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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Campaign Scene for Monday

Big Political Whoops for the former Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto, as both campaigns in the EXPENSIVE 26th State Senate Race, out Assemblyman Mike Gatto's link to the Prosperity PAC (which is a political, infantile NO NO).  
The now Assemblyman Slobo Mikey Gatto (noted Ethnic Cleanser of Armenian-sounding voters for Assembly District Delegates).
Will this be the look from the former Infant Assemblyman that greets FPPC Investigators when the question him about his Properity PAC's role in the EXPENSIVE 26th State Senate Race?

Beware of a pending Political, Infantile Episode from a former "Stay with Mom Legislator", now known as Assemblyman Slobo Mikey Gatto (and his Gatto Truther fanatics).
It seems, via the missive by former Daily News Editor Ron Kaye, that the alleged, future State Senate Candidate has forgotten (or was caught circumventing) some basic rules about using self-controlled Political Action Committees (PAC) Thus, we cut and paste this reminder from the Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC) ........, “When a candidate for elective office, including an officeholder exerts significant influence on the actions of decisions of a committee, it is considered a ‘controlled committee. Although candidates and elected officeholders may not control a general purpose committee that makes contributions or independent expenditures to support or oppose other candidates, they may control a general purpose committee formed solely to support or oppose ballot measures. The committee name must include the last name of the controlling state or local candidate.”
That stated, its conceivable that the 43rd Assemblyman will have some FPPC complaint explaining in his near future, based upon the his recent "contributing actions" in the EXPENSIVE 26th State Senate Race between Free Contraceptive Advocate Sandra Fluke and Santa Monica School Board Member Ben Allen.
Both the Fluke and Allen Campaigns name Assemblyman Gatto as the "controlling figure" behind the Sacramento-based Prosperity PAC which gave contributions to each side. Thus, when a case of misidentification took place regarding the State Capital-based PAC and one of the same name linked to Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, an inconvenience truth was disclosed via email to Ron by Fluke Consultant Abigail Gardner .........., “Hey Ron, I got a clarification: Assemblymember in CA, Mike Gatto, has a PAC with the same name as Ryan's PAC and he gave a check to both Sandra and Ben.” 
To be continue at a future FPPC Meeting.
** Its no surprise that the discerning Los Cerritos News disclosed the truth regarding the latest Southeast LA County Political Aspirant, Central Basin Water District Candidate Jason Scott Stinnnet (who's has had THREE DUI Convictions) Considering that Stinnet has only recently embraced his Mom's Gardea Maiden Name (for self-serving political reasons), we wonder if a political (and alcohol-imbibing personal) union could be broker with current LA-32 Neighborhood Council President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Terminated LAPD Civilian Employee Caudillo)?  
** 33rd Congressional Candidate State Senator "Hamas Teddy" Lieu has a new controversy to deal with as Shark Advocates are accusing the South Bay Politico of going Jihad on State Legislation that would of banned Shark Fin Soap. The repulsive practice of shanking the fins, then discarding the rest of the body, alive back into the ocean, has been condemned by Republican Challenger Elan Carr. 
** For those longing for "Another Soulvine WMD" (either a "Wanton Missive of Distortion" or "Written Missive of Distinction") via former LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant, we can gladly report that she is unchained from the shackles of LA County Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas" censorship and keyboarding columns for "MSM City Watch". Her latest focus is on the 64th Assembly District Campaign between Carson's Mark Gipson and newcomer Prophet Walker.
** Lastly, the LA-32 Neighborhood Council will be hosting the following candidate forum.
Maybe current Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez will disclose the elusive location of his Campaign Headquarters. Plus, the assembled audience ma be graced with a visit from new "State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon the First"?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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