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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Improbable Campaign of 39rd AD Candidate Patty Lopez pulls off the Miracle

In what Political Scientists may label in the future as simply "The Improbable Campaign", an upstart Assembly Candidate, Patty Lopez, pulls off a Northeast San Fernando Valley Miracle in defeating the Incumbent 39th AD Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra by 467 votes..  
The smiles of Team Patty Lopez must be more pronounced this afternoon.
** Blogger's note: Please pardon the sports analogy flashback (1980 Miracle on Ice) but many in the Northeast San Fernando Valley this afternoon, have a new found affirmation in miracles (back by committed, hard work) ........, of a political variety. The Improbable Campaign of a First Generation American Immigrant, just became the most pronounced, local political success story in decades, as Patty Lopez, is but a signed validation of election results away from becoming the next 39th Assembly District Representative. As Community Activist David Hernandez reports via Facebook, the final tally of unprocessed 39rd AD ballots, had Lopez increasing her lead to 467 votes over Incumbent Raul Bocanegra. The final tally of the vote, is sure to send shock waves throughout not only the San Fernando Valley, but California, as pundits commit column inches in musing on the root cause of this 1971 Sylmar-like Political Earthquake. Bocanegra, who was being broached as a possible Assembly Speaker, will now have to seek out gainful employment from the likes of CD 7 City Clowncilman Felipe "Mini Padilla" Fuentes (maybe he can ghost write council district proclamations?), or the wife of his Political Consultant Gerry Guzman, CD 6 Clowncilwoman Nury Martinez---Scott Johnson.
The numbers tell the story.
Assemblyman Bocanegra, where were you when the final repudiation from your constituents was made public?
Paraphrasing the great Al Michaels ......., Northeast San Fernando Valley, do you believe in Political Miracles? YES!!

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