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Friday, June 06, 2014

LAPD Hollenbeck Division Captain response to use of LAPD Wilson High Magnet School Cadets for LA-32 NC Campaigning

As we near a TGIF Happy Hour we thought this would be an appropriate time to reach to resident LA-32 NC Muckraker Joe Cano and share a memo from LAPD Hollenbeck Captain Martin Baeza regarding use of LAPD Wilson High School Magnet Cadets for political campaigning (** that if Joe is not off on another walk to the Alhambra Road and Warwick corner Liquor Store, allegedly).
When Joe is not off walking to the corner liquor establishment (allegedly) or perpetrating muckraking falsehoods on "marked" Neighborhood Council Board Members, Joe Cano can be found crusading against the I-710 Freeway.
Memo from LAPD Hollenbeck Division Captain Martin Baeza.
** Blogger's Note: Since we last attempted to reach out to our infrequent bloggin critic Joe Cano, we can gladly confirm a Cano sighting (that wasn't near the corner of Alhambra and Warwick) at the recent LA-32 NC Elections (as seen with thumbs up, next to Raymond Diaz and Nicholas Carrillo). Since then, the newly constituted LA-32 NC is already off to a grieving, recriminating start as the likes of new President Marleen Fonseca and Treasurer Michelle Corzantes, seek to deny the filling of board vacancies and change the name of the NC to the non-inclusive "El Sereno Neighborhood Council". While Mr. Cano may be seen holding his thumb up, that those who feed his feeble mind with repugnant falsehoods behind their exploitation of LAPD Wilson High School Magnet Cadets, were mostly elected to the latest incarnation of the LA-32 NC (with the help of CD 14 staffers Julio Torres and Julio Esperias), Captain Baeza's response should hopefully remind Joe to not be an enabling tool (when not interrupted by a corner store walk) for those who would exploit the youth of the LA-32 Community for political gain---Scott Johnson.    
Its Joe among the mostly Councilman Huizar-recruited NC Candidates!! 
 Will any of the "Exploiting Eight Candidates" on campaign flyer below, along with former LA-32 NC Election Chairperson Yolie Garcia, have the character to apologize to the Cadets of the LAPD Wilson High School Magnet Program, for using them for political gain?   
 The "Exploiting Eight" who mostly benefitted from a blatant act of slander to cover up inappropriate use of uniformed Cadets, as noted below.
Former LA-32 NC Election Chairperson Yolie Garcia (in brown, El Sereno Historical Society shirt below), who "instructed" the LAPD Wilson High School, has benefitted from her support of the "Exploiting Eight" by being named to the Budget & Finance Committee, chaired by Michelle Corzantes (in black below).   
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in LA-32

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