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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Its Midnight ........., and a new LA-32 NC President is Serial Emailing Rants smearing Board Member (allegedly)

New LA-32 Neighborhood Council President (and aspiring Actress) Jennifer "Jen" Markewych is already emulating the Crony Democratic Establishment enabling of former LA-32 NC President Marleen Fronseca (formerly Caudillo) ........, and the Wife of Impeach President Hillary Clinton, is wrongfully smearing a longtime community activist ........., via a Midnight, Serial Email.   
Supporting an embattled Wife enabler of an Impeached President.
ANTHONY!! If you don't obey my directives, think what happen to Vince Foster, Jim McDougal, Buddy the First Dog ........., and Four Americans in Benghazi.
** Blogger's Note: WELCOME to another incarnation/term of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council brought to you by uber-controlling CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, supported by money-craving Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), enabled by the "Department of Nefarious Entanglements (DONE)" ......., and with Special Blessings from the "University of Scandalous Conduct (aka USC)"'

In 2016, the newly-sworn, supposed community entity, features a new aspiring "Enabling the Crony Political Establishment Starlet" in Jennifer "Jen" Markewych (formerly of Cook County, Illinois). A former Firefighter/Paramedic, turned aspiring Hollywood Starlet, Markewych was recently elected (with three votes) to serve on the LA-32 NC in May, after cultivating relationships with the likes of former President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Terminated LAPD employee Caudillo), the infamous race-baiting/cyber bullying endorsing/frivolous lawsuit duo of Jorge and Yolie Garcia, along with  others.

Not surprisingly, those contacts help "Jen" get the support needed to be selected the new LA-32 NC President (** despite the fact that numerous stakeholders were disenfranchised from voting due to the actions of DONE). 

Judging from the email below, now President Markewvch is wasting no time in emulating the discredit ethical behavior of past President Fonseca (formerly Caudillo) and using the "Gender Card" (role playing a certain embattled Presidential Candidate) in wrongly smearing and slandering longtime LA-32 NC Board Member Anthony Manzano, as a Serial Email to the Old and New Board discloses below.

We should note that it was unprofessional emails such as this one in question, that DONE cited for placing the LA-32 NC on "Exhaustive Measures" previously.

To be continued ........, Scott Johnson (** For the record, a former LA-32 NC Board Member).  ,  .
On Wed, 6/8/16, Jennifer Markewych <jmarkewychla32@gmail.com> wrote:
To: "Anthony Manzano" <rosehillsreview@yahoo.com>
Cc: "michelle corzantes" <michellecorzantes@gmail.com>, "Cynthia Sandoval" <Cynthia.sandoval90032@yahoo.com>, "Dolores Duenas" <loly724@yahoo.com>, "Jackie Carillo" <jlc1843@sbcglobal.net>, "Jen Markewych" <jmarkewychla32@gmail.com>, "Karina Cruz" <cruzkarina62@yahoo.com>, "Kathy Leal" <kleal3@calstatela.edu>, "Keith Survillas" <ksurvillas@gmail.com>, "Marcia Guzman" <marcia.guzman.esq@gmail.com>, "Maribel Munoz-RE/MAX" <maribelsellshomes@gmail.com>, "Miguel Vargas" <miguel@artsdistrictla.org>, "Perla Flores" <bzzagentp@gmail.com>, "Rolando Lopez" <rlopez@dashausreg.com>, "Winny Verdugo" <julieth07@yahoo.com>
Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 12:05 AM
Dear Director Manzano,     

