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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ethics? Ana Cubas has no Stinking Ethics CD 9 and Betty!

 "Another Soulvine Thursday" becomes pre-election exclusive on alleged massive Ethics Violation by CD 9 City Council Candidate Ana Cubas via Betty Pleasant.
A political alley cat fight between LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant (above) and CD 9 City Council Candidate Ana Cubas (below), is not a sight to behold.
Apparently, Ana Cubas has taken her CD 14 non-ethical behavior south of its boundaries into CD 9 as Betty Pleasant reports ..........

What did Ana allegedly do?

One of residents of the 9th City Council District has filed a complaint against Council candidate Ana Cubas with the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission alleging she and her campaign committee committed at least 52 violations of Section 49.7.32 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, it was learned this week. (or roughly the same amount of times she ignored CLARTS Fund Public Records Requests) 

Who reported this and what rules did the Princeton Graduate allegedly violate?

Martin Jose Santoyo of East 43rd Street filed the lengthy complaint with the commission on May 2 and detailed allegations that Cubas has repeatedly violated the law by failing to post campaign communications to the Ethics Commission’s website, as required.
According to the city’s ethics rules, people who distribute campaign communications to 200 or more recipients must file copies of their communications with the city Ethics Commission within 24 hours of distribution. Santoyo’s complaint contends that Cubas has not done that, and has instead, failed to post six mailers and 31 emails she distributed throughout the district, and that she posted 15 campaign mailers to the ethics website on April 18, “well after the 24-hour posting period set forth in Section 49.7.32,” Santoyo said. (Ana's proclivities for non-disclosure has follow her south in CD 9)

Show us the evidence ..........

Santoyo provided a list of the mailers Cubas has never posted on the website and attached copies of them to the complaint he filed with the commission. These mailers are 1. “¡Si! Yo votaré por Ana Cubas para Concejal Municipal de Los Angeles,” 2. “Let’s Make History Together/Hagamas Historia Juntos,” 3. “A New Life Starts With Voting/Al Votar Empieza Una Nueva Vida,” 4. “Pure Lies/Puras Mentiras,” and an email dated April 27, entitled “Special Volunteer Day Sunday, April 28.”Santoyo’s complaint also alleges that Cubas and her committee also posted to the Ethics Committee’s website 13 campaign communications on May 1. “Again, based on the dates referenced in these emails (determined either from the date of posting or date of advertised event), it is clear that these communications were also posted by Ms. Cubas and her campaign well after the 24-hour posting deadline set forth by law had lapsed,” Santoyo said.  (Santoyo can teach a thing or two, three, four and on to Ana about openness and transparency)
......... and the facts from Ana's enabling days in CD 14 don't lie 

What happens in CD 14, does not stay in CD 14, especially when your political past leaves so much to be desire, right Ana?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger BHNATIVE said:

How corrupt will the voters of Los Angeles will allow candidates to be?
Candidates for public office should be held to some ethical standards. or is there any ethical standards for candidates?

May 10, 2013 1:11 PM  

Blogger EagleFlyby said:

Ana Cubas is a BIG LOSER! Opportunist PIG more like it. She is not even from South L.A. The people of South L.A. DO NOT WANT YOU ANA CUBAS!!! Ethnocentric and xenophobic idiot. Bye Bye Ana Cubas. Back to CD 1 where you can get a job as a rodent catcher with the City of L.A.

May 11, 2013 9:40 AM  

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