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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Notes on the Post Election Scorecard for Wednesday

 As a minute minority of  "Greece on the Pacific" (formerly the "Golden State) voters bother to exercise their civic right in yesterday's elections, we bloggin endeavor to keyboard our thoughts on the numerous sub-plots from the just-completed ballot proceedings. 
 Mr. Speaker, we have some "Dear John Ballots Results" for your review.
Dear John, whoops, respectfully former Assembly Speaker John Perez (noted First Cousin of former LA Failure Mayor Antonio Villar), no amount of Special Interest money or Getty House deal-cutting, can hide the political fact that you came within .1% (2,000+ votes) of becoming the biggest loser of the new "Greece on the Pacific's" Open Primary proceedings. Once Californians are made aware of your desires to gut Prop 13 and ties to a certain "First Cousin", the chances of you becoming the first "Villar" elected to state-wide office will become more remote.   
 Sorry Trujillo, but losing is what you do best (unless the opposing candidate is terminally ill).
In checking the latest missives from last evenings 33rd Congressional District Contest, neither State Senator Ted Lieu or top vote getter Republican Elan Carr have reveal any terminal illnesses. Thus, for less than average Campaign Manager/Consultant Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo, the streak continues ............., which motivates us to remind our former bloggin colleague of the following from this "bloggin, mystical dialog between Ace Smith and Trujillo from their infamous Measure B days" and lets not forget this ......"We are pretty positive that we have over 65 per cent of the votes in the city," Trujillo revealed. This measure only needs a 50-per cent vote. "I will go on record by stating right now, that if we lose Measure B, I will never work in a political campaign in my life," Trujillo promised. Can you say Karma? 
 The rotting Calderon Political Turkeys that the voters rejected. 
There will come a near political future when these poll results noted the demise of a certain Montebello (CD 14 East) Political Familia and the end of one party rule within "Greece on the Pacific" (maybe again the "Golden State") ........
57th Assembly District.
RITA TOPALIANPref: REP 12,41251.49
IAN C CALDERONPref: DEM 11,69248.51
 Judge, Superior Court Office # 48
CAROL ROSE  321,40065.98
CHARLES M CALDERON  165,75134.02

How did Mayor Eric Garcetti's endorsements play out?
For Mayor Eric Garcetti, his previously noted endorsements for LA County Board of Supervisors District 1 (Hilda Solis), District 3 (John Duran), LA County Assessor (Jeffery Prang) and the 33rd Congressional District (Ted Lieu), fared well with only Duran failing to win outright or make the November Runoff.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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