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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

A certain CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member gets a Sunday morning treatment of "Chale Con Cedillo" via a Front Door Presentation from a supposed 1% Fringe Interest Group.
 Proponents of the Highland Park Figueroa Corridor Bike Lanes stage a "Die In" in front of the residence of CD 1 Clowncilman Gil "Roadkill Cedillo". 
** Blogger's Note: With no apologies to the formerly-known "One Bill Gil", now glossed merely as "Broken Deal Cedillo", this is the current state of your CD 1 Political Being. Note in the photo immediately below, that the former "One Bill Gil" spent last Saturday at the DMV, witnessing his solitary political crusade come to fruition as he stood with the undocumented masses seeking the right to legally drive (with the forlorn hope of voting) in California. Joining with "Broken Deal Cedillo" at the DMV, is his longtime Illegal Alien Rights Brother and Convict Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez (who has been the fiscal recipient of $15,000 from his ally), who knows a scheme or two, on how to commit voter fraud. Yet, on the Sunday, the now "Broken Deal Cedillo" is treated to a front door protest over his reneging on promised bike lanes along Highland Park's Figueroa Corridor. No other Clowncil Member has been targeted so much in his first two ears in office than the former "One Bill Gil". But when you renege on supposed promises to community members, then its safe to expect a constituent backlash as the "Broken Deal Cedillo" moniker denotes---Scott Johnson.   

Clowncilman Broken Deal Cedillo (in black jacket) and Convicted Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez (standing tall behind Broken Deal Cedillo), with the Undocumented seeking Driver Licenses at the DMV last Saturday.
Highland Park's Flying Pigeon Cycling Shop Owner Jesef Bray-Ali addresses protestors with Eastside Bike Club's Carlos Morales. 
Creative Anti-Roadkill Cedillo Chalk Art.
Outlining another "Die-In Protestor".
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

What Gil Cedillo in the entire City should do is Tax the bikers for bike lines....

January 06, 2015 11:32 AM  

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