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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Looking good baby, looking real good!
Yet another one of Los Angeles' children loses their life.  It seems to be a growing problem whether it is at the hands of the police or gangs or both. Of course our bigger concerns in Los Angeles are billboards or pot or Costco.  Red Spot authors a touching and personal observation of the death of 15 year old Miguel Machuca.  Mothers across the city are weeping, we have failed them as we all opine on about a bunch of useless crap.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

He sleeps while the Valley stinks.
The union that represents the Engineers and Architects who work for the city, traditionally one of the more responsible and least greedy of LA's public employee unions, is the first such to make a deal with the City to share in expenses for their health care. The move will allow the City to effect millions in much needed savings and put pressure on the rest of the unions to step up to the plate.

Looks like the once storied Sunset Junction Festival was FUBAR. Employees of businesses along the route were forced to pay the entry fee to get through the barricades and to work, the event owes the city a quarter of mil for services and a massive amount of trash was left behind. Suffice it to say everyone involved is pissed.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Tres Haikus @ 5:07am PST

John McCain's VP
His winning pick of Sarah
Obama blew it.

She's Alaska Gov.
Mitt Romney won't be the guy.
Take it from me, pals.

Obama ran zip.
Not even a law firm, FOOL!
My name's Haikula!

Suddenly, that Obama coronation seems like yesterday's news. Well, it really IS yesterday's news.

With Sarah Palin (rhymes with Van Halen) has energy quals, and international relations with her across-the-water Russian counterparts, I picked her how many weeks ago? I also picked Biden on 8/17, 5 days before the Obama announcement on 8/22, right here on MayorSam. And do we need to mention that she is a very attractive mother of five? And, men, did you know that in a previous incarnation, she used to be a television sports reporter and can handle a gun! Talk about resonating with Hillary's 18 million supporters, suburbanites, conservatives, and the 45 million single, divorced or widowed women in the United States!

Look for Mayor Scuzzaraigosa to switch allegiances again! To the good looking female nominee!

Meanwhile, McCain aired this classy congratulations to Obama yesterday.

Could I be wrong? Will it be Meg Whitman of eBay? I no thinkie, but you tell me!

This blog is taking too much of my positive crystalline energy! Higby, Valley Doll, Joe B. and Red Spot! Take the steering wheel! I will be back later to annoy the dum dums!

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