Friendship of the great 1936 Olympians Jesse Owens and Luz Long (pictured below). In reviewing the Firestone's Tweets, the likes of Pasadena Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn, City Manager Steve Mermell and Elective Officials (including Mayoral Candidates Mayoral Candidates, Incumbent Mayor Terry Tornek and former Rose Bowl Operating Company Chairperson Victor Gordo), need to state, For the Record, whether they disapprove of Firestone's divisive tweets ....., while mis-branding an iconic American Icon----Scott Johnson.    
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Monday, October 19, 2020

Hot Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Monday

With two weeks remaining before the November Presidential (plus down ticket) Elections, the cabal of Social Media Entities (Facebook and Twitter), along with Legacy Media Mediums (exampled locally by the LA Times), are engaging in blatant Screening and Censorship of Breaking News, that deprives the Electorate of objective, factual content to make an informed decision at the Ballot Box. 

The likes of the LA Times, Facebook, Twitter and other Legacy Media Outlets, are openly Screening and Censoring Information in blatant Acts of Election Interference.
** Blogger's Notes: With two weeks remaining before the 2020 November Presidential (along with down ticket) Elections, its no understatement to declare that the results will have a profound impact on the future of the American Republic and the Freedom of Expressing Factual Content ........., now under duress. 
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Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Dawn of the Reign of ....., "CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0"

As the Sun dawns on the First Day of the Reign of newly-bestowed, "CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon", we openly muse on whether the San Diego-raised Career Politico will execute his duties as a Councilmanic Hybrid, that caters to the Special Interests (as exampled by Jose Huizar), while placing paramount his Mayoral Ambitions (remembering Tony Villar) ….., in 2022.
Its Official!! Jose Luis Huizar has been cleanse from CD-14.

** Blogger's Notes:
Its Official!! As I keyboard this missive, the corrupt, vile, immoral era of a promising Princeton Graduate, turned petulant Political Reprobate, is no more as Jose Luis Huizar (and Familia), are now merely, "Charros-in-Exiles (in the Inland Empire?)" …….., as they await a Summer Day of Judgment.  
Taking his place as the latest CD-14 Officeholder, is the Council District Nine-born, San Diego-raised, BFF of former Assembly Speaker Fabian (and Esteban) Nunez, known Politically as "Kevin De Leon (birth name Kevin Alexander Leon)", who we blogging-bestowed today as …….."CD-14 City Councilman K. Antonio Jose (of or de) Leon 2.0". 
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Saturday, October 10, 2020

A Day Before Pasadena Mayoral Debate Preview

On this Day Before Sunday's Pasadena Mayoral Debate between Incumbent Mayor Terry Tornek and Challenger District Five City Councilman Victor Gordo, the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group revisit recent issues pertaining to Race Relations within the City of Roses, involving both candidates.
Incumbent Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek and his recently appointed Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena Airport Commission Member District 3 City Councilman John J. Kennedy.

** Blogger's Notes: On the eve of Sunday's Pasadena Mayoral Debate between Incumbent Mayor Terry Tornek and Challenger District Five City Councilman Victor Gordo , the issue of Race Relations is certain to be a topic of discussion. In recent weeks, the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group has keyboard missives pertaining to the Race Relations in the City of Roses involving both candidates. In reviewing the results from the March Primary, the African-American Vote will play a major role in deciding whether Mayor Tornek will be able to overcome the ballot advantage Councilman Gordo had in the Spring and whether his recent overtures (which we note below) to that community, will pay dividends at the Polls on November 3rd----Scott Johnson.
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Friday, October 09, 2020

A TGIF News Dump on the Los Angeles Political Machine (and Beyond)

Scandal-weary constituents of LA's Council District Fourteen, thankfully begin the last weekend of corrupt representation via Indicted Officeholder Jose Huizar, as incoming "Temporary City Councilman, Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon", places his 2022 Mayoral Aspirations paramount (allegedly) ……, over the needs of a CD-14 in crisis.  

