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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy Bloggin New Year from Mayor Sam (featuring our 2015 Political Baby New Year)!!

Let the Sun rise on the Start of a Great Bloggin New Year as we feature our "Tonto Huevon Baby New Year"!!
from Anza Borrego State Park.
** Blogger's Note: Brrrrrr! Happy Bloggin-cold New Year to everyone as 2014 melts away (with the low level snows) into a 2015 Election Season. Being a traditionally-grounded bloggin commentator, let me first off highlight our Official Political Baby New Year of 2015, who comes to us via multiple, narcissist petulant episodes, from CD 14, known as "The Tonto Huevon" (who BTW, graduated from Princeton Head Start). As the photo below indicates, our 2015 Political Baby New Year, is easily-prone to bouts of petulant denial (especially when his "Female Baby of Desire" files a claim of harassment) and vindictive recrimination (targeting those who he perceives as person and political enemies). We should note that our "Tonto Huevon Baby New Year", is starting 2015 in a politically-driven paranoid mindset, as former LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina, campaigns to return mature political behavior to CD 14 ........., and how "The Tonto Huevon Baby New Year" responds in attempting to preserve his "Clowncil District Pay to Play Pen", will be one of many bloggin topics in 2015. Please note that our 2015 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards will be unveiled on Monday. Enjoy and the best 2015 to everyone---Scott Johnson in CD 14.     
Introducing our 2015 Bloggin Political Baby New Year, who has become,
......., a vindictive, settlement costing Tonto ......,
....., when not exhibiting Huevon-like proclivities.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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