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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Thursday

-The trapped Chilean miners have all been safely rescued after spending 69 days underground. A flawlessly executed rescue operation conducted by the Chilean government is receiving high praise from around the world. The rescue craft used in freeing the miners has been dubbed the "Fenix 2". It was designed and built by the Chilean navy, with some help from our very own NASA and based on a German rescue craft from the 1950's. Shockingly, San Esteban, the company employing the 33 miners, has refused to pay the trapped workers wages since the accident occurred, nor has the company contributed anything towards their rescue. Is that called protecting your bottom line? When the mining company gets ordered to pay up will Chilean conservatives call this a "shakedown"?

-Still lagging in the polls, Meg Whitman drops another $20 million into her campaign. Aw, who's counting at this point?

-For the last 10 years or so, there have been dozens of Medical Equipment Supply stores operating in the neighborhood. A wheelchair in the window, a locked door, and never a customer in sight. Evidently, business is booming! Video.

-Free the Cyclists! CicLAvia draws 100,000! Soon to be a monthly event?

- A Prominent GOP Ute sees the light, and immediately jumps off a cliff!

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