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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Dysfunctional Broken Deal Cedillo Political Machine for Wednesday

We detail the growing backlash in CD 1 over alleged broken promises via its City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
Who will be next in CD 1 to renounce City Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" over a broken promise?
Being known as "One Bill Gil" can't offset the most recent moniker bestowed on the latest CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo".
From Lincoln Heights, through Cypress Park, up the Figueroa Corridor,, to the crest of Mount Washington, the recriminations against alleged broken promises by the "Champion of the Undocument" are being noted for the record as numerous "Broken Deal Cedillo Episodes". Follow along on our bloggin tour of the exclusive false promises trail of "Broken Deal Cedillo".

Lincoln Heights:
Community Activist Lupe Guillen gave many hours in campaigning for "Broken Deal Cedillo" as many like herself did not want an extension of the reign of former CD 1 City Clowncilman Ed "Density" Reyes via his Chief of Staff Jose "Mini Density" Gardea. Thus, with a "Broken Deal Cedillo" victory, she thought that community events such as the Lincoln Park Fireworks Show would commence again, after its discontinuation under the vindictive reign of "Density Ed". But with a mere week before the scheduled event, the Office of "Broken Deal Cedillo" requested that the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council pay half the discounted price (under $10,000 Dollars) and the result was another year without a Fireworks Show at Lincoln Park, thanks to "Broken Deal Cedillo".
Cypress Park:
For longtime Cypress Park and Los Angeles Activist Art Pulido, the election of "Broken Deal Cedillo" was hopefully a start of a liberation and better days for the Cypress Park Community, after years of vindictive neglect from "Density Ed". The center of the community renewal was supposedly to be centered with quality programming out of the historic Cypress Park Community Center. But contrary to previous discussions, "Broken Deal Cedillo" is attempting to place crony LAPD Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa's "Echo Park-based Connected Non-Profit" El Centro del Pueblo, as the lead agency (with noted Central Basin Water District Bad Boy Art Chacon brother Fernando Chacon running the operations). The last meeting of the Cypress Park Neighborhood Council saw over one hundred community stakeholders turn out and demand that "Broken Deal Cedillo" attend a future meeting.
Figueroa Corridor:
Its not just about Bike Lanes along the Figueroa Corridor.
While most of the bloggin chatter along the Figueroa Corridor has been centered on "Broken Deal Cedillo's" supposed reneging on promised segregated bike lanes,  prominent business owners such as former CD 1 Candidate Jesse Rojas, are renouncing their support of "Broken Deal Cedillo" over other issues of concern, such as the proposed McCormick, Barron and Salazar Affordable Housing Development next to the Highland Park Gold Line Station. The defection of Rojas does not bid well for "Broken Deal Cedillo".
Mount Washington's Southwest Museum:
As the Autry National Center-shuttered Southwest Museum was lauded on its 100th Birthday recently, longtime museum activists are disclosing a secret meeting between the Autry and "Broken Deal Cedillo" that runs counter to the talking points being regurgitated from his office. Its being perceived among the true defenders and supporters of a reopen museum, that "Broken Deal Cedillo" would rather work with "connected crony" Gabriel Buelna (and wife Pilar) in his alleged, Autry-fronted "El Plan alternative" which places the emphasis on a renovated Southwest Museum site being used as more of a "community center", than a museum.   

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger Olga Hall said:

Let’s not forget Carol Jacques has equal leadership in “El Plan”. Does that sounds like the secret Southwest Society that Mayor Villarraigosa, Councilman Jose Huizar and the Autry concocted to betray the community in 2007?
“The basis for El Plan was an eight hour CONFIDENTIAL retreat on June 5, 2013 paid entirely by THE FRIENDS OF THE SOUTHWEST MUSEUM COALITION. The cost exceeded $2,000 for this CONFIDENTIAL retreat. The ideas and plans generated were confidentially circulated to The Friend in DRAFT form. There is no finalized form generated at that Retreat, and certainly not without permission. El Plan would not have been approved by FoSWMC since it doesn’t explicitly specify that the future goal would be “museum use for the exhibition of the SWM Collection”.
Gabriel Buelna did not paid for this retreat and took these papers without permission from those that paid and he gave it the name “El Plan” which makes me wonder if he did it to make it attractive to Councilman Cedillo? At one of the FoSWMC meetings Gabriel Buelna said that Councilman Cedillo was a “Nationalist” was this the reason Gabriel named it “El Plan”?
By the way Gabriel emphatically said he would deny having said that Councilman Cedillo was a “Nationalist”.
I’m no longer part of the FoSWMC because I do not believe in these negotiations. You cannot negotiate with a mind that wants only her way. 10 years of Autry’s lies and manipulations have proved that Autry fabricated the story of coming to help the SWM. How could they help with only 2 Million in their endowment when SWM had 5 Million? What we need TO DO is not to ask but demand that the Autry abide by the promises Jackie Autry made in the Merger or give the collection back otherwise this is HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!
Mayor Garcetti in a TV interview was asked about the SWM and his response was that the City could not get involved with private entities. THAT WAS A LIE, the City council since 1985 has been involved in helping the Autry firs by giving them 12 acres of PRIME LAND in Griffith Park for ONE dollar a year for a 50 year lease, which 144 people wrote against it but the Board of Referred Powers ignored them . The City Council voted to give $ 6 Million dollars of tax payer’s money to the Autry. The Autry can walk into the Council meetings and present their issues without being in their agenda. I was there once when that happened. So Mayor Garcetti is lying or he does not know what is going on in this city.
The City can find the money to refurbish and expand the SWM. It took 93 Million to refurbish the Observatory with fifty some million we can have a top notch SWM proud with the Billion collection of the Native American and Hispanic artifacts that the Northeast area of Los Angeles inherited. Let’s not allow no one to steal it.
DEMAND that the Members of the City Council and the Mayor do their job of protecting the assets of the SWM. This is the first museum in Los Angeles and it deserves to stand on its own and keep its collection and not be under the feet of the conqueror.

August 28, 2014 12:59 AM  

Anonymous Tom Topping said:

Scott, Cedillo was only following the wishes of the majority of the community when saved the auto lanes on Fig. The losing opponent in the election, Gardea, promised UNCONDITIONAL support for destroying traffic on Fig. by removing auto lanes. That's why he lost the election.

August 28, 2014 8:47 AM  

Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:


I'm not in favor of segregated bike lanes on Figueroa.

What I am attempting to note here is "Broken Deal Cedillo's" proclivities to not stand by his word,


August 28, 2014 3:44 PM  

Anonymous anonymousa said:

OH MY GOODNESS...Didn't Tony Villar love the ladies?

August 29, 2014 10:00 AM  

Blogger chasmiller said:

Tom, if you look at the election results, Gil Cedillo LOST Highland Park by a 40-60% margin. Saying he won due to the bike lane proposal is flat out miselading and not grounded in fact. The base that put him over the top in the election was in Pico-Union, so am interested to hear your perspective on that. Beyond bike lanes, there are plenty of examples of Cedillo NOT listening to his constituents that deserve better coverage in the Blvd Sentinel.

November 25, 2014 12:59 PM  

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