Will incoming CD-14 City Councilman (and likely 2022 Mayoral Candidate) Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, merely become a "Huizar 2.0" as he seeks advise from dubious former Huizar Staffers such as Henry Casas?
** Blogger's Notes: Finally ……..., the end is near. Come the dawn next Friday, the CD-9 born Kevin Alexander Leon (known politically as Kevin de Leon), will begin his first full day getting compensated to serve the constituents of CD-14. From the very beginning when the likes of Michael Trujillo, Robert Urteaga, Ully, Zuma Dogg and the great "Parque Esqueleto", engaged in unmoderated cyber-dialog, the Mayor Sam Blog has been a constant in providing coverage on the "Era of the Princeton Graduate, turned Councilman Jose Huizar" …….., and will to its supposed end next week. We would be remiss if we did not engage in a final bloggin act of a "Sleazy Huizzy (and Relative) Retrospective" …….., which will commence this weekend----Scott Johnson.     
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Monday, October 05, 2020

Hot Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Monday

The Mayor Sam Blog's Morning Briefs for Monday touches upon Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's retraction of his Endorsement of LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey following her superb Debate Performance, speculation that new LA Police Commission Member Maria Lou Calanche wants to end the Ramona Gardens Community Safety Partnership with LAPD, and a preview of the much-anticipated 28th Congressional District Debate between Maryland-residing Congressman Adam Schiff and Republican Challenger Eric Early.  
Why would LA Mayor Eric Garcetti retract his Endorsement of LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, after her superb Saturday Debate Performance (broadcasted by ABC Channel 7) against George Soros-Gascon?

** Blogger's Notes: City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti finally got with line with the Calizuela Ruling Junta in their quest to purge pragmatic, Moderate African-American Officeholders from its collectivist ranks. Following incumbent LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey's superb debate performance against former San Francisco DA (and LAPD Officer) George Gascon on Saturday evening, Mayor Garcetti bowed to the campaign financial wishes of Leftist Billionaire George Soros, by retracting his previous Endorsement of the Incumbent DA. We should note that the ABC Channel 7-hosted debate featured absolutely NO questions on prosecuting Political Corruption, which Mayor Garcetti surely found comforting.

Do Black Family Lives Matter to new LAPD Police Commissioner (and former Richard Alatorre Staffer) Maria Lou Calanche, as she allegedly seeks to remove the CSP Program from the Ramona Gardens Housing Project?

The Mayor Sam Blog has been made aware by well-placed sources that new LA Police Commission Member Maria Lou Calanche, is allegedly seeking to end the LAPD/HACLA Community Safety Partnership in the Ramona Gardens Housing Project. The HACLA-financed Partnership was instrumental in reassuring the Housing Development's African-American Families, after being targeted by a Latino Street Gang. Commissioner Calanche, who's Legacy LA Non-Profit was previously a Gang Reduction, Youth Development (GRYD Program) Contractor, should be open and transparent on her true motivation for wanting the removal of the dedicated CSP LAPD presence, if true. 
The much-anticipated Debate between Glendale (via Maryland) Congressman Adam Schiff and Republican Challenger Eric Early is tonight.

The Mayor Sam Blog plans on being in attendance as the much-anticipated 28th Congressional District Debate between Democratic Incumbent Congressman Adam Schiff and Republican Challenger Eric Early takes place this afternoon. We relish that the Maryland-residing Officeholder will be reminded of his absentee leadership regarding his West Coast District's declining quality of life issues ……., and his prominent role in the attempted impeachment/coup targeting President Trump----Scott Johnson.

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Friday, October 02, 2020

Outtakes from the Southeast LA Backrooms of Political Misdeeds for Friday

The Political Backrooms of Southeast LA (especially those within the Congressional District of Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard), are a continuing source of alleged, Ethical Misdeeds, as exampled by the likes of the infamous Mario Beltran, Assembly Candidate Efren Martinez and a certain "Offspring/Municipal Attorney" ………, of an Incumbent Officeholder.
From a Southeast LA Congressional District where moral, ethical and legal misdeeds, merit "Formal Recognition".

** Blogger's Notes: On this first day of the month before November Elections, its time to reacquaint ourselves with the "Wild, Wild Southeast Backrooms of Political Misdeeds", where daily political acts of moral, ethical and legal indecency, are alleged benchmarks standards for future recognition by those in Higher Office. For decades, the current 40th Congressional District represented by Lucille Roybal-Allard, has been the epicenter for political scandals that have rocked and provoked outrage in the largely Immigrant-populated municipalities such as Cudahy, Maywood, Bell Gardens, Vernon, Huntington Park and Bell. Yet, after years of communal protests, countless of missives chronicling municipal misconduct and Indictments of Officeholders such as John Noguez, Hugo Argumedo, George Cole (pictured above with the Congresswoman) and the Calderon Brothers, the Incumbent Congressperson has mostly remain silent ...….., for what reasons? As we note below, Congresswoman Roybal-Allard's passive denial of the continuing ethical issues afflicting the municipalities under her purview, may be rooted in the inconvenient facts pertaining to family members questionable conduct ………., including an "Offspring/Municipal Attorney (Rick Olivarez)". Thus, prompting an increasing amount of voters to ponder a vote for Republican Challenger C. Amtonio Delgado on Election Day----Scott Johnson.

