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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mayor Sam Exclusive, Part 2: Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia turns her back on Latina Water Board Candidate Elba Romo for "Not Paying the Right Price (allegedly)".

In Part Two of our Mayor Sam Exclusive on Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, we disclose that the former City of Bell Police Association-financed Basta Frontperson, allegedly, turned her back on supporting former Latina Huntington Park City Councilwoman and City Clerk, now Central Basin Water District Candidate Elba Romo, for "Not Paying the Right Price". 
As documentation shows, even supposed Anti-Corruption Crusader Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (with Assemblyman Ian Calderon), has a "Sell Out/Buy Off Price" for her endorsement/support.
With the surprise victory of supposed City of Bell Anti-Corruption Crusader Cristina Garcia to the California Assembly in 2012, many political observers opined that the Basta Spokeswoman could be the Political Trail Blazer for other Latinas in seeking political office, to clean up corruption in Southeast Los Angeles County ........, so they thought.

Thus, when former Huntington Park City Councilwoman and City Clerk Elba Romo, who's background of achievement includes being a Stanford University Masters Graduate, High School Honors Teacher, Professor, Small Business Owner and Person of Character, announced that she was seeking to challenge the infamous Art Chacon for his seat on the notorious Central Basin Water District, surely one could surmise that the now, Assemblywoman Garcia, would readily offer her support ......, not so fast.
According to a source associated with the Romo Campaign, an associate of Assemblywoman Garcia identify as Arianne Garcia, had a meeting with the aspiring Water Board Candidate. Arianne Garcia lauded Romo for seeking the Office and praised her credentials. BUT!! If Romo wanted the resources/support/endorsement of the Assemblywoman, she would have to hire Arianne Garcia as her "Consultant/Campaign Manager" ......., that did not happen.
When contacted about this allegation, Romo supporter, City of Bell Mayor Nestor Enrique Valencia stated the following ........., Yeah. Cristina did. Talks all big about backing up smart prepared Latinas and then went with a candidate with convictions, and non-latino. It's shameful.
Judging from the most recent Assemblywoman Garcia Campaign Expenditures Report via the Secretary of State's Cal Assess Website, Arianne Garcia does not work for cheap.
So with Elba Romo "Not Paying the Right Price" for Assemblywoman Garcia's support, who did the Second Term-seeking 58th Assembly District Officeholder endorse? From the most recent Los Cerritos News Exclusive .........,
A months-long investigation by Hews Media Group-Community News has revealed that the City of Commerce’s Media Specialist Jason Stinnett who is also a current candidate for Central Basin Municipal Water District Division 3 has, since 1996, been convicted of drunk driving (Three Times!!), reckless driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, knowingly operating a vehicle with a suspended license, and ordered to pay $5,000 in back child support as a result of a heated paternity lawsuit filed in 1996. For the record, Jason Stinnett is still on Probation.
** Plus, we know of background about a fatal shooting at Stinnett's Commerce Home during a party, some years back and his role in an alcohol-related accident in Mexico, that left a friend paralysis for life.

Out-going Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina endorses Latina Stanford University Masters Graduate/High School Teacher/Professor/Small Business Owner/Former Huntington Park City Councilwoman, now Central Basin Water District Candidate Elba Romo. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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