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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dispatches from the "Disempowerment LA-occupied" LA-32 Neighborhood Council Underground

As the "Disempowerment LA-occupied" LA-32 NC cancels another meeting. due this time to quorum issues, we keyboard a reply to its President Marleen Fonseca's (formerly terminated LAPD Employee Marleen Caudillo) response to a Mayor Sam Exclusive. 
When its Miller's Time in San Bernardino, West Hollywood or anywhere else, its always paramount to have a Designated Driver, especially if you work (or did) for LAPD.
** A LA-32 NC Community Disclaimer: Any objective blog posts regarding current LA-32 NC President Marleen Fonseca (formerly terminated LAPD Employee "Marleen Caudillo"), ally Treasurer Michelle Corzantez and "Connected Non-Profits" associates, the "El Sereno Bicentennial Committee" (which "liked" this page), "El Sereno Delusional Society" and "Friends of Cesar Chavez Elementary", may prompt false and vile accusations being posted about you, on the "Stop the Bullys from El Sereno 90032" Facebook Page, allegedly. 
Great Saturday afternoon from an undisclosed location with the "Disempowerment LA-occupied" LA-32 Neighborhood Council, where your First Amendment Right to speak freely and petition your supposed, elective community voice, will get you labeled a "BULLY" by a secretive group of supporters of the leadership of the latest "Julio Torres/Disempowerment LA-installed General Board" (for most part, not all).
As noted here previously at Mayor Sam, the former Mrs. Caudiilo, now LA-32 NC President Fonseca, keyboard a response (which we posted unedited), to our Mayor Sam Exclusive regarding her termination from LAPD,
At that time, we stated that we would respond to her comments at a later date and using the poven technique of "Cut and Pasting" (which the current "Empress Carlota NEA" of "Disempowerment LA" has yet to master), we want to spend our Saturday-designated posting period to do just that ....., and again, Ms. Fonseca is invited to reply.

Quote # 1 from President Fonseca .......,
I did receive one DUI in my life. It was the hardest and most trying time I ever had to face. On the other hand, it was the best thing that happened to me. What defines people is not mistakes but how you react and recover from mistakes. I could have got my job back.
According to the Termination Hearing Minutes, that statement is contrary to this, "The Department added that the chief of police had made it very clear that if an employee has a DUI arrest the Department will work with them to help overcome whatever the problem is. However, if a second offense occurs, he has stated, there is no room in the Department for that employee and they will be discharged. The Department cannot make special provision for outstanding employees or employees it likes who have received a second DUI. The policy must be uniform across the board. It was with regret that this employee was discharged, but it was the only avenue open to the Department".
Quote # 2 from President Fonseca .........,
My volunteering for the Community has no nexus to this and what Mr. Johnson is engaging in is slander and inappropriately posting pictures of my minor children. This will be handled through the proper legal avenues.
You, not this blogger identify the minors in the photo as your children and most responsible parents would not let their children near the former Failure Mayor (and family role model too) Antonio Villar (most of your EAA Union Membership would agree with that comment). Further, we should also note your absence of response to the inappropriate use of uniformed Wilson High School/ LAPD Magnet Cadets for electioneering at a school event, you witnessed.
Quote # 3 from President Fonseca:.........,
He has proven to me that he only has malicious intentions for myself, for the Board and for the Community.
Would current President Fonseca, state for the record if she condemns these egregious personal attacks, of former NC Board Members and community stakeholders, by allegedly supporters or those connected to board appointees of her, as posted on the "Stop the Bullys from El Sereno 90032" Facebook Page.
** Notice the endorsement of this slanderous and vile hateful Facebook Page by the Official El Sereno Bicentennial Community Organization Facebook Page. Does this support of baseless personal attacks have to do with parade funding issues from the last board? 
Is this an example of President Fonseca's "tone of community outreach"?
Quote # 4 and 5 pertaining to NC Funds by President Fonseca:
He is one of the reasons the Community has no access to $37,000 ......., and, I'm doing it because I know I can accomplish things and because the Community deserves the money and voice the Neighborhood Council provides.
Maybe President Fonseca should remind herself of the thousands of public dollars that were spent on Laptops and other supplies, with the approval of "Disempower LA". Further, President Fonseca and Treasurer Michelle Corzantes should state for the record whether funds were approve by the General Board to cover "fees'" for meetings at Cesar Chavez Elementary School.
Would  the alleged fees paid for meetings at Cesar Chavez Elementary School, be deposited into the account of the supposed 501C3 Non-Profit, "Friends of Cesar Chavez Elementary"?  
Last Quote from President Fonseca ..........,
However I'd like to point out that if Mr. Johnson put this much effort into his work with LA32, we wouldn't be in exhaustive efforts.
Emails (6 of 20 pages pictured below) obtain via a California Public Records Act request by a former LA-32 NC Board Member, shows that among those cited for the current designation of Exhaustive Efforts against the NC , was former Board Member and "your appointee" to the current incarnation of the Budget $ Finance Committee Yolie Garcia (who has exhibited racist proclivities, via attacks on fellow board members and upstanding community member, in the past). Plus, you should ask "Disempwerment LA NEA Lisette Covarrubias" and Mayor Eric Garcetti Staffer Patricia Alarcon, about what was discussed behind close doors?
Tammy Membreno (along with "Mini Tammy") and Patrica Alarcon can most likely, share with Marleen, the root-causes why LA-32 is on Exhaustive Efforts

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson within "Disempowerment LA-occupied" LA-32

Emails from "Disempowerment LA" via a CPRA Request
Emails from "Disempwerment LA" via a CPRA Request.
 Emails from "Disempowerment LA" via a CPRA Request.
 Emails from "Disempowerment LA" via a CPRA Request.
 Emails from "Disempowerment LA" via a CPRA Request.
 Emails from "Disempowerment LA" via a CPRA Request. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good Stuff.

HELLO DONE, HELLO anyone there, miss the last board yet!

Scott, after you defecate and evacuate your bowel, does it resemble the vile, unpleasant, wretched, filthy, dirty, obscene true BULLIES of 90032 ie those that promote the latest NC facebook page.


August 16, 2014 8:02 PM  

Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:

No need to go the "Howard Hughes" in comparing my feces to that group of vile crap.

August 18, 2014 11:30 AM  

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