The nefarious audacity of documented Southeast LA Political Miscreant Mario Beltran knows no bounds (allegedly). According to a Lawsuit made public, Mario Beltran (with enabling from City of Commerce Officials), engaged in a scheme to extort money from a perspective Cannibus Business, in return for approval of its Permit Proposal. As previously reported here at Mayor Sam, Beltran was a "Consultant of Interest (along with Efren Martinez)" in a similar scheme that the City of Huntington Park was forced to settle in court. We should also note, For the Record, that the City Manager and the contracted City Attorney Law Firm at the time of the City of Huntington Park Lawsuit, Edgar Cisneros and Glassman Law respectively, are currently retained in the same positions at Commerce City Hall …….., thanks to Mario Beltram (allegedly).

Being anointed a member of Mario Beltran's (lower left with glasses) Southeast LA Flock of Enablers, is conditioned on delivering the  "Consulting Fees (allegedly)".

Its apparent from reviewing recently-obtained documentation that 59th Assembly District Candidate Efren Martinez is a walking investigation waiting to be commenced (link here to view shadyefren.com). As previously reported here by Mayor Sam, Martinez needs to fully account for his source of campaign financing that included his over $200,000 self loan. In recent weeks according to sources, Martinez has had a following-out with his fellow "Consultant of Interest (Mario Beltran)" in a document scheme to rig the bidding process for the rewarding of Medical Marijuana Permits in the City of Huntington Park. The Huntington Park-centric Metro Watch Facebook Page has done great work in providing H.P. voters with a open and transparent medium which provides timely news, including the documented Endorsement of the Martinez Campaign by RINO Republican and Democratic-financed Lincoln Project Enabler Rosario Marin. 
Does former Huntington Park (and Bush Administration Treasurer) Official view her endorsed Assembly Candidate Efren Martinez as "John Noguez 2.0"?

For longtime observers of the "Wild, Wild, Southeast Backrooms of Political Misdeeds", will agree that a constant in the on-going municipal tumult, is the power play by those seeking lucrative legal contracts to act as hired City Attorneys. From the days when the likes of the formerly Leal & Beltran Law Firm were initiating Recalls of political opponents, in pursuit of gainful employment, to currently with the Glassman Law Firm enabling Legal Marijuana Businesses (and enriching dubious Consultants) in its contract cities of Huntington Park, Montebello and Commerce, the opportunities for inflating a Law Firm's Bottom Line, is a documented given ………., as Rick Olivarez (son of Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard) may attest to. Olivarez (with Mommy help?) some how found his way into garnering the City of Cudahy Legal Contract and if his legal work in the aftermath of the Delta Airlines Fuel Dump on Park Avenue Elementary School, is a barometer of his work on behalf of Cudahy residents ……., someone needs to ask his Congresswoman Mom to explain the following.

Hundreds of irate residents attended a January 17 town hall meeting in the hopes of getting justice for being subjected to this environmental abuse. One person who wasn’t in attendance was Roybal-Allard.

A look at Roybal-Allard’s campaign contributors provides another set of interesting facts. Her 2020 re-election campaign has drawn $7500 in donations from Delta, despite the fact that she doesn’t even serve on the U.S. House’s Aviation Subcommittee and she doesn’t represent the area that includes LAX. It’s also the only airline on her list of top 100 donors.

That amount was 50 percent more than the $5000 Delta paid her in 2018. One can also find that the National Air Traffic Controllers Association donated $10,000 to the campaign – placing it in the top 10 contributors to Rep. Roybal-Allard’s re-election despite the fact that she, again, doesn’t have any direct dealings with the aviation industry or LAX.

Both Delta and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association declined comment when asked about why these large donations occurred.

Then take into consideration that the City of Cudahy did not file a lawsuit against Delta despite the extensive environmental risks the airline subjected its residents to. Famed attorney Gloria Allred is leading a private lawsuit against Delta by four of the endangered teachers from Park Avenue Elementary

Did City of Cudahy Legal Rep. Rick Olivarez place the political interest of his Congresswoman Mom, before the Environmental Health of  his contracted city's residents?

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Morning Briefs on the Local 2020 Federal Election Proceedings (and more) for Tuesday

On the morning before the first Presidential Debate, the Mayor Sam Blog recommences its 2020 Elections Coverage with a preview of upcoming Congressional Campaign Coverage (featuring Republican Candidates Eric Early, C. Antonio Delgado, and Joe Collins). Plus, cyber musings on a local RINO Political Consultant (Luis Alvarado) ……., who has joined "Team Joe". 
Republican Congressional Candidate Eric Early speaking at last Fall's KRLA 870 AM "Meet the Candidates Event" in Glendale. 

