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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Congratulations Westside White Guy You Done It Again!

Displaying the level of writing that earns plexiglas Pulitzer Prize paperweights, old Kev AKA WESTSIDE WHITE GUY - the lord and master of (Anglo)LA Observed does it again in his efforts to slam the LA Weekly:

"Former Daily News reporter Berth Barrett shows up in the LA Weekly with astory so DN-ish ‹ 'the San Fernando Valley is emerging as the poster childfor middle-class flight' ‹ it even quotes David Fleming."

Uh, actually Barrett quoted Daniel Flaming, an expert on LA's business climate. Not sure if he's an economist but he's not David Fleming, the Wizard of Universal City.

Keep up the good work Kevin. The kleptocracy loves, the kids, not so much.

Update: Kev with his pants down corrects it:
My bad: It's Daniel Flaming! LA Weekly

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