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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Newly-Engaged "Antonio and Patricia Villargovea" Do Easter Day of Service on Skid Row

 In a setting reminiscent of past Governance via Photo Ops, by a certain Former Failure Mayor, the Newly-Engaged Duo of Antonio and Patricia Villargovea made their First Public Appearance during an Easter Day of Service on Skid Row.  
Antonio and Patricia Villargovea happily serving the masses.
** Blogger's Note: The Coming Together in Matrimony Tour of Antonio and Patricia Villargovea made its Public Choreographed Debut on Skid Row during an Easter Day of Service. Surely, the first impressions of the soon to be Mrs. Antonio Villargovea, is that she looks quite comfortable playing the image-enhancing partner in the latest political incarnation of City Terrace Native Tony Villar. In comparison to the former Mrs. Corina Villaraigosa, one could make the argument that the pending Mrs. Patricia Villargovea, is more at ease in a public setting with the self-absorbed Politico. Plus, in momentarily channeling past Antonio Villaraigosa's Campaign Consultant/Choreographer "Parque" Skelton,, the new union of Antonio and Patricia Villargovea, is an attractive political offering, especially to the low information voter, who is not well-verse with the past Former Assembly Speaker and Failure Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's moral (and political) failings. But rest assure as the upcoming 2018 Campaign to replace Governor Jerry "Moonbeam II" Brown commences, California voters will get a refresher education on the soon-to-be Antonio Villargovea's past political (and personal) life----Scott Johnson in CD 14.     
 Patricia and Antonio Villargovea engaging in foot interaction.
 Congresswoman Maxine Waters shares in the New Union of Patricia and Antonio Villargovea.
The First Public Display of Servicing between Antonio and Patricia Villargovea.
A perplex Easter Bunny trying to make political sense of the Villargovea Union.
....... and lets not forget narcissus Antonio want's for attention,

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