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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Maria Elena Durazo to Step Down as Leader of the LA County Labor Federation

The Former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar Comadre and Widow of the Late Miguel Contreras, Maria Elena Durazo, announces her Resignation as the Leader of the Los Angeles County Labor Federation.
Were recent political defeats (LAUSD District One and 2013 Mayoral Election) part of the reason for Durazo's Resignation?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Widow of the Late LA Labor Leader Miguel Contreras, Maria Elena Durazo, is resigning from her position as the Leader of the Los Angeles County Labor Federation'
As the Times reports ......, Durazo is shifting from the county labor organization she headed for 8-1/2 years to a become a vice president for immigration, civil rights and diversity at UNITE HERE, the nationwide union for hospitality and casino workers. She previously served for nearly 17 years as head of that union’s Los Angeles unit, Local 11.
Further, Durazo states to the Times .........., she was taking “the next step in my life’s work” because the county organization was well positioned to represent workers on political and economic issues affecting the region. “I feel that the Los Angeles labor movement is very strong, very progressive, very proactive," she said.
But recent election losses, including the 2013 Mayoral Election and the most recent, LAUSD District One Special Election in South LA, showed that the once, formidable Labor Machine, created largely by her late husband Miguel Contreras, could be beaten. 
Durazo in recent months, was the Cover Story Focus of a Los Angeles Magazine Profile that revealed a Nine Year Affair between her Late Husband and former State Senator Gloria Romero.
Still, as evident with the recent LA Times expose on the Political Courage (or lack of) to openly criticize Labor (with the exception of Councilman Bernard Parks), the power of Labor in Los Angeles is not waning anytime soon. 
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Michael M said:

Did she take a lot of heat from outside forces regards check card issue on Japanese train car mfg plant in palmdale, lot of jobs could have remained in SoCal. To bad they are packing bags and jumping on box-car out of town...m

October 30, 2014 1:16 AM  

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