It has come to my
attention that you attempted to contact this board, the
Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, and other members of
the community regarding the events at the LA-32 Neighborhood
Council General Meeting held on June 1, 2016. After
carefully reviewing your e-mail, I was loathe to respond to
such negativity from a fellow board member only 12 hours
after the new board's ceremonial swearing in. It seems
to me that in all of your experience, you must have been
quite aware that this correspondence would go to the old
board, as it would take our webmaster a moment to update
everyone's new contact information. It is shameful that
you would seize this opportunity to disparage the new board,
executive committee, and the Department of Neighborhood
Empowerment, instead of taking the opportunity to help and encourage these freshman citizen statesmen. 
Although I can only guess how
disappointed you must have been after your losses on
Wednesday night, I had hoped you would want to be a positive
influence on this board. As I had said in my introductory
e-mail, this board will maintain a positive environment
where the contributions of all stakeholders are
honored... not simply those that you consider "real
stakeholders," based on your comments on Wednesday
night. In the spirit of openness and transparency with the
new board, I will forward your e-mail and Grayce Liu's,
General Manager of the Department of Neighborhood
Empowerment, response along with my reply addressing your concerns 
Point 1: Grayce Liu addresses this thoroughly in
her response. It requires no elaboration from
Point 2: Grayce Liu also addresses this issue.
However, after reviewing the minutes that you submitted, it
would be impossible for any board, new or old, to approve
them. The minutes submitted failed to follow anything close
to the standard set forth in Robert's Rules of Order and
are virtually unintelligible, which is confusing to me,
because you proclaim to be an expert on said rules and had
more than enough time to correct and format them accordingly.  
Furthermore, before you
question my experience, or for that matter outgoing
President Fonseca's experience, perhaps you should know
something about it. On May 18th at the candidate forum you
stated, "I don't know what you do. I don't
care. It's not important to me because you're not a
stakeholder." Again, an example of your devaluing some
stakeholders in favor of others. But really, how can you be
an expert on evaluating my experience when, by your own admission, you know nothing about it? 
Point 3: You have made an accusation that board
members were having a serial meeting during the General
Meeting. If you're aware of such impropriety, you have
both a moral and professional obligation to bring this to
light. You state, "I
am fully aware of who is behind the misguidance and that
information will not be shared at this time."
I strongly encourage you to review California
Penal Code Section 518-527 before you issue these veiled
threats. I will not take this behavior lightly from a board member. 
As far as being concerned about the Board
"disenfranchising stakeholders" by dismissing a
grievance, it seems to me that you are the one
disenfranchising stakeholders by stating, "I am able to
gauge and measure what is best for our communities," as
if no one else had anything meaningful to say. That's not how democracy works, 
Sir. You're disenfranchising
your new and eager fellow board members by stating they have "earned a D+" and are "underachieving." 
You disenfranchise women in this community when you
disparage your fellow Executive Committee members by
stating, "You girls simply just don't
understand," when discussing a budgetary issue on May
25th, despite being cautioned multiple times against using
sexist tones. You disenfranchise community involvement when
you make defamatory and slanderous comments about an alleged
relationship between two former board members who eagerly
volunteered to participate in a Committee. It
is you who I see disenfranchise members of this
community by devaluing their contributions in light of your own.
Although I have been witness to this
behavior for many months, I had hoped that a new board would
mean turning over a new leaf and you would be willing to
help and contribute to the success of all your fellow board
members. Much to my chagrin, I'm already seeing that is
not the case as there have already been multiple violations
of the Code of Conduct. I have no words to express my dismay
at the need for a public admonishment of your behavior, but
I will not let this board be bullied by you. It is my goal
to humbly serve this community, to create a positive working
environment for everyone who wishes to contribute, and to
move forward with all of the good work this board can do
while honoring the contributions of all stakeholders. 
 I sincerely hope that this e-mail causes
some soul searching on your behalf and that you recognize
that you can be a great contribution to this board. I truly
encourage you to participate in a positive manner. However,
if you choose to reply to this with another barrage of
grievances regarding the minutiae of the many sets of rules
we abide by, then let me remind you that it was you who went
on the record at an Ad Hoc Election Committee earlier this
year, stating, "When I'm President, if I don't
agree with the rules, I'll just ignore them."
Director Manzano, I have every intention of making sure the
rules that you are so quick to quote to others will be fairly applied to you as well
Most sincerely,
Jen MarkewychPresident LA-32 Neighborhood Council

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