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Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcome Los Angeles Tourists to the Hollywood Sign!

Seems as if local NIMBY neighhbors to the world famous Hollywood Sign, which is older than anyone who lives up there, want to keep tourists to our great city from seeing this iconic landmark.

That's like New Yorkers blocking access to the Empire State Building or South Dakotans throwing up roadblocks to view Mount Rushmore.

In the interest of tourism, our local economy, good hospitality and pissing off these dumb CD4 NIMBYs, we offer up to tourists to Southern California these opportunities to see the totally awesome Hollywood Sign.

And with the good search engine optmization that the great Mayor Sam blog offers, we'll be certain this will wind up in so many Google searches tourists do, insturcing them how to reach the Hollywood Sign.

One way to see the Hollywood Sign
The folks at CurbedLA have put together three sure fire sets of directions on how tourists can visit the Hollywood Sign. 

Neighbors to the Hollywood Sign have apparently protested to Apple and other internet firms about maps and apps that show how to get to the Hollywood Sign.

You can read more about visiting the Hollywood Sign at sites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp.

You can also read the official Hollywood Sign website, though they have to do a dance between promoting the sign and not pissing off local politicians.

Council Member Tom LaBonge welcomes you to Hollywood,
home of the Hollywood Sign!
Did you know that an LAPD officer is posted at the Hollywood Sign 24 hours a day? With rising crime in Los Angeles, one would wonder if that is a good use of resources.

And certainly while we encourage that tourists to Southern California do visit and enjoy the Hollywood Sign, we certainly do advise you to adhere to the law, read posted signs and do not illegally tresspass.

But do enjoy our iconic Hollywood Sign!

Hat tip to the fun folks at CurbedLA!

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