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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The latest Wasteful (to the taxpayers), Frivolous, Litigious Rantings from the "El Sereno Delusional (whoops Historical) Society"

The noted "Procedural and Racist Bullys" of the "El Sereno Delusional (whoops Historical) Society", are now wasting Taxpayer's Money with their Frivolous Lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles, over the Historical Recognition of the Rose Hills Community.  
 The "Husband (Jorge Garcia in Pacific Electric T-Shirt)" and "Wife (Yolie Garcia in Brown Delusional Society T-shirt)" Duo of the "El Sereno Delusional Society".

** Blogger's Note: On this eve before Halloween, lets bloggin reintroduce you to a vile, delusional, racist Husband and Wife Duo, masquerading as supposed community historians. Jorge and Yolie Garcia, known to our cyber audience as the former "Procedural Bullys of the LA-32 NC" are now on the inside (as Land Use and Bylaws Committee Members respectively, **  with serious possible 1090 Code Conflict of Interest ramifications), working with the new LA-32 NC President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Terminated LAPD Civilian Employee Caudillo) and her ally LA-32 NC Treasurer Michelle Corzantes (in black shirt and sunglasses above). But when not engage in Committee work (and allegedly, Cyber Bullying with now Clowncilman Huizar staffer "Genny Godoy Guerrero", before Facebook halted its vile, anonymous attacks), the Husband and Wife Duo (with undisclosed fiscal backing), still find time to facilitate frivolous (and now litigious) attacks on the true heritages of the surrounding communities that make up the LA-32 Neighborhood Council, including Rose Hills. ** BTW, if you can remember the past locations of the City of LA-provided Rose Hills Community Signs, you can help in putting a end to this wasteful, frivolous legal proceeding (which you can review below) ......., more on that later---Scott Johnson.   
The site of certain Historical Neighborhood Signs (mixed with personal hatred of some of its community members) is the motivation for a delusional, frivolous Lawsuit.
Page 1 of "El Sereno Delusional Society Lawsuit" against the City of LA/Historic Rose Hills Community.

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Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Regarding the LAWSUIT? What we got here is failure to substantiate.....
Over the last couple of years the El Sereno Historical Society was created, recognized, turned sour, and is now being excommunicated by the good people of El Sereno, Emery Park, Hillside Village, Rose Hills, Sierra Park, and University Hills. It is sad to see this group use such a term of being 'Historical', when the husband and wife duo have no background in any capacity relating to history.
When Mr. Charlie Fischer was approached by this group that had no support locally, little did he know that this group was tainted? By reading some of Charlie's great work, we can appreciate hardworking honorable people; to have this negative group wanting to change history is not acceptable.
This group left 90032 to look for support elsewhere and found open arms in Highland Park (a telling clue that they got no support locally). This Society lied to the Highland Park Heritage Trust, and other prominent entities for their own selfish reasons. Now that their efforts went without credibility and accomplishment, they stand to earn less support in the future for their biased views.
The communities that disassociate themselves with this 'Delusional Society' are; Hermon, Highland Park, Hillside Village, Montecito Heights, Rose Hills, University Hills, and yes even the good people of El Sereno. They have no proof for their drastic position, since the basis for their position is here say, from Neighbors who also have not studied the facts. It is a shame that this husband and wife duo have harassed, bullied, and filed a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles. They have been incorrect about alleged cemeteries, community signs (posted here for all to see - claiming the sign was counterfeit), the Rose Hill Climb, maps, Shuetzen Park, Soto Bridge, 1912 Annexation, and the Rosa de Castilla history. It has now come to a point, where the public is asking them....... "Prove It", cause all they have shared are untruths.
When times are hard, like our need for water during this drought, we also understand that money is also not ample. Why would this 'Delusional Society' sue and request for attorney fees of over $25,000 for a case that only places a burden upon the Taxpayers?
Thank You for bringing this to the light and allowing the hard working people of this City, to look even harder in to this husband and wife duo, when they have anything to say. The way it is right now, the people of Los Angeles will look right past them and not take them serious when this Non-Profit organization comes searching for funds.....
The Rose Hills community stands alone and has been shown to exist in archives, maps, City Records, newspaper clippings, and County Records showing that Rose Hills is part of the 1912 annexation. The bottom line is, this LAWSUIT has no merit, credibility, or truth and is wasting Taxpayers money........

October 30, 2014 8:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

DELUSIONAL! What?! Did I read Horge Garcia claiming " pain and suffering?" Its painful enough for me to be in the same room " they smell bad".. Yolie smells like fish..btw, I remember seeing those signs back in the 1990.. I call the city atty and file a letter.

October 30, 2014 11:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I recall swing an LAPD officer ( Morales) driving the police car with the delusional society logo. I think my friend took a picture .. I'll look for it and send it to you Scott. These LOSERS!! at it again. I have to wonder if their mother Tammy Membranos is behind the scenes manipulating these two clowns

October 30, 2014 11:08 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mr. and Mrs. Potatoe head should jump in a garbage truck to be hauled away

October 31, 2014 11:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Iam not upset at the historical society Iam upset that Huevon has put one community against another for political gain.
Rancho Rosa de Castillo expanded into
east los angeles, boyle heights,
Lincoln hights, the arroyo seco, south padadena, alhambra, monterey park and San gabriel.
When you translate Rancho Rosa de Castillo doesn't translate to Rose hills.
Their are papers written by university
Historians that do not mention Rose Hills.
Anthony Manzano has no college degree or job. Who's word has no credentials.
It's nice to have community pride, but to what extent.
He talks about boundaries and dreams.
He says I live in Rose Hills, but I dont.
Tax accessor map shows pasadena villa track. Iam I pasadena no. Iam in the city of los angeles. In the community of el sereno.
this is strictly real estate property value goal. You still live in the same zip code.
You want a golf course horse trails etc.
Keep on dreaming. And think of the term Emmitdomain. That what will change your community. What will you do with low income housing units and homes that don't fit your standards.
Huizar has given you an ear and you go for a land grab. You are no better than hillside village or university hills.
Where will you stop with a politician who prostitute his office.
instead of working for the community as a whole you are overcome by greed.
As far as the historical society Iam glade they are fighting. Funny thing they are also supporters of huizar. What has he promised them. But at times they are against progress. With progress this community will improve .As a united community you can gain more. What good is it to live in an area that hadn't improved around you.
Huizar is working all sides like a good prostitute. who is the F___er and who is the f___ee.
At least francine made some good money.
I hope we can get a politician in office that looks at the whole picture and not prostitutes himself or herself.
Anthony gets yourself a real job and education before it's too late.
I hope that the redistricting law prevails
and you special deal with huizar addition
of parts of CD1into cd14 regress to the original areas or are redrawn according to
strictly to the law.
I believe that Gloria Molina might be that
Person who will run the district for what is best for the community, city of los angeles as a whole. Will look at regional needs.
WI'll you try to grab university hills and hillside village who were part of the original Rancho.

November 04, 2014 2:55 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

delusional society Duo are both a family of idiots . The only community these two useless Neanderthals represent is themselves .. And their own financial gain. I'm sure they set their own house on fire to collect from the insurance. It looked like a jail cell and needed some remodeling but they couksnt afford the remodeling.. Insurance fraud!!

December 07, 2014 10:01 PM  

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