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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

CD 15 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Joe Buscaino, along with CD 12 Clowncilman Mitch Englander, pull proposed Half Cent Sale Tax Hike, for Sidewalk and Street Infrastructure Repair, from November Ballot.
The "Average Joe from San Pedro", along with the "Spring Street RINO" make the right decision in pulling the proposed $3 Billion Dollars plus tax hike to pay for "SOS LA". 
For the near future, saving our streets within LA, will have to come from existing fiscal resources. 
The "Average Joe" and the "Spring Street RINO" come to their political senses.
With Mayor Eric Garcetti not willing to sign on in supporting another tax hike on Angelinos, the duo of City Clowncil Central Committee Members Joe Buscaino and Mitch Englander, blinked in their efforts to fund $3 Billion Dollars plus in new labor-friendly, public works projects, that was being sold as "Save our Streets, LA" (SOS LA).
Despite being supported by former Populist Radio Host, turned paid Board of Public Work Committee President Kevin James, the Rhodes Scholar Progressive, now Mayor Garcetti, exhibited political intuitiveness in judging that this November was not the time to place a tax hike on the ballot in what could be a high Republican turnout election.
......, and BTW, what happen to the pot holes that provided the background for showcasing the voluminous SOS LA Manuel? Hint, the right people in government obviously read this blog, photos later.
** Public Indoctrinators, whoops, Teachers Unions are raging in unaccountable anger that a mere Superior Court Judge would dare strike down Indoctrinator/Teacher Tenure Laws, that protect their Indoctrinating Brothers and Sisters, from facing termination for nefarious conduct in the classroom. We sincerely hope that this ruling stands and acts as a tool to hold the likes of a certain "Wilson High School Faculty Member" accountable for engaging inappropriate political conduct. 
** As LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy commends the Vergara Ruling on Teacher Tenure, we would like to point out that District Administrators have ignore an request for an investigation into the inappropriate use of uniformed Wilson High School LAPD Magnet Cadet for political campaigning. We reported last weekend that LAPD Hollenbeck Division Captain Martin Baeza recently responded in writing, regarding the incident. Yet, LAUSD staff are either ignoring or covering up another incident involving lack of faculty oversight of students being mislead to engage inappropriate conduct by former LA-32 Neighborhood Council Elections Chairperson (and member of the race-baiting and youth exploiting El Sereno Historical Society). ** Letter to LAUSD below.  

Wilson High School LAPD Magnet Cadets
To: Wilson High School Principal Luis Lopez
LAUSD Area Five Administrator Roberto Martinez
LAUSD Area Five Director of Operations Eugene Hernandez
LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy
From: Scott Johnson, LA-32 Stakeholder
Date: April 14, 2014
Re: Use of Wilson High School LAPD Magnet Cadets/Students for LA-32 NC Elections Outreach
On April 9, 2014, the LA-32 Neighborhood Council Election Committee took part in the Wilson High School College Fair as arranged by Election Committee Chairperson Yolie Garcia.
Upon my arrival at the event, I was kindly greeted by a cadet of the Wilson High School LAPD Magnet Program who escorted me onto the campus lunch area near the MPR Building, where the LA-32 NC Elections Committee "Candidate Meet and Greet Table" was situated.
Unknown to myself, Elections Committee Chairperson Yolie Garcia had appromitly five Wilson High School LAPD Cadets assigned to the table, handing out refreshments and copies of a "Candidate Slate Flyer" (Attachment A)` which called upon eligible voters to support certain candidates for the upcoming NC Elections. With them in handing out the Slate Flyer were Candidates Michelle Corzantes and Bryan Pedroza.
Immediately, I approached Elections Committee Chairperson Yolie Garcia and voiced my concerns that the cadets and LA-32 NC-allocated refreshments were wrongful being use to benefit a certain group of candidates. Further, I formally introduce myself to the Cadets and in a teachable moment, attempted to explain the reasoning for my concerns as a member of the LA-32 NC Board and Elections Committee. At one point, I presented my LA-32 NC Business Card to the Cadet’s Sargent and explain the situation to the young gentleman.
Sometime later, a Wilson High School Staff Member Elsa Gutierrez-Aviles, approached me about alleged complaints that I was "harassing the cadets". Again, I introduce myself to Ms. Gutierrez-Aviles, presenting my LA-32 NC Business Card and attempted to explain the situation to her. During the course of discussion, she instructed the cadets to leave the Meet and Greet Table area and report to the inside of the MPR Building.
As a stakeholder, candidate and as a LA-32 NC Board Member, I ask Stakeholder George Cabrera to contact LA-32 NC Board/ Election Committee Member Angelica Duarte (this due to a phone issue) and request that she relay the background regarding this incident to Empower LA Region 8 Elections IEA Jay Handal. This was done via telephone. Upon the departure of the cadets, no further incidents took place.

On this date, April 15, 2014, I received via LA-32 NC President Connie Castro, a packet of complaints (Attachment B) from Wilson High School College Counselor Elsa Gutierrez-Aviles and five Wilson High School LAPD Magnet Cadets alleging inappropriate conduct by myself.

Based upon the serious allegations made by school staff and the cadets, with the acknowledgement letter by Ms. Gutierrez-Aviles that the cadets were involved in the illegal distribution of political material, I am therefore requesting a through and comprehensive investigation on this matter.

Respectfully Yours,

Scott Johnson
** Disclaimer, I am currently the LA-32 NC Recording Secretary and Election Committee Member.
Please review photo of cadets in Attachment C

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