** Bloggers Notes: On the morning before the much-anticipated first 2020 Presidential Campaign Debate between President Donald J. Trump and Democratic Challenger Joe Biden, the Mayor Sam Blog recommences its Federal to Local Campaign Coverage, with a preview of local Congressional Contests of Interest. With the 25th Congressional District Special Election victory by Republican Mike Garcia last Spring, local same-party aspirants are seeking to replicate, mow Congressman Garcia's success, by structuring campaigns that are message-driven and focus on the absentee representation of the incumbent Democratic Officeholders. In addition to our Congressional Coverage, we will provide regular musings on the 2020 Presidential Campaign and its local numerous sub-plots, including a RINO Political Consultant, who has associated himself with the Biden-supporting Lincoln Project. In the days ahead, rest assure that we will have ample down-ticket coverage, especially on the runoffs for Los Angeles City Council and other local races of interest----Scott Johnson.

Eric Early for Congress: Among President Trump supporters (and most Republicans), there is no more reviled Democratic Congressman, than Glendale's (via Maryland) Adam Schiff. The absentee Incumbent is facing a formidable challenge from Attorney Eric Early, who is leaving no communication medium unused …….., and its causing concern. Despite a complete absence of reporting from the local "Stenographer of Record (aka. LA Times)", the Early Campaign is making the case to voters that Congressman Schiff's role in promoting the Russian Collusion Hoax, Bogus Ukraine Impeachment, while ignoring his Congressional District's quality of life issues, provides fodder for a Election Day of Reckoning. 
Republican Congressional Candidate C. Antonio Delgado at last Fall's KRLA Event.
C. Antonio Delgado for Congress: 40th Congressional District Republican Challenger C. Antonio Delgado is garnering increased coverage for his upstart, grass-roots campaign to unseat longtime Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard and prompting focus on the  questionable patronage proclivities of the Incumbent's family.  In the days ahead, additional documentation will be forthcoming on the questionable ethical and legal actions of a certain "Offspring (and Municipal Attorney) " ...….., while offering continuing focus on the Delgado Campaign's efforts to achieve victory on Election Day.

Republican Congressional Candidate Joe Collins.
43rd Congressional District Republican Candidate Joe Collins: The Joe Collins Campaign is running a well-funded Campaign that has garnered ad time on local radio stations. With recent polls showing increased African-American support for President Trump, its not inconceivable that the Navy Veteran, turned Congressional Candidate, poll well at the Ballot Box.

Local Political Consultant (and Joe Biden Supporter) Luis Alvarado.
California Republicans has another RINO Issue as Southeast LA Political Consultant Luis Alvarado has signed on with the Democratic-funded "Lincoln Project" The noted supported of the 2016 Jeb Bush Campaign cites President Trump's alleged disdain for Latinos ……….., while apparently ignoring Lincoln Project Co-founder Rick Wilson's Wife past "Mexican Comment". Alvarado's in the recent past has shown support for Indicted CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (in his 2015 Campaign against Gloria Molina) and was the Campaign Consultant for Commerce City Councilman Ivan Altamirano, who punched out a Colleague at a Conference in Indian Wells.

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Roybal Foundation - Adventist White Memorial Hospital Partnership Provides Weekly Fresh Food During Covid Crisis

The Public 501-C3 Roybal Foundation Non-Profit continues its core Mission of providing for those in need during the Covid Crisis via its on-going Partnership with Adventist White Memorial Hospital, that provides weekly (on Thursday) Fresh Food at its Bridge Street Community Garden.
Volunteers prep bags of Fresh Food for those in Need.
** Blogger's Notes: COVID-19 has taken a toll on many but not as much as it has to our community. The Roybal Foundation and its partner Adventist Health White Memorial the community garden located at White Memorial as a site to distribute food to the residents of the neighborhood twice a week. They help over 1,000 families a week get healthy produce and non-perishable items. This act of kindness has been on-going and done without much fanfare. The Roybal Foundation and its rightful board members are taking their mission to heart and are committed to the community! 
The Bridge Street Community Gardens provides needed Fresh Produce in Boyle Heights.
Recycle Irrigation provided continuous water for cultivation/
The Beutner Foundation supplements the Fresh Product during each weekly Food Giveaway.
Fruit and Produce strives side by side.

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