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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

On the morning of California Primary Election Day (Plus Two), Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder/Clerk Dean Logan estimates that over 500,000 Ballots remain uncounted, which equates to long waits for candidates involve in close races.
The counting of the ballots continues.
** As we were keyboarding yesterday about discerning the Winners and Loser from Tuesday Primary Elections? Just wait. Somewhere in a LA County-owned building in Norwalk, some 500,000 plus Ballots await to be counted (with an estimated Million state-wide) which translates into ample nail-biting time for candidates involve in close elections. An example of one of those contests is race to replace LA County Board of Supervisor Michael Antonovich. Second Place Candidate Darrell Park leads Third Place Candidate Bob Huff by a mere 417 votes as of today, in seeking to make the November Runoff against top vote recipient Kathryn Barger.

** The East Area Progressive Democrats are wasting no time in touting their electoral victories on Tuesday. From their Press Release.

Nearly 40 members of the East Area Progressive Democrats came forward as candidates in the June 7 primary election. And 2/3, or 67 percent, prevailed outright or proceed to a Nov. 8 runoff election. Fully 26 of the 39 EAPD members whose names appeared on ballots in the communities of the Eastside L.A. and adjoining communities won their elections. Their contests ranged from L.A. County Democratic Central Committee to judge and county office to state legislature. 

........, and those within the Northeast Crony Establishment Political Machine are still feeling the BERN from their Election Day blunting.

** State Senator and Congressional Candidate Isadore Hall is already garnering National Press attention .........., for all the wrong reasons. Despite being the top finisher in the 44th Congressional District Campaign to replace "Babs" Hahn, by a 20% plus margin over Nanette Barragan, Hall's victory night was interrupted by a lawsuit processor (which was caught on video). We can only speculate about the timing regarding "The Serving of Papers" .........., but then who is the Campaign Manager/Consultant for the Barragan Team?
MEAT, what difference will the Isadore Hall Serving make, come November? 
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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