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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Former Los Cerritos News Award-winning Investigative Reporter Randy Economy announces new weekly Talk Radio Gig on KRLA 870 AM on Saturdays, beginning January 24, 2015.
Investigative Reporter and New AM Talk Radio Host Randy Economy.

Never be surprise by the unexpected from Randy Economy.
Unexpected was the recent news that the Award-winning Investigative Journalist Randy Economy had abruptly resigned his position at the Los Cerritos News/Hews Media Group, just prior to the November Elections.
But in an announcement that should surprise no one, the scribe responsible for the outing of now indicted, former LA County Assessor John Noguez, is seeking to marriage Keyboard Musing, with the Spoken Word as he takes a weekly Talk Radio Gig with KRLA 870 AM.
Beginning on Saturday,January 24, "The Randy Economy Show" will debut on KRLA AM 870 The Answer from 8 to 9 p.m. on Saturday nights.
This show is a dream come true for me.
So, every Saturday night in 2015, we are going to have a "date" on the radio. I also want to thank everyone at Salem Communications for making this happen.
My new Executive Producer is Sylvia Granados Southerland, and her dedication and hard work behind the scenes these past several weeks has been awesome.
So....stay tuned! Talk Radio....here I come!  
...., and surely many will listen.
** Internet Talk Radio Host and San Fernando Valley Activist David Hernandez to discuss the controversial Sunland-Tujunga, Samoa Avenue "Connected Affordable Housing Development on his Monday Morning Show at 9:00 AM 
David Hernandez via his Facebook Page ......,
Once in awhile an issue comes to the light of day that needs to be vetted at various stages of its progress. On tomorrows show we will be dedicating the time to talking about the development at 10056 Samoa Ave in Tujunga. Having attended that last city council meeting on this issue, there are several challenges that I believe must be addressed as a result of the process taken by the city council. If you have any comments or want to be included in the conversation call in at 9:05 am.
** The latest Weekly WMD's ("Written Missives of Distinction") via the keyboard of CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks. 
The termed-out CD 8 City Councilman and former LAPD Chief has a bright, duo future as either a Feature Commentator or Talk Show Host.
With no apologies to Betty Pleasant, we have a new "WMD of Record" in South LA as out-going CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks takes to keyboard, in musing on the topics of the day at 200 Spring Street at City Watch.
On "Cooking the Crime Books/Stats" at LAPD .........., '
It looks like the days of cooking the books may soon be on ice for the LAPD. 
Tuesday, the Police Commission announced the creation of a Data Integrity Unit who will make sure crimes are classified correctly and in line with federal reporting guidelines. 
In August, the Los Angeles Times issued a report which found that the LAPD was annually misclassifying over 1,000 violent crimes as minor offenses. 
I’ve been voicing my concerns since the early 2000s on the suspect way the department captured crime statistics. You can read the May 2006 advisory I released here that criticized the way domestic violence and other offenses were categorized. Officers claim they feel immense pressure to make captains look successful and make crime disappear by falsifying records.
I saw it coming: Tuesday, the American Hotel and Lodging Association and the Asian American Hotel Owners Association filed a suit in federal court against the City for passing the union-friendly and completely ludicrous hotel worker minimum wage ordinance which would raise the minimum wages of hotel workers in the city of L.A. to $15.37 an hour. It would not take tipped employees into account. 
Hotels with 300 or more rooms would have to accommodate the pay hike on July 1, 2015. Hotels with 150 or more rooms would have until July 1, 2016 to comply. 
This poorly thought out ordinance which is labeled as a means of lifting employees out of poverty, instead will terminate between 1200 to 1500 employees and eliminate a like number of jobs in a "job scarce city". It is amazing to see those who have a job so willing to try out their twisted public policy theories on others at the expense of their jobs and livelihood of their families. I am sure that those who supported and voted for this would not make the same sacrifice for the so-called "public good."
But I didn’t see this coming: the
City Attorney’s office was in cahoots with the union representing the hotel workers and even gave them a sneak peek of the ordinance before it was made "publicly available" according to the Daily News. Isn’t it funny how some people working for the city are working against the city’s interests and the residents that pay the taxes that pay their salaries??? 
I’m telling you the more I stick around, the more interesting these exposés are getting. 
LAME I mean, LAANE, the Los Angeles Economy for a New Economy, is a union-advocacy group and they were all behind this. The ordinance was heard in council September 24 and they came to show out.
It’s no secret that most city councilmembers are beholden to unions and I’m sure they’re Facebook friends with Maria Elena Durazo and now
Rusty Hicks. 

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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