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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Corporate Welfare City-State of AEG LA LIVE" strikes back and reunites two "Brothers of Labor"

" The Corporate Welfare City-State of AEG's L.A. LIVE" 
Daily News Journalist Tony Castro was the first to deconstruct the political mythology of Mayor Antonio Villar and chronicled the legal problems of the former City Councilman turned convicted LA County Labor Federation Leader Martin Ludlow.

If one could trace back the evolutionary DNA chain of AEG L.A. LIVE frontperson/strongman Tim LIEweke, it would not surprise anyone to see it originate in the ancient Greek City-State of Sparta where training for fighting political foes was a daily part of life. Hence, AEG's strike back against Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Michael Antonovich proposed motion to oppose the AEG L.A. LIVE City-State's request for special state protection from environmental lawsuits. AEG found Supervisor Antonovich's "Athenian Political Weakness" (corruption of commerce and money in politics) and attack, in this case Antonovich's wife connection with an AEG affiliate in Shanghai, China. Thus, Supervisor Antonovich withdrew his motion pending legal consultation. (we should note that Antonovich is on firmer legal ground here in this skirmish).

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